Jacques Dro Presents A New Masterpiece Of Watchmaking—the Timepiece Parrot Three Questions Pocket Watch Glory Commemorates The 280th Anniversary Of The Brand’s Founding

Each family is driven by a common pursuit of life and enthusiasm, so as to continue to grow and develop. This has been the case in the days of Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He studied clockmaking with his elders in the family, and later worked with his father-in-law and his son Henri-Louis, combining superb mechanical technology with avant-garde watchmaking concepts.

   After 280 years, the Jaquet Droz workshop still adhered to the same spirit and returned to the birthplace of the family-La Chaux-de-Fon. Here, all the master craftsmen of the brand did their best, and it took three years of secret research and development to jointly create an extraordinary masterpiece-ParrotRepeaterPocketWatch, in honor of the 280th anniversary of the Jaquet Droz brand.

   This ingenious work is made of only one piece, combining all the techniques of Jaquet Droz in the same pocket watch. Watchmaking and decorative arts unite. ParrotRepeaterPocketWatch follows the automatic doll technology pioneered by Pierre Jaquet-Droz and now pushes it to a whole new level of technology, creativity and art.

   This veritable masterpiece of art depicts a naturalistic landscape that was born. Jaquet Droz’s beloved bird shines in the dial. Birds are popular for their romantic temperament and pleasant singing voices, and chanted on the brand’s prestigious series of bird repeaters (BirdRepeater).

   The macaw was chosen as the protagonist for his colorful feathers. In this work, a pair of macaws are looking after three chicks. All five parrots can move: the left parrot can move all over, and the right parrot can swing its head. The first fledgling broke out, and the other fluttered back and forth. The family has always been a favorite creative subject of Jaquet Droz. This parrot house is nestled in a lush forest of vines and hibiscus. A bird of paradise walks leisurely; a tiger drinks water at the foot of an active waterfall. At 6 o’clock on the bottom of the mother-of-pearl dial, another tiger is visible, with two gold hands running upstream of the dial.

   Jaquet Droz uses all the techniques to create a vivid and realistic picture. Micro-drawing technology presents the bright colors of lush plants. Micro-engraving technology gives each pattern a three-dimensional and deep sense. The branches, parrots and bird’s nests are all gold intarsia, first drawn and formed, and then hand-applied to the dial. The delicate and delicate traditional inlaying process makes the edges of the red gold dial brightly iridescent.

   The case is fully protected by two case covers. On the case back, a macaw is painted with the Great Fire Enamel painting technique, and the foil is embellished. This technique does not use traditional pigments, but draws from real enamel. It requires manual grinding of the enamel into extremely fine powder, which is then mixed with oil instead of water. This innovative preparation process is used to make micro-paintings, which are then placed in a kiln and fired like a big fire enamel. Later, the craftsman manually covered the foil with a protective glaze (translucent enamel) for the work, fired it in a kiln again, and polished it by hand.

   The dial cover is decorated with large enamel vines and tropical leaves, and is embellished with precious stones. With the climbing green plants stretching upwards, the subtle movement on the dial is looming and fascinating. This double-sided structure can be appreciated on both sides of the hand-painted watch box specially designed for the ParrotRepeaterPocketWatch. Inside the watch box, the pocket watch is suspended on a red gold chain and rotates freely.

   The two case springs in the pocket watch allow the two case covers to be opened separately. The mechanism for hanging the pocket watch on the chain is set at 12 o’clock, which includes two patented inventions of Jaquet Droz: the first is the way of opening the case cover, and the second is the watch at 12 o’clock Crown, this is a new device designed by Jaquet Droz for this type of automatic doll.

   This pocket watch is equipped with a unique mechanical movement in the fine watch industry-a minute repeater automatic doll movement with a church bell sound spring. This movement contains 668 parts. The pull pin at 9 o’clock can activate the automatic doll and the hour, minute and minute alarm functions at the same time. The parrot repeater pocket watch (ParrotRepeaterPocketWatch) is full of vitality and continues to carry forward the ingenious arts and crafts invented by Jaquet Droz 280 years ago.

Antoine Martin Finalist & Quot; Grand Prix D’ Horlogerie De Genève & Quot; (Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award)

The Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel launched by Antoine Martin has been pre-selected as the best complication watch for the GPHG 2012 Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award, which is known as Oscar in the watchmaking industry.
All pre-selected models will participate in the global tour exhibition, from Zurich to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and then back to Geneva, and on November 15, 2012 in Geneva, the awards will be awarded for each of the seven categories. After the award ceremony, the winning models will be displayed at the Swiss Embassy in Moscow.

