Private Collection Of Important Extraordinary Patek Philippe Watches At Sotheby’s Auction

Sotheby’s New York will hold a precious watch auction on June 10, 2014, presenting the ‘Private Collection of Important Patek Philippe Watches’, bringing together a series of five special orders never seen before. Titanium complication watches are bound to attract worldwide attention.

Patek Philippe 5001T Sky Moon Tourbillon Estimate: $ 1 million to $ 1.5 million / $ 7.8 million to $ 11.7 million

 The biggest highlight is the Patek Philippe high-end model Sky Moon Tourbillon, a private custom titanium special edition that has never been seen in the literature-the 5001T model Sky Moon Tourbillon (estimate: $ 1 million to $ 1.5 million / $ 7.8 million to HK $ 11.7 million *), and the brand’s first chronograph chronograph watch, the legendary 1923 Officier (estimate: US $ 800,000 to 1.2 million / HK $ 6.24 million to HK $ 9.63 million).

 Twelve watches in this collection, valued at more than US $ 3 million / HK $ 23.4 million, include rare models that collectors have not heard of, as well as unique models made of special designs and other rare metals in addition to titanium. The 12 watches in the collection will be on display in Geneva (May) and Sotheby’s office in New York (from June 6).

 Daryn Schnipper, Chairman of Sotheby’s International Watch Division, said: ‘When we first heard about this collection, it was almost impossible to imagine that Patek Philippe still has so many important but unknown works. These five titanium works are amazing. A major discovery, rare titanium makes every watch the best work of its kind, and the lightness of the material makes them easier to wear-the feeling of lightness when the watch is used is incredible. These The watch fully reflects the importance of the collector’s status, and its low-key but key changes reveal its extraordinary insight. We are extremely honored to present these treasures at the June auction. ‘

 Patek Philippe 5002P Model ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’

Modern watch models that have never been documented

 The famous Henry Graves Supercomplication pocket watch was sold at Sotheby’s in 1999 for a price of $ 11 million. This record has been maintained to this day. The classic Patek Philippe 5002P model ‘Sky Moon Tourbillon’ is inspired by it, equipped with a dual dial design, with an annual output of only about 10 pieces, which has always been the ultimate treasure for collectors; prospective buyers must pass an in-person interview with Patek Philippe’s honorary president To qualify for a purchase.

 5103P platinum self-winding minute repeater skeletonized perpetual calendar watch

 The magnificent and unique titanium dual dial watch featured in this auction features 12 complex functions: tourbillon, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, astral sky, moon phases and moon track, stellar time display and three questions The Cathedral Bell, year 2002, is a special edition of titanium custom made by Sky Moon Tourbillon. The model is set to be a different ‘5001T Sky Moon Tourbillon’. It is also unknown to watch experts and collectors outside the Patek Philippe brand (estimate (US $ 1 million to 1.5 million / HK $ 7.8 million to 11.7 million).

 As we all know, the Patek Philippe 5002 model has always produced only gold, pink, white and platinum models, and the particularly lightweight and easy-to-wear titanium model Sky Moon Tourbillon has not been published in the literature. The bezel and dial of this special edition watch are decorated with a basket weave pattern, replacing the Calatrava cross logo originally designed by Sky Moon Tourbillon, and the direction coordinates on the sky map are replaced by the full abbreviation in English. Outstanding extraordinary.

 This collection also contains another important model-a special customized version of the 5104 model: 5103P. This watch, like the 5001T mentioned above, has been given a special model different from the same watch, and has never been seen in the public literature. This exquisite and unique 5103P platinum self-winding three-question half-open skeleton perpetual calendar watch with retrograde date, moon phase profit and loss and leap year display, year 2004 (estimate: USD 500,000 to 700,000 / USD 3.9 to 5.46 million Hong Kong dollars). The 5104 model is mainly produced in pink and platinum. This 5103P model is an all-platinum version. It has a unique pattern engraved on the bottom plate of the movement that has never been seen before, and a water-drop pattern on the side of the watch. It is unique.

 The legendary “ 1923 Officier ”

Classic early watch classics

 The only early watch in the collection is one of Patek Philippe’s most important pieces: the legendary ‘1923 Officier’. This rare and important single push-button chronograph watch in gold (estimate: US $ 800,000 to 1.2 million / HK $ 6.24 million to HK $ 9.36 million) was first sold on October 13, 1923, making it the brand’s first chronograph wrist In addition to setting a new world auction record for any watch at the time of its debut in 1999, since its date of release was earlier than any Patek Philippe chronograph watch known at the time, it changed the entire watch industry’s history of Patek Philippe watchmaking. Cognition. This watch is Patek Philippe’s only chronograph with a white enamel dial, elegant and unique.

 5033T Model Titanium Automatic Minute Repeater

Unique and custom-made titanium complex watch

 Although titanium material is extremely resistant to corrosion, its color is polished after polishing, and it will not rust at room temperature, but this excellent metal has not been used in Patek Philippe models. Today, only four Patek Philippe titanium watches are known, and the five titanium watches that will be exposed for the first time at this auction have an earlier release date than the known four. Metaphor.

 In addition to the 5001T model mentioned above, this collection of Patek Philippe titanium watches that have never been listed in the public literature includes an important and unique 5033T model titanium automatic winding minute repeater watch, year 2003 (estimate: (400,000 to 600,000 US dollars / 3.12 million to 4.68 million Hong Kong dollars), and an important and unique 5102T model ‘Celestial’ titanium self-winding astronomical watch, with star movement, moon phase profit and loss, Sirius and moon mid-sky track display Year 2003 (estimate: US $ 200,000 to 300,000 / HK $ 1.56 to 2.34 million). Neither model has a titanium model recorded in public records.