Mido Qinliang A Summer, Diving Dive

Qin Liang Yi Xia started with MIDO
New MIDO Ocean Star Pure White Diver’s Watch

 Embrace a passionate summer, starting with your favorite diving watch! MIDO created a new white charm model Ocean Star Captain pure white diving watch, 42.5mm oversized pure white dial with diamond moments, bringing cool fashion vitality and ocean tone for the summer. The heavy impression of the sports watch is faded. The white characteristic engraved rubber strap extends the vision. The pure white water ripple dial is paired with a silver-tech metal rotating bezel. The two beautiful diamonds adorn the moment. Vividly show the minimalist sports fashion sense. The watch has a 200m waterproof specification, which should be dynamic and quiet, with practical functions and style appearance, while swimming in water and land.

 Ocean Star Captain Pure White Dive Watch, priced at NT $ 32,700.

 “The MIDO Mido launched the eye-catching new color Ocean Star Captain pure white diving watch in 2013, incorporating the free and breathy atmosphere of the sea, to set the summer with a rare all-white system. Day diving watch, 42.5mm large diameter, unique neutral sports breath, combining Swiss fine watchmaking technology and stylish appearance, eye-catching and fresh design, combining style appearance, practical functions and fashion taste, is only unisex Wearable unisex sports watch. ‘

Wild Sport Ocean Star Captain Pure White Diver Watch

 The Ocean Star series is inspired by the European lighthouse. This lighthouse with a red and white appearance sits on the blue coastline of Spain and overlooks the North African seascape. It is undoubtedly the most famous landmark in the Strait of Gibraltar in Europe. The color-matched blue Mediterranean shore blends sunlight and vitality, transforming the most classic details of azure seascapes and European lighthouses into sporty dial details, perfectly presenting the adventurous nautical spirit unique to MIDO Ocean Star series.

 Ocean Star series design inspiration-European lighthouse

 Fresh and clear white diving chronometer Ocean Star Captain pure white diving watch, with white water ripple as the visual center of the dial, technologically metallic silver to create a delicate engraved rotating bezel, simple texture to create a sports fashion vocabulary . It has a large 42.5mm white dial with a sapphire crystal, and the bezel and strap change the delicate expression with delicate engravings. The unidirectional rotating bezel scale conforms to the diving watch specifications. The outer ring is displayed with Arabic numerals every 10 minutes. In addition, the large black and white luminous hands, the characteristic second hand and the time are set with Super-LumiNova fluorescent paint, which is dim in the deep sea. The environment with low visibility can still have a clear field of vision. At 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock, the time is replaced by brilliant double diamonds, injecting gorgeous elements into the watch. The screw-down crown with transparent bottom cover can see the delicate decoration movement, water resistance up to 200 meters, the Ocean Star series pure white diving watch extends the visual effect with three-dimensional elegant white, cleverly combining sports elegance and excellent watch performance .