About Tourbillon Quantième Perpétuel
The tourbillon rotates once a minute around its axis, while the escapement in the rotating frame moves smoothly at a swing rate of 2.5 Hz or 18,000 times / hour. As you can imagine, this is much more comfortable than the prevailing swing frequency of 28,800 times / hour, but in terms of accuracy, it is not inferior.
 Watchmaker Martin Braun chose silicon for the escapement lever, escape wheel and impact pin, and nickel brass for the balance wheel. Precision adjustment is achieved by two 18 K gold round head screws, and the tourbillon frame is firmly fixed by two gold rings. As a result, the tourbillon structure contains a total of 65 components and weighs only 0.62 grams. The amazing part is more than that. The diameter of the rotating frame reaches an astonishing 14.1 mm, and the inner device has a clear view.
Another reason why the Antoine Martin tourbillon shouldn’t be underestimated is that Martin Braun ‘considered’ it to place it in a very prominent position under the glass: the tourbillon device (with the small second hand indication) between the highest point and the glass The gap is just enough to slide over a slim minute hand. It is not difficult to imagine that a lot of changes and adjustments are absolutely necessary during this period. The end result is similar to the three-needle and one-line display: the large central hand is used to indicate the minute, and the hour is displayed in a separate sub-dial at 9 o’clock.
Antoine Martin is very proud of this eye-catching tourbillon; together with its other masterpiece perpetual calendar model, this extremely creative young watchmaking company in central Switzerland must not be underestimated.
To view the list of pre-selected finalists in 2012 and to see this year’s jury members, click here
Source: Antoine Martin

Hymn To Vacheron Constantin

Whether it is a pile of lifeless icy parts, or an artwork with its own soul and texture, this is the most essential difference between an ordinary watch manufacturer and a watchmaking family. For Vacheron Constantin, the uninterrupted 250-year production process is still the same vow, ‘You can easily have time, but you cannot easily own Vacheron Constantin.’ At present, Vacheron Constantin’s annual global production is less than 20000 only
Without becoming a first-rate watchmaker, Vashlon may become a famous philosopher. In 1755, Vacheron, 24, set up his own studio in a loft in Geneva, the predecessor of Vacheron Constantin. It is said that Vashlon has two famous friends, one is Rousseau and the other is Voltaire. He is also a writer and mathematician, and the reason he began to have great interest in watchmaking is said to be hope. In this way, we think about the ‘motivation’ proposition in philosophy.
In Geneva at the time, watch apprentices generally had to spend five years as a teacher and then three years as an intern. During this period, they have to hand over their own works. Only when the works are praised by their peers can he engage in watch manufacturing and start apprenticeships. Today, Vashlon’s first silver pocket watch made in the studio has been preserved intact. As the starting work of Vacheron Constantin, it also occasionally appears in world famous watch exhibitions.
In 1810, Wacheron’s grandson, Jacques, took over the family business. In 1819, the sales wizard Francis Constantine became his partner. They joined the surnames to form the current brand-Vacheron Constantin. They were determined to promote the brand all over the world, but the process was not smooth at the beginning. When Jacques was in Turin, one of his works was even messed up by the Italian royal watchmaker. At this time, a letter from Francis gave him great courage, and the sentence mentioned in the letter-‘go all out, keep improving’ is still the motto of Vacheron Constantin.
Vacheron Constantin always believes that no precision machine tool can ever replace the fine manual craftsmanship.
For Vacheron Constantin, the joining of George August in 1839 is worthy of permanent commemoration. This imaginative mechanical genius invented a machine that can mass produce standardized watchmaking parts, thus changing the manual parts at the time The disadvantages of irreplaceability. This brought a revolutionary breakthrough to the watchmaking industry, rewritten the history of Vacheron Constantin’s development, and even made the entire Swiss watch industry into a new era. Today, people often refer to Vacheron, Auguste, and Francis as the Big Three of Vacheron Constantin’s history. However, Vacheron Constantin always believes that no more precise mechanical tools can ever replace the fine manual craftsmanship, so most of its procedures such as grinding, carving and inlaying of parts are still done by hand.
At present, Vacheron Constantin’s annual output in the world is less than 20,000, and in Geneva, the annual output is only about 6,000. The excellent production process is evident.
Regrettably, although Wacheron’s name is engraved on all dials of Vacheron Constantin, the family has withered since the 1860s. Fortunately, Vacheron Constantin did not decline. For two and a half centuries, Vacheron Constantin has never stopped producing. Its resilience and persistence have made it one of the oldest and most gorgeous watchmakers in the world, and it has also made it a great time artist. For those who own Vacheron Constantin, if they want others to agree with his taste and understand his dignity, he only needs to raise his wrist.
Vacheron Constantin Mask Series
Since 2007, Vacheron Constantin has launched a miniature gold version of its mask watch. There are four models each year, each of which is limited to 25 pieces. The dial of each watch is engraved with a wonderful short poem written by French writer Michel Butor, worth more than one million yuan.
Vacheron Constantin Lacquer Set
In 2010, Vacheron Constantin cooperated with the master of Japanese lacquer art in Kyoto, Japan, Master Xiang Yan, to launch a set of exquisite lacquer art sets with the theme of pine, bamboo and plum in the ‘Art Master’ series. This set of watches will continue to choose different themes in the long tradition of art in the East for three years. Each year, one set is produced, with a limited production of 20 pieces each. They are equipped with the cal.1003 ultra-thin movement with the Geneva mark, which is only 1.64 mm thick.
Vacheron Constantin Explorer Enamel Watch
探险 The ‘Explorer’ series occupies a pivotal position in Vacheron Constantin’s limited edition watches. In addition to its unique theme, its high-temperature open flame enamel process is one of the oldest and most important traditional craftsmanship in the watchmaking industry. Due to the complexity of its production, each of this series of watches is limited to 60 pieces, and some models are currently produced only a few. The picture shows the styles of the ‘Explorer’ series paying tribute to Columbus and Mark Polo respectively.
Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’ ile Tourbillon
In 2005, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the brand, Vacheron Constantin specially developed the Tour de l’ ile tourbillon watch. Tour de l & rsquo; ile uses a unique double-sided dial design, rose gold material, and the hand-carved patterns on the dial are also different, so each one is unique.

