Star-studded With The Sky Iwc Portofino Brand New Moon Phase Watch

IWC presented a number of new Portofino watches at this ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asian High-end Watch Fair, many of which are continuing the classic design of the series while incorporating more Many modern elements make every watch and timepiece have a lively fashion charm.
   This diamond watch with moon phase function perfectly embodies the timeless elegance and charm of Portofino, a small Italian seaside town, which shines beautifully. This is also the first time that IWC designers have designed the entire moon phase display as a starry night sky. The moon and stars seem to be suspended in an endless sky, which has caused the wearer infinite imagination and brought a bit of romantic friendship.

  The dial of the watch is made of flawless, shiny and moisturizing mother-of-pearl, which is noble and elegant. The mother-of-pearl dial and the radiant sunlight decoration also bring a deep and dynamic sense to the watch, which fully meets contemporary aesthetic standards.

  The bezel and lugs of the watch are surrounded by exquisite diamonds, which are dazzling and matched with the stainless steel case to set off the elegance and luxury of the watch. This also reflects the more innovative ideas of IWC in the new products, so that each wearer can feel the superb skills of brand watchmaking.

Summary: The above are the real pictures of the pavilion of the new Portofino series moon phase watch launched by IWC, from which we can feel the ingenious intentions of IWC designers and the spirit of continuous brand innovation. For more reports of this exhibition, please click the watch home watch exhibition topic :.

Aerowatch Adds Renaissance To Its New Force With A Limited Edition Tourbillon Watch

Watchmaker Aerowatch SA, based in Saignelégier, has made new progress. He has launched an outstanding 18K rose gold tourbillon watch. The launch of this watch marks the company’s bold entry into a new field.
In order to demonstrate the capabilities of this watch manufacturer, Aerowatch chose 18K rose gold as the raw material to manufacture a 42 mm diameter case. This classic gold case is equipped with a curved sapphire crystal covering the dial, and a transparent flat sapphire crystal on the side of the movement.
This movement is decorated in the ‘Côtes de Genève’ style, and five days of energy storage is achieved through two barrels. Customers who purchase this beautiful watch may also get personalized engraving.

At the center of the silver-plated dial is the ‘rotating power’, showing a circular brushed flange and the rotation of the minute hand. The hole at the nine o’clock position can see the entire adjustment mechanism rotating within one minute.
The hands are used as a symbol of time, and the rose gold matching the case adds a delicate and subtle feel. The alligator leather strap complements the personalized 18K rose gold buckle.
This new creation is limited to ten in volume, making the Renaissance collection even more powerful.
Source: Aerowatch SA

Chanel: Obedience To Life Is The Last Thing I Should Consider

Some people say that the first luxury item for girls should be Chanel. When it comes to Chanel, Ms. Chanel, the founder of this brand, has to be mentioned. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, born in Saumur, France, in 1883. French fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. She has become one of the important figures in the fashion industry in the 20th century with modernist views, menswear style, and simple designs. She advocates a new ‘lifestyle’ that gives women freedom of movement without losing gentleness and elegance. Her influence on haute couture made her one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century by Time Magazine.

Love makes a career

   There is a relative side to this. Ms. Chanel’s childhood was unfortunate. After her mother died, she became an abandoned girl and her sisters were sent to the Obasin Monastery. But fortunately at the same time, it was in Obasi that she discovered her talent for craftsmanship. Teresa Momo said to Coco: ‘Maybe one day, you can become a tailor and open your own shop.’ Chanel may not have thought so much at that time, but Teresa Momo said in her heart. A seed was planted, and it also pointed out a direction for her future.
   It is love that has made Ms. Chanel’s career. While singing in Murang’s pub, Ms. Chanel met her first lover, Bassan. When she was poor and embarrassed, Basang appeared like a savior, calling her ‘cocoa’ affectionately, giving her hope and the beginning of her career. So far, this looks like a beautiful story of the prince and Cinderella. But how could Coco Chanel be willing to be a Cinderella? Maybe it was the life under the fence that made Coco feel insecure. Even if Basang gave her a life of abundance, she was still vaguely worried about the future. She doesn’t want to be a canary in a cage. She wants to get rid of this secular position on women and break free from fate.
   When Coco Meng came up with the idea of ​​opening a hat shop, Boye appeared, and at this time, the relationship between Coco and Basang was tense. If Basang is the savior of cocoa material life, then Boyi is definitely a savior who has both material and spiritual. Boyi and Coco are to some extent the same. They both have ambitions and desire a sense of accomplishment, which is unparalleled by laissez-faire Bassan. In front of Boyi, Coco can open up, talk about her unfortunate childhood, tell her wish to open a hat shop, and open up all her own possessions just like opening a one-touch family treasure. Coco’s inner world is illuminated by the appearance of Boy.
   With the help of Boye, Coco’s hat shop was successfully opened. She boldly abandoned the popular gorgeous style, brought a refreshing feeling to people with a simple style, and quickly spread. This is the origin of her career, and slowly gradually expanded from hats to clothing, perfume, jewelry and other fields. Chanel’s name is gradually becoming known.

