The Brand’s Incredible But Logical Things

Watch circles and the same type of technology industry share common features, but they seem extremely unique in some ways! Probably since the invention of clocks by mankind, it has been dubbed the ‘luxury’. So in an era when there was no brand marketing, word of mouth put the clock on a high-end label.

 Today, any brand that can be said is also going all the way up the road. When the watch industry wants to extend its tentacles to other industries, whether it is a brand name, media advertising, or even a magazine column, What must be considered must be the correlation between this industry and consumers of high-end watches. In simple terms, what people who buy watches care about, so in the end, the brand joint names are some expensive sports events. The advertisements received by the media are imported cars, whiskeys and real estate. The relevant units opened by the magazine are high-end cuisine and overseas travel. If these are the things that people who buy watches care about, conversely put these things together. In my opinion, the image of the watch buyer is a little simple.

 Of course, what I want to tell you today is not these common tricks. It seems that in the current context where there are only strange things that can help the world, watch brands have also smelled such unstoppable influence and started a seemingly nonsense. Big competition. The following text is just from personal feelings, and those who don’t like it can detour.

 When I first heard that the “Little Prince” teamed up with IWC, I didn’t think that it was the little prince who talked about the story, but thought that the tall and little prince of a certain country, but it turned out that I was still wrong! IWC introduced the latest generation of the Little Prince commemorative model at last year’s WW watch exhibition.

 To be honest, I didn’t expect it to have such a big influence at the beginning of the hearing. This generation of commemorative models mainly refers to perpetual calendar models. Everyone’s evaluation of him is that it is considered to be the best model of all generations. Therefore, it has become one of the most favorite watches of many people. Personally, I only came into contact with the fairy tale ‘Little Prince’ in junior high school. Although I can’t represent most people, it is definitely a representative of the typical 1980s in the Mainland. When I was young, my understanding of fairy tales was limited to Grimm’s fairy tales. And Andersen’s fairy tales did not leave much deep marks on high-level fairy tales like the Little Prince in the same year.

 From this point of view, our parents’ knowledge of the little prince is more negligible, but this is only the cultural background and division of some areas. People who may know a little bit know that The Little Prince is the writer Anthony de Saint-Erène. The famous French children’s literature short story written by Xupery in 1942. So far, his reading volume is one of the only books in the world after the Bible, which can show its potential huge market value. Brands are used as a cut-in. Whether they like it or not, to a certain extent, this is considered to popularize the collective subconsciousness of the audience, so it is basically advantageous in marketing.

 However, as a region with low awareness, such as the region represented by me, the brand has also done a lot of marketing. The trick is not new, it just works. Therefore, the brand also found that the father and son of a personal reality show show fire at the time as the best promotion of this watch, suddenly opened the door to the market. This should be regarded as a combination of what seems unexpected and actual!

 What I want to tell you next is actually not new, but it still has a stunning effect. In 2013, Swiss luxury watch brand Franc Muller presented a tailor-made watch to Uncle Bird. The dial of this watch is a comic style of PSY riding a horse, and the case is set with more than 500 diamonds.

 Frank Muller is listed as a high-end watch in the watch market, and the price is often 100,000, so it is prohibitive for many people. But when this watch made for Uncle Bird just came out, it was really an uproar. Many people said that this was a fake watch. According to Frank Muller’s routine, there would be no such world. But reality once again proved that we were wrong again!

 It is reported that Franck Muller, the founder of the famous Swiss watch brand Franck Muller, had lunch with PSY at a western restaurant located in Gangnam, Seoul. During the period, Franck Muller gave PSY a specially designed ‘horse dance’ watch. PSY received a watch designed by the founder of Famulan and expressed his excitement on the spot. Called himself ‘unusually significant.’

 The watch presented to PSY by Franck Muller belongs to the most representative Cintre Curvex series of Franck Muller. The French company said: ‘To commemorate the extraordinary achievements of PSY in the world, Frank Muller specially crafted a unique watch for him in the world. The design style of this watch belongs to the Cintre Curvex series. Its case is embellished with 500 diamonds. In addition, the black numerals on the right side of the PSY comic-shaped dial are also inlaid with more than 60 diamonds.

 There are so many surprises. A globally popular horse riding dance has uncle Bird printed on the dial of Frank Muller, which sounds really incredible. But as I said just now, because of the differences between regions and regions, we understand things from very different perspectives. Most people in my camp feel that it is very low to print a pop singer on a high-end watch. This deep-rooted concept may be derived from the fact that Franck Muller watches are not affordable, but Everyone can sing and dance. It is this strong sense of gap that makes it difficult for some people to accept this fact. Of course, a friend beside me also said another point, that is, even the front-line big names around us are used as spokespersons in various public places or the image of food packaging is always awful, so it’s decided We will have the inherent concept that as long as it is printed on the product, both the product and the star will be very low.

 As mentioned above, tricks are no longer new, and it is the last word to use them all the time. Due to the world popularity of Uncle Bird, Frank Muller felt that this cooperation was not a loss. You can think about how many people know this watch brand and how many people know Uncle Bird, so it seems that this cross-border is reasonable again!