The Watch For My Lovers, ‘make Time To Marry Me No Matter How Busy You Are’

‘You worked hard, when did you have time to marry me?’ This is a line from Zhang Aijia’s movie ‘Heartbeat’, but unfortunately the two were not together at the end. Times change, things are different, and the best can only stay at that time. Therefore, sometimes I wonder if I should slow down, even in busy days, I still don’t forget to care about my lover. Today I recommend several watches suitable for my partner. The only constant is time and hot heart.

Cartier Blue Balloon Series W6920100

Product Model: W6920100
Domestic public price: 45300
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Case thickness: 9.96 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: SPS27C9SDL

Product Model: 102780 SPS27C9SDL
Domestic public price: 52000
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: Calibre B033
Case material: stainless steel, bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: bvlgari / 54563 /

Watch reviews: The watch is based on the concept of a ‘snake’. It adopts a double-loop colorful leather strap, which is wrapped around the wrist to show the exotic atmosphere. The replaceable strap keeps it unchanged, it is possible to change it, and it is fashionable and versatile. . The sparkling diamonds and charming appearance can highlight the feminine side of femininity. The watch uses a quartz movement, which is thin and delicate, and the price is suitable for women.

Omega Constellation Series

Product model:
Domestic public price: 35900
Watch diameter: 27 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Movement model: 1376
Case material: Stainless steel-red gold
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: omega / 55602 /

Watch Comments: This Omega Constellation series watch is very appealing both in appearance and craftsmanship. The watch is exquisite and slender, and it is worn on the wrist to highlight the quality. It is an indispensable diamond element. The constellation’s iconic ‘claw’ and the bezel with the same color Roman numerals are uniquely designed and full of personality. The stainless steel red gold bracelet is beautiful and durable. The watch uses a quartz movement and has a water resistance of 100 meters. If you like this exquisite, simple and unique style of watch, it will be a good choice.

Summary: Time is constantly passing. Only we are changing. Do n’t forget to care about your lover in your busy life. Let your love be poured into the same time, and choose a watch to remember that time is eternal.