Chanel’s first watch Premiere

   In October 1987, Chanel launched the first watch Première, which was inspired by the N ° 5 perfume bottle cap and the octagonal outline of Paris Fontaine Square, perfectly interpreting the essence of Chanel style. This women’s Chanel watch is not just a simple replica of a men’s watch, it completely subverts the traditional watch design principles. She carries the interpretation of time by Ms. Chanel, a simple and neat appearance, no complicated decoration, set off a variety of women, let time pass by calmly.

Simplicity is true elegance

   Ms. Chanel follows the simple principle in her design. She believes that less is more. When a woman is dressed appropriately, she is closest to being naked. People should see her first, and then see her clothes. Chanel-designed clothing abandons the previous narrow skirt and excessive decoration, and constantly strives for excellence in fabrics, design and production. She created simple and luxurious little black dresses, which gave women a new freedom and showed a different feminine beauty, which quickly caused a sensation in the fashion industry. In the shock, puzzlement and protest of people, the little black dress became the top sales of all cocoa designs, consolidating her position in the fashion field. The Chanel suit has gained the vitality of lasting evergreen, and has become a classic design that many designers still follow today.

Chanel BOY • FRIEND series H4886 watch
   In the design of Chanel watches, it also maintains a simple style. Like the Première series, this watch has an octagonal design, reminiscent of N ° 5 perfume and Paris Fontaine Square. The ivory guilloché dial with a champagne bezel and a black strap is bright in color and unique in simplicity.

   Camellia and pentagram are everywhere in Chanel’s designs. These inspirations came from her life in the monastery as a teenager. Camellia is a symbol of sacred order. Ms. Chanel transformed the fragile, ephemeral camellia into a part of her creation, which made it eternal. The pentagram was seen by Chanel in the corridor of the monastery. ‘5’ is a sacred number, which is the perfect embodiment of God’s creation: wind, earth, fire, water, spirit, anything that can be seen around All contain these five elements. At this point, the pentagram was also widely used in subsequent designs.

Chanel Premier Camellia Skeleton Watch
   The Chanel Première Camellia skeleton watch, which was awarded the “Best Women’s Watch” by the GPHG, has a geometrically skeletonized structure that exquisitely sculpts the smart elegance of the camellia. Explains another classic element of the brand.

   The black dial and black strap look deep and heavy. A five-pointed star is designed on the dial to neutralize the deep part, highlighting the playful and cute. In French, ‘MADEMOISELLE’ and ‘PRIVE’ stand for ‘Lady’ and ‘Exclusive’ respectively. The watch names in this series reflect ‘feminine beauty’ and ‘uniqueness’.

Marry work

   Ms. Chanel has countless lovers in her life, but never married. I believe she has love. Regarding the double C mark of the Chanel brand, there is a saying that it is an abbreviation of the surnames of Coco and Boy. When Boye was alive, Ms. Chanel had never thought about marrying him. After Boye’s death, Chanel’s heart also died. If you can’t marry love, marry a job. Chanel’s sister once asked her, ‘Do you want to get married? This is our mission.’ Chanel said angrily, ‘Whoever arranged for our mission, I’m married, I’m married to work.’ She tried her best. Putting into work, I hope to take off the women’s corsets, but still can’t unlock the yoke of their minds. The women’s minds still do not go beyond marriage and children, and then cook sausages for a lifetime.
   Ms. Chanel’s struggle against women’s status and destiny was advanced at the time and even now. She told us from her own experience that for women, sometimes the best luxury products are not necessarily visible. It is those who are not known to outsiders about their own grasp and struggle against fate.