Wear Old-fashioned Military Attitude Hamilton Hamilton Khaki Field Army Watch

HAMILTON Hamilton is famous for military modeling of Khaki Aviation, Khaki Field, Khaki Navy series. The advanced functions, novel materials and brand-new movements of each watch are by no means imagined. The brand supplied watches, timepieces, timers, and precision instruments to the US military during World War II. In 1942, Hamilton suspended production of all consumer products in order to mass produce watches for the army. Between 1942 and 1945, Hamilton produced more than one million watches.

Hamilton provided watches to the U.S. military as early as during World War II. The experience of making military watches is very rich and has become an important nutrient for watchmaking today.

Since 1945, Hamilton still maintains a close relationship with the military, often adopting the opinions of soldiers, improving his watches and creating new timepieces that can meet the test of modern life. Hamilton is currently working with the world’s top military flight teams and military academies to continue to develop the representative Khaki series in the future.

The Khaki Field series is derived from military watches in the 1940s. The rough retro design with a bit of elegance ensures clear reading time.

The Khaki Field watch to be seen this time inherits the military watch tradition produced by Hamilton for the U.S. Army in the 1940s. It is famous for its rough appearance and bold Hamilton design, but It is a perfect combination without losing its elegance.

The 38mm diameter of the watch paired with the bracelet movement, beige luminous paint and NATO strap has the taste of the old antique watch, which is quite suitable for the nostalgic appetite of the market today.

Today, this 38mm diameter matte stainless steel case style has a large three-pin dial, a dark luminous dial with bright luminous numerals, and hour and minute scales. The durable ‘NATO’ NATO military Strap: The new khaki field-wound mechanical watch faithfully reproduces the prototype of the 1940s, following Hamilton’s military heritage. The watch is an original military watch inspired by military traditions and designed to be durable.

Khaki Field Three-Hand Watch

Stainless steel material / Manual winding movement / Hour, minute and second display / Sapphire crystal mirror / Water-resistant 50 meters / Diameter 38mm / Reference price: 3,300 RMB

Taste Piaget Charm Life – Limelight Gala Jewelry Watch

The 1960s was a golden age filled with whimsy. Piaget, the pioneer of the era, created an elegant jewelry watch for women at the time. So Piaget inspired the soul of this aspiring age, launched the new Limelight Gala jewelry watch, and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark.

Shining contemporary style
The Piaget Limelight Gala collection upholds the brand’s proud design and exquisite details, which has become a pivotal work in Piaget jewelry watches. The unique and elegant lugs come from another unique collection of Piaget. The Piaget Limelight Gala series can make women’s wrists brighter and show their unique personality.

The unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other perfectly, revealing a unique personality that shines in fashion. At the crossroads of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again gave the classic watches of the 1960s creativity and vitality, which explained the timeless charm of time. At the same time, Piaget also found the most suitable interpretation for his works-Gong Li, the global brand spokesperson, she is the era of beauty and the perfect expression of female charm. The blockbusters performed by Limelight Gala and Gong Li fully show each other The ultimate feminine charm and brilliance.

Bright and moving, full of business, sexy and charming, these three adjectives perfectly fit the Piaget Limelight Gala series. It releases time from the straight path we are accustomed to, and migrates into a curve curve of a completely female. Two elegantly extended lugs round out the round case, and the natural and sexy curve is caused by a small single row Beautiful diamonds are more prominent. The simple, low-key dial shines with extreme contemporary femininity, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite silk strap.

Piaget’s new creation of the Limelight Gala series of jewellery watches has been developed and produced by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops from concept sketching and design all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case. A top watch brand that excels in all-round watchmaking is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. Loyal to Piaget’s brand heritage, all watchmakers are passionately dedicated to interpreting Piaget style and personally confirm the original character of Piaget Limelight Gala jewelry watches. It is the inheritance of the style of the 1960s, and it is undoubtedly a signature of contemporary fashion based on absolute feminine charm, leaving its unique mark in the streamer.