Jaeger-lecoultre Sihh Superior Craftsmanship Put The Universe On Your Wrist

The late 19th century was the pinnacle of traditional watchmaking. The challenges of design concepts and mechanical craftsmanship faced by master craftsmen were easily solved in the face of digital visionary wizards. These master watchmakers are talented, quietly hidden in an unknown workshop, using dexterous hands to create works that reflect enthusiasm.
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Grande Tradition series not only reinterprets the elegance and exquisite qualities of the 19th century, but also reflects the glorious spirit of the times. Complicated data that could only be measured with giant machines can now be displayed on watches. This series dares to be the first to combine a number of complex functions with the ingenuity and craftsmanship of master watchmakers. The watch strikes a delicate balance between extreme craftsmanship and pure aesthetics. Each masterpiece in this series continues this historical heritage, and this new work reflects the long history of watchmaking and astronomy. Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a watch with a tradition of complication. It is like condensing the vast universe that encompasses the wrist.

The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a collection of timepieces that incorporates a number of sophisticated and complex time displays. The charm is endless and amazing. It can be appreciated carefully or explored again and again. The masterful ingenuity of the watchmaker is only to achieve one ambition: to share all the good things with taste

Tribute to the great watchmaking tradition
Material selection and exquisite workmanship are the characteristics of the Master Grande Tradition. The case of the Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch is made of rose gold. The charming luster makes the sophisticated watch perfect. The brand-new Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication watch, which was launched in 2015, is a new way to interpret the aesthetic elements of this series and reproduce the appearance of the 19th century pocket watch. The watch is equipped with a concave bezel, and the satin-polished case hoop contrasts with polished lugs, showing the highest watchmaking craftsmanship. Whether it is the visible part of the watch or the part hidden in the movement, it has been carefully modified to reflect the essence of fine watchmaking. The extraordinary watchmaking technology is not only reflected in the integration of multiple complex functions in the same case, but also how to achieve harmony and consistency in the design.
Stellar orbiting tourbillon, breathtaking time reading
Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a timepiece designed to measure astronomical time. The charm of this watch is that the flying tourbillon design is an important element for indicating time. The flying tourbillon rotates counterclockwise every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds, which is amazing. The tourbillon rotates counterclockwise while moving slowly along the edge of the dial, like a spacecraft suspended in the stratosphere. The tourbillon frame is made of ultra-lightweight titanium and has a minimalist structure, which makes this levitation floating even more weightless. In order to highlight the astronomical characteristics of time measurement, the tourbillon indicates not the civil time with the sun as the reference, but the star time with the stars farther away from us as the reference. Stellar time is a unit used by astronomers to track the trajectories of celestial bodies. The Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication is a watch that showcases the vast universe we live in, and you can enjoy the rapid changes of the universe at a glance.
Extraordinary and powerful calendar display
The dial of this watch presents an astrological picture of the northern hemisphere. We have heard well-known constellations since childhood, including the Big Dipper, North Star, Cassiopeia, and the twelve constellations that make up the zodiac sign. Among them, the zodiac constellation is the earliest recognized constellation of human beings, representing four basic elements: air, earth, fire and water. At the periphery of the planet map, the disk representing the sun orbits the dial exactly every 24 hours. The signs of the zodiac, month and week are displayed on the edge of the horoscope, which is clear and easy to read. This small disk representing the sun can indicate 24-hour civil time to distinguish between day and night time. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s relentless pursuit of the practical functions of the watch is revealed in such details, which is why it is worthy of our careful appreciation.
The minute repeater sounds rich and crisp
This watch is also equipped with a mechanical timekeeping mechanism, which provides an audible timekeeping, which can achieve hour, quarter and minute according to requirements. The sound quality of a sounding watch depends to a large extent on its gong, as the gong is an essential part. In order to get the purest and most pleasant time signal, Jaeger-LeCoultre has developed a cathedral crystal reed that emits a loud tone. Different from traditional gongs, the cross section of the cathedral crystal gong is square rather than circular, which makes it more in contact with the hammer and makes the percussion sound more powerful. In addition, the watch uses tr.buchet scales to achieve the best energy transfer from the gong. This watch conveys melodious music. You can close your eyes and discern subtle changes in tone. You can also observe the precise operation of tr.buchet scales through the transparent case back. In order to make the minute repeater function more perfect, this new watch is equipped with a redesigned slider, which is more ergonomic and easy to operate. The pure design matches the harmonious style of the watch as a whole.

