Interpretation Of Romantic Love

When it comes to love, many people use time as a yardstick to measure and test love, so the watch has become the most precious gift for lovers. Tissot is especially for lovers on Valentine’s Day this year Introduced a special pair of watch models, which proves that each day between the two is beautiful and timeless. The official models of men’s and women’s watches are: T035.446.16.051.00 / T035.

   This pair of Kutu series couples express their eternal love with classic black and white color, as if telling a timeless love story. The Tissot Coutu series is French for ‘Couturier’, which means a famous craftsman. The watch embodies the brand’s exquisite watchmaking skills, ingenious design and perfect control of details.

Tissot Kutu series men’s and women’s watch

Watch case made of stainless steel
   This pair of men’s watch has a diameter of 39 mm. The case is made of stainless steel. The dial is dignified black and matched with a black leather strap. The watch pays tribute to minimalist philosophy in a simple and low-key black style. To create a balanced visual beauty.

Men’s watch diameter 39 mm / women’s watch diameter 33 mm
   The watch has a unique shape and design. The side of the case is concavely decorated and finely brushed and polished to make the watch a perfect three-dimensional sense, while also showing the ingenious intentions of watchmakers.

Men’s watch with a black leather strap
   The black strap of the watch is full of nobility and elegance, the leather texture is clear, and the edges are uniformly and regularly pressed.

Case thickness 10.82 mm
   The case is 10.82 mm thick, which provides ample operating space for the movement of the movement. This pair of watches uses Tissot’s unique LED display function, which can be easily switched between date and time, easy to operate and adds unlimited wearing pleasure.

Men’s watch with pure black dial
   The men’s Kutu watch is made of handsome black with a versatile style, and the hands and scales adopt a three-dimensional design, which makes the three-dimensional feel of the dial leaping out. Twelve bar-shaped three-dimensional time markers are evenly distributed between the dials, and a unique LED calendar display is used at 6 o’clock. When it is not turned on, we cannot clearly see the date on the dial. When the crown is pressed, it is bright The LED electronic date window is lit, and the design of the window is larger than the display window of ordinary watches. Even in low-light environments, the time can be read clearly. This is also a special feature of Tissot’s large calendar watch. And more fun to wear.

Women’s watch with mother-of-pearl dial, showing elegance and elegance
  Women’s watches are more elegant and feminine. The stainless steel case with mother-of-pearl dial and white leather strap showcases the elegance of women. The lines of the case are round and smooth, and the unique mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with dazzling luster, and the simplicity reveals the feminine beauty. Two unique hollowed-out hands draw a beautiful trajectory between the disks as time passes. The time display time scale is designed by the watchmaker’s exquisite design, showing different forms of beauty.

The lugs are carefully polished and integrated with the case
   The lugs made of stainless steel have smooth lines, and the surface is carefully brushed, exuding a distinctive feminine charm. Women’s models also use Tissot’s unique LED display function, which not only has a large calendar window display, but also adds to the wearability of the watch.

Butterfly buckle made of stainless steel
   Both watches feature folding butterfly clasps, the outside of which is decorated with Tissot’s classic ‘T’. The clasp is perfectly polished to give it a bright sheen.

Both watches feature a compact back
   Both watches feature a compact back case design and a quartz movement inside to provide lasting power to the watch.

Summary: Love is an eternal topic and a messenger of happiness. In each romantic festival, it is the best time for lovers to express their feelings. The Tissot Kutu series of men and women is the best choice for lovers in the festival. The handsome and simple appearance with unique LED display function witnesses When you are in love, you can feel a strong sense of happiness.