Iwc Pays Tribute To The Burning Soul Of The Movie

IWC joined hands with the Beijing International Film Festival again in 2014, becoming the designated watch brand and official partner of the 4th Beijing International Film Festival, demonstrating the brand’s love for film art. During the 2014 Beijing International Film Festival, IWC held an evening banquet for grand filmmakers under the theme of ‘For the Love of Cinema’. It invited more than 200 filmmakers and celebrities and VIPs at home and abroad to visit the event, including movie stars. Liao Fan, Wu Zhenyu, Ni Ni, Du Juan, Zhang Liang, famous writer and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun, and international film star Zhou Xun, who debuted as a ‘Brand Friend’ of the world for the first time on IWC. On the night of the starring filmmaker’s night, the famous Chinese director Feng Xiaogang won the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker Award’.

 ‘It is a great honor for us to be the official partner of the emerging Beijing International Film Festival for two consecutive years,’ said Mr. Goris Verburg, IWC Global Marketing Communications Director. In the magnificent Beijing Tai Temple, the night of the IWC filmmaker with the theme ‘For the Love of Cinema’ was full of stars and crowds. Internationally renowned movie stars Zhou Xun, Shinco Berlin film actress Liao Fan, Hong Kong movie star Wu Zhenyu, popular actors Ni Ni, Du Juan, Zhang Liang, famous writer and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun, and famous director Feng Xiaogang, etc. Stars gathered together with many well-known filmmakers at home and abroad to set foot on the red carpet one after another. Mr. Gao Ruisi said, ‘We are very pleased to contribute to the promotion of the international, professional and global cultural exchange of the film industry under the theme of the Beijing International Film Festival-sharing resources and a win-win future.’

 ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker Award’, Feng Xiaogang deservedly named the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker Award’ established by IWC for several years. It aims to pay tribute to outstanding filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the film industry worldwide. This year, the famous Chinese film director Feng Xiaogang took the award from Mr. Gao Ruisi in the warm applause of the guests. Commenting on the award, Mr. Gao Ruisi said: ‘Director Feng Xiaogang’s work represents innovation. He created a new model of Chinese film New Year’s Eve, not only recognizing comedy films with personal style, but also for controlling wars (such as’ Assembly ‘ ), Natural disasters (such as ‘Tangshan Earthquake’, ‘1942’) and other serious themes are also very easy-going, outstanding achievements. He is one of the most famous directors in the mainstream Chinese film industry, we are very honored to be ‘IWC outstanding filmmakers The grand prize was awarded to him. ‘

 Well-known actress Zhou Xun as IWC’s “Brand Friend” gracefully appeared at the evening banquet hall

 Well-known movie star Wu Zhenyu appears handsomely

 Chinese chief male model Zhang Liang attended the dinner

Classic Timepieces, Tribute to the Master

 IWC presented a classic IWC watch masterpiece, the Portuguese automatic watch, to director Feng Xiaogang. This stainless steel watch case is specially engraved with the words ‘For the Love of Cinema’, which symbolizes film art and fine watchmaking. Art has many things in common-both are masterpieces of innovative technology, creativity and perfection. This exclusive engraved watch is unique in the world, dedicated to the tribute winner’s love and contribution to the film. The winner of last year’s ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker Award’ was Zhang Yimou, a well-known international director and the director of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was also awarded a watch specially engraved by IWC. This became A way for IWC to pay tribute to film masters.

A glorious night, an audiovisual feast

 In order to highlight IWC’s long-standing watchmaking tradition and its long-term enthusiasm for film art, at the evening dinner, the shadow of the magnificent Taimiao Temple became a dream stage. A drum performance that shocked the audience interpreted the IWC classic Spirit and passion for innovation. At the end of the dinner, the famous singer Qi Qin from Taiwan appeared, adding several chants of golden songs to the IWC filmmaker’s night icing on the cake. The charming voice made the guests intoxicated.

Beloved movie, starlight

 IWC is not only world-renowned for its fine watchmaking skills, but also renowned for its long-term enthusiasm for the art of film. It has worked with the Dubai International Film Festival, the New York Tribeca Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Zurich Film Festival. Many international film festivals have established partnerships. At the same time, among IWC’s collection of well-known ‘brand friends’ from all walks of life, there are many movie stars. Internationally renowned movie stars Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, Ewan McGregor, and famous director Marc Forster are all IWC A loyal supporter of IWC. No matter on the set, on the red carpet, or in life, IWC is a loyal partner who stays with them and becomes a part of their bright stars.

 IWC presented a Portuguese automatic watch for director Feng Xiaogang (model: IW500114)

   Special edition Portuguese automatic watch case specially engraved ‘For the Love of Cinema’ pays tribute to the elite of the film industry

        IWC Portuguese Automatic is a unique watch in the world, dedicated to the winners.