Patek Philippe Launches Nautilus 5711/1r-001 Rose Gold Watch

Patek Philippe, the top Swiss watch brand, has recently brought this new ‘Rose Gold’ version to the classic Nautilus 5711 / 1R-001, with a simple chocolate-colored dial and 18K rose gold. The case and bracelet, like other Nautilus series, are equipped with the 324 SC automatic movement, showing the ultimate elegance and luxury. This gorgeous Nautilus 5711 / 1R-001 model costs $ 51,000.
5711 / 1r-001-rose gold-men’s watches-nautilus

Window date display
Center large second hand
Screw-down crown
Light / dark brown gradient dial, gold applied hour markers with fluorescent coating
Rose gold bracelet with Nautilus folding clasp
Sapphire crystal case back
Water resistance to 120 meters
Rose gold style
Case diameter (10 o’clock to 4 o’clock): 40 mm
Self-winding mechanical movement
Movement 324 S C
Date display, large center seconds
Diameter: 27 mm
Thickness: 3.3 mm
Gems: 29
Plywood: 6
Number of parts: 213
Power reserve: at least 35 hours-up to 45 hours
Balance wheel: Gyromax®
Balance spring: Spiromax®
Swings per hour: 28,800 (4 Hz)
Quality mark: Patek Philippe mark

Unique Timepieces Tasting Zenith 2013 Only Watch Charity Watch

The ‘Only Watch’ charity auction created by the Monaco royal family in 2013 is about to start. This charity auction has more than 40 brand support, including Zenith, Switzerland’s top watchmaker. Zenith supports this charity event and specifically donates the Zenith El Primero’s flagship series of Stratosphere worn by the first space hero Felix Baumgartner who broke through the sound barrier in the stratospheric space jumping project. Flyback to the original 1/10 jump seconds watch is a very memorable watch, let us take a look at this watch.

   This unique timepiece, the Zenith El Primero’s flagship Stratocloud flyback 1 / 10th of a second from the Zenith watchmaking factory, successfully accompanied Felix Baumgartner to complete the same temperature The layer space jump project, and thus became the only watch in the world to break through the sound barrier in near air.

  This watch has accompanied Felix Baumgartner to withstand various tests. Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure, severe vibrations and rapid acceleration show that the watch is sturdy and fearless.

   The watch is equipped with the world’s most sophisticated automatic chronograph movement, with a 1/10 second jump-second display and flyback function. The central red chronograph second hand beats every 1 / 10th of a second to accurately display the jump of time. The end of the second hand is decorated with the brand’s classic logo shape, which represents the brand’s persistent pursuit of precision performance.

   The three small dials in the dial adopt three different colors, which make the hands and the dial’s bottom color contrast sharply, making the reading time more clear. The 60-second counter at 3 o’clock is dark blue, the 60-minute counter at 6 o’clock is dark gray, and the small seconds at 9 o’clock is light gray.

   The watch has a flyback function. Before the invention of the flyback function, two different buttons must be pressed three times to pause, reset to zero or restart the chronograph hands. The creative clock master has developed the flyback function for this purpose. Just press the same button to pause, reset and restart the chronograph, which saves a lot of time and simplifies the operation.

   Equipped with an El Primero movement, this high-vibration chronograph movement with column wheels has a 25% higher number of swings than all other movements. The 1/10 second jump function makes every beat of this excellent movement clearly visible. 1/10 seconds is the smallest unit of time that a mechanical movement can measure. The back of the case is specially decorated with moving head portraits and text to mark the special journey of this watch.

Summary: This Zenith 2013 Only Watch charity watch perfectly embodies Zenith’s characteristics, a classic three-color dial, the world’s first high-frequency chronograph movement, El Primero, and a groundbreaking 1/10 second display Features. The special experience of the watch also adds endless brilliance to this unique watch, which will be auctioned in Morocco on September 28, and the proceeds will be used to support the target of degenerative neuromuscular diseases — Medical research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. If you like this watch, you can pay attention to the STRIKING 10TH watch. Except for the special experience, other aspects are basically the same.

Fashion And People’s Choice Four Tissot Men’s Watches Recommended

If asked why I like watches, how many different answers will there be? When you choose to wear a watch, you may just think of it as an adornment. Many people have a mentality of following the wave and buy it with the encouragement of friends around them. However, over time, you will find that you have a strong feeling for the watch, not only because the watch is the elaborate work of the brand’s masters, but also because the watch is your daily companion, any detail is May become the object of your daily attention. Therefore, the requirements for the table are getting higher and higher.

