Athens Watch The Perfect Combination Of Imagination And Science And Technology

Here, science, innovation and imagination have inspired Athens to create; and advanced technology combined with master craftsmanship has become its guiding light. Rove Schneider and Dr. Ockling embody and nurture this idea through each Athenian watch and bring it to life. The two talented men were also far-sighted and pioneers in watchmaking, and they were behind the watch in Athens.

 As early as 165 years ago, Ulysse Nardin, the founder of the Athenian watch brand, already produced astronomical clocks in Neuchâtel surrounded by mountains in Switzerland. In the process of watchmaking, Athens Watch has gradually verified the challenges and opportunities, and persisted in studying the law of winning. It is this spirit of courage to explore that has allowed Athenian Watch to develop unprecedented watches.
 Different from other Swiss watchmaking brands, Mr. Schneider bought the Athens Watch Factory in 1983, and sought creative watchmaker Dr. Oklin to develop and design watches for him. Dr. O’Kelin once repaired a Farnese clock in the Vatican City Museum, and later he made an astrolabe wall clock, which was deeply attracted to Mr. Schneider. So he commissioned Dr. O’Kelin to make the dial clock into a watch. As a result, he created the first dial watch of the trilogy, the Galileo dial watch, and was successfully included in the King’s World Record. At the same time, it also led the Athens watch to re-enter the complex function watch leading brand palace. Mr. Schneider knew at the time that under his administration, the Galileo Astronomical Watch was the company’s first milestone, which could bring the brand of Athens to the level of originality, creativity and quality to excellence. It turns out his vision is correct.

 Mr. Schneider and the Athens Dream team he led, including Dr. Oklin, Executive Vice President Pierre Giss and Chief Engineer Lucas Schumann, and the team of ingenious watchmakers in Athens, have joined hands to vertically integrate the brand Leaping to a whole new level, successfully positioning Athens Watch as a creative king.
 Athens Watch has won more than 4,300 championship awards, of which 18 are the world’s most respected gold awards, while also obtaining the most patents for mechanical watches. In addition, Athens launched the eye-catching Inno Vision watch and won the ‘New Technology’ honorary award from Revolution Magazine. Inno Vision not only uses silicon as a material, but also combines 10 innovative technologies into a single watch. This extraordinary watch is a fantasy. An identification of the Freak tourbillon. Freak Tourbillon is the smartest of the watches developed in Athens and the first watch made of silicon. The addition of silicon-patented Athens patented two-way escapement made Freak’s Whimsical Tourbillon to the stage of success. The design is simple, with no hour and minute hands, no surface and crown. The movement shows the time through the movement of the movement. The Freak tourbillon shows scientific knowledge and advanced watchmaking technology unparalleled in Athens. Freak’s Whimsical Tourbillon, like Genghis Khan’s four-hammer minute repeater, GMT ± perpetual calendar and Sonata bell, has been awarded the international award for creativity and craftsmanship, and its appearance shocked the entire Swiss watch world and the world.

 In 2010, the Freak Tourbillon created another surprise. The extraordinary Freak Wraith Dark Lord tourbillon was launched, demonstrating the perfect use of new Athens technologies such as optical lithography. In the core part of the watch, the latest research and development of the highest quality Materials: such as silicon and LIGA (deep electroforming molding technology) nickel; enhance the energy and precision of the R & D Carrousel tourbillon; and add a flying tourbillon for the second hand display.
 In the same year, in celebration of Mr. Schneider’s 75th birthday, Athens specially produced a limited edition of FREAKRolf watches in memory of 75. In April 2011, Mr. Schneider died suddenly. The board of directors and the management team will continue to uphold Mr. Schneider’s vision and maintain the company’s independent development and management unchanged. Ms. Cai Aihua Schneider was elected as the new chairman of the board of directors. She holds a master of science degree in manufacturing engineering from Queen’s University of Belfast, UK. Mr. Patrick Huffman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer.He has spent the main part of his career in the watch industry.In the past two decades, Athens watches have successfully developed in North and Central America. Mr. Furman plays an important role.

 Relying on its unwavering conviction, Athenaeum has maintained its leading position, and stepped forward to create a field that includes leadership, craftsmanship and focus on the art of mechanical watchmaking, drawing the brand’s development trajectory. Athens is the first brand to use brand-new materials; it has also established an extraordinary cooperation relationship with Sigatec Micro-Parts Technology Company and Diamaze MicroTechnologies Diamond Production Company to establish a joint venture; and has advanced advanced watchmaking technology into the novel design of watches. In terms of form and function, the Athenian watch has made a breakthrough. Nonetheless, Athens is constantly pursuing more information, creativity, and beauty. This is because Athens’s passion for watchmaking has led to unlimited creativity and research and development.
 In 2011, Athens Watch launched a new UN-118 movement, which once again expanded its breakthrough invention list, marking a milestone in the use of new technologies to make watches and manufacture diamond-covered movement parts. The entire self-refining basic movement was developed by Athens. The escapement of UN-118 movement is made of Diamon Sil, which is a major alliance of silicon and diamond. The UN-118 movement is the first member of the self-developed movement series in Athens. It uses DiamonSil escapement, Athens patented oscillator (oscillator), and 1.1.1 hairspring.