Spirit Of The Army And Flight Reproduction: Longines Longines Reproduction Series Witness The Spirit Of The Times And Awaken The Beautiful Time

Since 1832, Longines Longines, a century-old Swiss watch brand famous for its flying wing hourglass trademark, has created countless classic and timeless legendary watches in its long history of 185 years. Take inspiration from these antique watches of the era of witness brand to create Longines replica series, flying from British paratroopers, Czech Air Force military replica watches to witness the history of aviation adventurers flying a magnificent flight wrist Watches, Longines watches from the past and glory lingering on the wrist, the classic re-engraved watch, a perfect interpretation of the distant sense of time, reproduce the magnificent beautiful days of the past, and watch the brand’s long-lasting watchmaking A tribute to tradition and elegant design.

   From 1832 to 2017, 185 years have never stopped. In the long history, Longines not only adheres to the watchmaking tradition, but also devotes itself to the waves of the times. It has witnessed the torrent and spirit of the times with countless timeless classic wrists, Longines Longines achieves a perfect balance between tradition and innovation with its elegant and profound aesthetics. The Longines replica series is launched to reproduce the century-old classics, not only to reproduce the past, but also to pay tribute to the heroes and pioneers of the times. Today Wake up the good times and pass on the classics for generations.

Longines replica 1918 replica military prototype prototype
The iron blood battlefield breeds the soul of military watches: Longines 1918 replica military watches
   The birth of military watches can be said to be a key factor in the popularity of men’s watches. The appearance of military watches can be traced back to the 1910s. Frequent European wars at that time made exquisite and elegant pocket watches insufficient to cope with the battle format of every minute and second, thus giving birth to watches. In order to accompany the soldiers to the North and South, the military watch must not only have the function of accurate timing, but also need to have clear luminous hands when reading, large time scales, and durable quality. The watch has a long history in watchmaking, but it is a newly registered Longines replica series 1918 replica watch antique timepiece, inheriting a century-old classic, creating an elegant military watch style, a concise industrial style, a low-key and slightly cold design, It seems to be the epitome of that old moon.

Longines replica series 1918 replica military watch, model L2.811.4.53.0.
   Longines Longines 1918 replica military watch, inherits the excellent reading function of the original model: 44mm large diameter, large Arabic numerals, rail-type scale ring with Super-LumiNova® , Even in poor lighting conditions, you can still read the faceplate easily. In addition, the classic design also incorporates new design ingenuity to enhance the high-quality texture of the military watch. The satin-finished watch with grooved crown design creates a strong and durable style; the special black matte-finished surface The dial has a white dial on the prototype model, which is more handsome and bold, and also strengthens the rough military style; combined with the exquisite and elegant rhodium hands, it also evokes retro feelings, and stores a century of time in the wrist. Wearing Longines Longines 1918 engraved military watches on the wrists, as if awakening the inner throbs of men, showing the blood-stained heroic feelings of iron-blooded men.

Longines Heritage Military 1918 Watch
Flying Remake Beyond Self: Longines Longines Type A7 1935 Replica Flying Watch
   In long-distance flight navigation, small second errors can also cause huge errors in the calculation of location and route, so the format requires accuracy of the timepiece. Since 1919, when the development of aviation was still in its infancy, Longines Longines, known for its high accuracy and high stability timing functions, accompanied the adventurers and witnessed countless epoch-making flight feats. In 1927, American pilot Charles. Charles Lindbergh is internationally renowned for his creation of a solo flight across the North Atlantic from New York to Paris. Longines has also witnessed the flight records of countless aviation explorers, making Longines the best synonym for flight pioneer timing .

Since 1919, the Longines, a timer designated by the Federal Aviation Commission, has allowed American pilot Charles to complete the record for a single flight from New York to Paris.
   To commemorate the pioneering achievements of the flying pioneers, Longines Longines draws inspiration from its wonderful history and launches the Longines Longines Type A-7 1935 replica flight watch, which perfectly combines precision and quality, just like the US Air Force in 1935 Each of the military chronographs ordered from Longines meets the strict standards of military specifications.

The world’s first flight navigation watch-Lindbergh Watch
   Longines Type A-7 1935 replica flight watch, 41 mm diameter dial, retains the large size characteristics of the flight watch; this model is unique in the inclined dial: the surface inclined 40 ° to the right The chronograph can be worn on the inside of the pilot’s wrist, that is, the faceplate can be aligned with the flight instrument, so that the pilot can easily read the time without moving the wrist or releasing the steering stick. The onion crown is enlarged and set at 1 o’clock on the case, making it easier for the wearer to adjust in flight or driving chart. On the white polished lacquered face plate, 12 large honey-colored Arabic time scales are used. The contrast of fresh air does not affect the interpretation even under unstable flight conditions such as bumpy air. Elegant and exquisite pear-shaped hollow hands, paired with blue steel and honey-color lacquered and honey-colored crocodile leather strap, show a strong retro charm, but also add highlights to the overall shape.

Longines replica series A7 1935 replica flight watch, model L2.812.4.23.52.
   Longines’ exclusive L788.2 self-winding movement provides excellent and accurate timekeeping functions. The compact single-press column wheel device integrates the timekeeping function into simple operations. You only need to press the single button on the crown. , That is, it can easily start, stop and return to time. The simple and clean feel brings memorable experience to mechanical watch enthusiasts. Longines Longines Type A-7 1935 Replica Flight Watch combines unparalleled aesthetic design with the strict requirements of performance and accuracy in the flying world to reproduce the search Unknown avant-garde spirit, unique and extraordinary style, witness you every moment beyond your own elegance.

Longines Type A7 1935 replica flying watch