  Tissot LUXURYAUTOMATIC T086.407.16.051.00 watch

Comment on the watch: The Tissot LUXURYAUTOMATICGENTCOSC watch is popular for its simple shape and precise timing, which is more suitable for young people. The 41 mm stainless steel case is more suitable, and the black dial is decorated with concentric circles to create a three-dimensional geometric effect. The silver simple hour markers make the dial more atmospheric and beautiful, and the calendar display window is located at three o’clock, allowing you to witness the beat of time on your wrist every day. The silver case with black belt highlights the low-key and stable temperament. At the same time, the belt is softer and more comfortable. Friends who like it will try it out.

  In terms of power, this watch uses Tissot’s revolutionary new POWERMATIC80 movement, which has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, which can be described as a huge breakthrough, enough to meet the needs of the wearer. Matching the high-performance movement is the extraordinary and classic look of the watch, which is even more irresistible.

Basic Information
Number: T086.407.16.051.00
Brand: Tissot
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 5,850
For more watch details, please click: Tissot T-SPORT T014.430.11.047.00 watch

Comment on the watch: Tissot T-SPORT series T014.430.11.047.00 watch, with a tough and stylish appearance, 39.8 mm diameter can fit most men’s wrists. Through the sapphire crystal glass, you can clearly see the texture decoration on the blue dial. The tail of the second hand has the Tissot bold T symbol, which symbolizes the continuous development of Tissot watches since 1853. The scale display has bar-shaped hour markers and three simple Arabic numerals 6, 9, 12, and a calendar and week display window at three o’clock. The large arrow-shaped hands make the time clear and easy to read. The stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp makes the wearer more metallic and easy to handle.

  The watch is equipped with an ETA2836-2 automatic mechanical movement. It is clearly visible through the caseback and has a power reserve of 40 hours. In addition, the super 200 meter water resistance can better meet the daily needs of the wearer. Isn’t the practical watch design worth your heart?

Basic Information
Number: T014.430.11.047.00
Brand: Tissot
Series: T-SPORT
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 4,600
For more details, please click: Tissot LELOCLEAUTOMATIC T41.1.423.53 watch

Comment on the watch: The Le Locle series is also one of Tissot’s classic series. The model of this watch is T41.1.423.53. The diameter of 39.3 mm perfectly complements the man’s wrist. The stainless steel material is stylish and comfortable, polished and smooth, and easy to care. The cool black dial has rhombus decoration, the Roman numerals are classic and showy, and the silver willow leaf hands turn the arc of time. The calendar display window is at three o’clock, and the Tissot 1853’s logo is at twelve o’clock. It always shows the brand’s long-standing tradition and the spirit of excellence. The crown function is extremely simplified, and it is engraved with a small ‘T’ Tissot LOGO. The strap is made of high-grade black calfskin, which is comfortable and soft, giving the wrist the most intimate care.

  The watch is equipped with Swiss original ETA2824-2 movement, accurate and stable, with a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, with hour, minute, second and date display functions. Through the transparent case, the beauty of the rhythm of the movement can be fully revealed and felt Exquisite craftsmanship of mechanical watches. This watch is indeed a combination of fashion and classics, perfectly creating the calmness and style of urban business men.

Basic Information
Number: T41.1.423.53
Brand: Tissot
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 4,050
For more watch details, please click: Tissot T-SPORT T17.1.586.52 watch

Comments on the models: The above three watches are all simple models. Tissot’s sports chronograph style watches are also very distinctive. This T17.1.586.52 watch from the T-SPORT series has a black dial as the background, and the hour, minute and second hands are marked with yellow. In order to make the timing function more convenient, it also makes the dial One more vitality and passion. The 12-hour and 30-minute chronographs are located at the two o’clock and ten o’clock directions of the watch. The small second hand is at the six o’clock position. The three small dials complement each other and do not look cluttered. The calendar display window is located at four o’clock, allowing you to get daily time information on your wrist. In addition, the dial outer ring also has a speed measurement function to meet the wearer’s passion for speed and passion.

  The watch uses a stainless steel bracelet with a folding clasp, which is easy to wear and beautiful. Finally, this watch has a water-resistant function of 200 meters.