  If it is to say that the most frustrating brand in the watch industry, I think it must be Hublot. All kinds of famous events and new products can’t get on the bridge without it. From all aspects of clothing, food, shelter and transportation, as long as he wants to do, he can find a reasonable and reasonable name.

  I still remember that around 2012, Hublot launched a watch for a famous hotel. The new watch is characterized by bright yellow elements, and the hour markers, hours and dials in the dial are all beautiful yellow. The case is 48 mm in diameter and is made of titanium. Water-resistant to 4,000 meters. Date display at 3 o’clock. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal with a thickness of 6.5 mm.

 In fact, it’s no wonder that the brand has nothing to do with everything, but is it a bit too arbitrary for the brand to simply categorize consumers? The people who buy watches are all really Bentley, drink Johnny Walker Oldest, and sit in their mansion Did you watch F1 broadcast on an oversized TV? I think part of it, and I think there is nothing wrong with it. It is a good thing to improve the quality of life if you can do it (but if Bentley and the toilet at home are gilded, it is another thing), but Do the people who buy watches really care about these things? I think some of them also like to read novels, listen to rock music, and make warship models; this example is not to say that reading and listening to rock music is more cultural, driving famous cars and drinking whiskey are local tyrants and bad gents, but want to discuss People who buy watches also have their versatility.

 The watch that I said at home should have attracted much attention in the near future. The original intention of the product design is still relatively unpopular! Breitling’s famous Emergency watch, his most powerful part is that when you are in deep trouble and no one is helping you, this watch may be able to save your life.

 Just last year at the Basel Watch Fair, the brand launched EmergencyII, which is the previous upgraded version. The reason for mentioning this watch in this topic today is that I think the brand must have more gimmicks than content when designing this watch. If I bought this watch, I may not necessarily use it, because it is still difficult to operate. If I can really skillfully use this help-seeking skill, then the organization that received my signal will not necessarily come to rescue, and in many places, this watch may not emit a signal. Probably the most tedious point is that once I use this emergency help function, the watch will be returned to the factory, and I can’t restore it to the original!

 Such a tedious operation requires the right time and the right person to be able to bring out the functions of the watch, so Emergency was still little known at the beginning. Until the Malaysia Airlines incident in 2014, there was a saying in the bezel. If someone was wearing the watch on the plane at that time, maybe the plane could be found soon. With the increasing influence of this incident, people have gradually come to understand the powerful use of this watch.

 Breitling launches the world’s first Emergency II watch with built-in dual-frequency personal positioning beacon (PLB), equipped with a dual-frequency transmitter that meets the special requirements of the Cospas-Sarsat global satellite search and rescue system, which can simultaneously send a distress signal and Guide search and rescue missions.

 Followers of the Malaysia Airlines incident, we have been popularized by former people with aviation knowledge, maritime knowledge, and even current watch knowledge. We have to admit that sometimes coincidental event chain reactions always bring two effects. The unprecedented enthusiasm of the nationals for EmergencyII also seems to make the brand’s marketing with such a niche sensible.

 Having said so much, some people may not agree with me, which is reasonable. If the clocks are categorized as tall, it will not be a problem if they can be reached or not, as long as a reasonable statement is given. However, individuals still think that things are clustered together. People are grouped only in a very broad sense. In fact, more refinement can be made on this basis. In fact, as a brand today, it has realized this problem, so there are so many different things. Cross-border and gimmick. In short, don’t underestimate your customers, they are far more than you think.

Showing Elegant Charm Tasting Breguet Marie Dragon Series Power Reserve Watch

Boullet combines superb watchmaking technology and high-quality jewellery inlay technology. Through the power of tradition and innovation, the watch is more beautiful and the technology is perfect. Today’s Watch House brings you a Bucherer Marion Dragon Power Reserve watch, the official watch model: 00.10912.08.33.01.

   Malilong’s name comes from the Latin ‘manraria’ which means ‘to be controlled by hand’. Maliron PowerReserve watch, this watch introduced today is the watch launched by Bucherer at Baselworld 2015, the watch is equipped with Bucherer’s first self-made automatic movement.

Bucherer Marion Dragon Power Reserve 00.10912.08.33.01
   This watch is made of stainless steel and has an elegant shape, which is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement. The black dial uses a small three-hand design to display the time, and has a week display and a large calendar display, as well as a power reserve display. The watch comes with a black alligator strap. Watches are elegant and performant.

Polished round crown in stainless steel

   The crown of the watch is also made of stainless steel, and the round crown is decorated with pits on the side for easy adjustment when the function is adjusted. The crown is finely polished, rounded, rounded, and comfortable to touch.

Elegant and understated black strap for comfortable wearing

   The black strap of the watch is made of crocodile leather, and the edges are stitched with black stitching, which is elegant and delicate. The material of the strap is tough and comfortable to wear on the wrist. There is a pin buckle on the strap, which is easy to open and close, making it more convenient to wear.

The polished case is exceptionally delicate, reflecting a metallic sheen
   The watch’s stainless steel case has a diameter of 42.5 millimeters, and its large size reflects the true nature of men. The case is carefully brushed and polished, and the corners and the bezel are polished, which is polished finely and reflects the metallic brilliance, making the case more layered.