Basic Information
Number: T17.1.586.52
Brand: Tissot
Series: T-SPORT
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 3,550
For more watch details, please click: tissot / 6872 /

Summary: The spirit of determination and innovation keeps Tissot out of the small town of Lelock in the Jurassic Mountains of Switzerland and has a footprint in more than 150 countries around the world. On the other hand, the price of Tissot watches is generally said to be more suitable for the general public to buy. When you are used to owning a watch, you will find that you can no longer leave the watch. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Berlin Joins The Longines World Championship Tour

This weekend, Berlin will host the Longines Global Champions Tour for the first time. Berlin is the eleventh stop of the tour, and the event at The Sommergarten in Funkturm brings together top riders and horses from around the world. There are 15 races on the tour. As the title partner and official timekeeper of Longines, I am honored to present the key event “Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Berlin”, The result was won by German rider Christian Ahlmann on ‘Codex One’.

 Riders can earn points in this event, which will be included in the ‘Longines World Championship Tour’ ranking and the ‘Longines International Equestrian Federation Rankings’. After 11 races, Harrie Smolders from the Netherlands temporarily topped the list with 252 points. The tour kicked off in Mexico City in April and will end in Doha at the end of November. Longines is proud to be the title partner of this 5 * -level equestrian obstacle course and provide professional timing for all of its events.

 The ‘Longines World Championship Tour Berlin Grand Prix’ is a great opportunity to appreciate the event’s designated watch. This watch comes from the Longines Master series (Longines Master), equipped with a blue dial and decorated with diamond hour markers. The new shades complement the classic and subtle design styles of this collection. This stainless steel women’s watch offers hours, minutes and seconds, and the rhodium-plated hands stand out on the dial without losing its sophistication.

Portofino: 2019 Reinventing Classic Charm

Schaffhausen, July 31, 2019-IWC Schaffhausen has released a new version of the re-interpretation of the 2019 iconic Portofino series. The women’s collection includes five small sizes with an innovative strap replacement system, while the other six are men’s watches.

   Since its first release in 1984, Portofino has been one of IWC’s most compelling collections. Just like the legend, the watch industry leader and legend KurtKlaus and chief designer HannoBurtscher designed a simple and elegant watch in a glass of wine, inspired by five Sixties classic round design.

   The watch series is named after an Italian rural village where rich people often spend their summer holidays here. Its past and present are full of casual charm. Whether for men or women, whether worn day or night, Portofino watches are mature and sophisticated. Iconic elements such as fluid style and clean dials are still popular among consumers today.

   The new Portofino ladies’ watch for 2019 is the smallest model of all IWC products. The five new watches are reduced to 34 mm in diameter, reminiscent of the first Portofino same size watch series designed for slim wrists. Watches are made of 18K red gold or stainless steel, with blue or green silver plated dials. All watch cases or dials are set with diamonds.

   This diversity extends to innovative strap designs, which the wearer can customize to his own look. Each product is equipped with a gadget that can be easily changed between 12 different strap options made by leather goods manufacturer Santoni, while offering a range of vibrant hand-painted shades and steel Milanese Woven mesh bracelet.

   The Portofino men’s collection has also been updated this year. Six new models have been added. The most exciting one is the Portofino Moon Phase Automatic Watch. This is the first collection of 40mm case diameter Moon phase function in one watch.

   New models currently available only in 37mm or 45mm will be available in two stainless steel versions: one with a silver-plated dial, gold-plated hands and appliqués, a dark brown Santoni alligator strap, and the other in blue Dial, rhodium-plated hands and appliqués, and black alligator leather strap by Santoni.

   New releases in 2019 also include a new version of the Portofino Chronograph and a Portofino Automatic with a blue dial. Both designs are made of 18K red gold or stainless steel with gold appliqués, gold-plated hands and black Santoni alligator strap.

   Since its release in 1984, the Portofino collection has grown into one of our brand’s most successful watch collections. Both men and women are attracted by the classic charm of this watch. Its simple round case, Roman numerals and simple chronograph marks form the characteristics of this watch series. Therefore, we are pleased to expand this product range with these 11 attractive new watches, ‘Knoppe explained.

   All five new Portofino men’s watches are now available worldwide. The remaining six ladies’ Portofino watches are currently only available at IWC stores and authorized retail stores in mainland China and Hong Kong. Other countries and regions around the world will begin selling in October 2019.