Elegant black dial design with clear display

   The black dial of the watch uses a small three-hand design, a central hand, and a small second at six o’clock; there is also a date display and a day display window on the dial, and a power reserve display. The dial display is clear and easy to read.

Small seconds dial is exquisite and smart, very cute
   The small dial at 6 o’clock is smart and exquisite. The center of the dial is equipped with a small second hand. The outer edge uses white scales and Arabic numerals.

The date display and day of the week display window can be said to bring great convenience to life

   There are two windows on the dial, which are the date display window and the week display window. The date display is displayed in the form of a large calendar and Arabic numerals, and the day display is displayed in English abbreviations. The two displays are clear and clear.

Power reserve display reminds wearer to wind time

   The semi-circular dial at three o’clock is the watch’s power reserve indicator, which is indicated by a hand and red and white matching scales. The wearer can wind the watch movement based on the power reserve indicator.

Lugs are round and smooth, elegant and exquisite

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece for smooth and natural connection. The lugs treated in the same way as the case are smooth, round and comfortable to the touch; the slightly curved design makes the watch fit more closely to the wrist when worn.

Automatic mechanical movement polished, precise and delicate

   The watch uses a translucent case back, through which the CFB A1011 automatic mechanical movement can be seen through the transparent mirror. This movement is the first automatic mechanical movement of Bucherer. When the movement is full, the watch provides a power reserve of 55 hours. The movement parts are carefully polished to make them exquisite, making the movement more precise.

 Summary: This watch is made of stainless steel with a black dial and strap, which is low-key and restrained; the function of the watch is practical and clear, which is a great help in life. The elegant and fashionable style of the watch, worn on the wrist, not only highlights the wearer’s extraordinary elegance, but also reflects his personal elegance.

Pol Single Button Chronograph Stopwatch And Automatic Chronograph Stopwatch With Time Display Adjustment Method

Boer Single Button Chronograph Stopwatch
Model: applicable to CM1032, CM1038
Please refer to the basic description of the ‘Automatic Stopwatch Series’ above, and the following description. Button [P1] at 2 o’clock: ‘Start / Stop’ of timer and ‘Return to zero’ of timer.
[P1]. The top control ‘Start / Stop / Recall to Zero’ button This button allows you to control all chronograph functions. Press once to start the central chronograph second hand. Press the second time to stop all chronograph hands, and press the third time to return the chronograph hands to zero.

Boul automatic stopwatch with time display
Model: Suitable for DC2036
Please refer to the basic description of the ‘Automatic Stopwatch Series’ above, and the following description.
1. Date setting:
Twist the crown and pull it out to position [1], and turn the crown clockwise to adjust the date. In order to avoid damage to the ‘conversion date mechanism’, we recommend that you do not manually adjust the date between 9 pm and 3 am, and please ensure that the date conversion is performed at midnight and not at noon.
2. Set the time in the second time zone:
Twist the crown and pull it out to position [1], and turn the crown counterclockwise until it is adjusted to the correct time in the second time zone. Turn the hands of the second time zone hour by hour at a slow speed to avoid damage to the movement during the adjustment process.
3. Set the local time:
Twist the crown and pull it out to position [2], and turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise.

Hamilton New Khaki Pilot Pilot’s Watch

Hamilton has been studying technology and craftsmanship since 1919 and has successfully developed a variety of pilot timepieces. In 2013, the brand launched another eye-catching new work, combining the tradition of innovation with new technology to present the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono watch.

This Swiss-made automatic chronograph is sturdy and magnificent, at the same time exuding gorgeous nobility, praising the adventurous spirit of advocating freedom. Pilot watches are equally popular on airport runways and fashion flyovers, and Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono will succeed in capturing men’s hearts and letting them enter the dynamic world of fashion.

Dream Timepiece
The pilot’s watch carries the dream of soaring into the sky, which is exactly its charm. The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono watch combines both pleasing design and practical functions, fully expressing human flight dreams and stable and reliable performance since ancient times. The inspiration for this watch inspired the brand’s timepieces developed for the Royal Air Force in the 1970s. The designers chose simple styles to highlight the unique materials and simple timing functions of the new model. The number on the surface is particularly large for easy viewing. The time scale is equipped with a luminous coating to ensure clarity even when the light is dim. The tough black surface is lined with white time scale and the ivory white surface is equipped with black time scale. The combination is fashionable and eye-catching. The sandblasted elements of the case evoke memories of classic flight timepieces and prevent sunlight reflections inside and outside the cockpit from interfering with sight. The brand has prepared a variety of fashion combinations for active aviation watch fans. The straps are available in stainless steel, black leather, and a variety of fabrics, including khaki green cloth straps with a taste of military uniforms.

Open up a new realm of technology and fashion
Hamilton has always been the timepiece of choice for aviation heroes. Customers include General Bayer wearing the Hamilton 992 on the wrist in the 1920s and the aerobatic champion and Hamilton celebrity ambassador Ivanov. Today, flight enthusiasts and flight enthusiasts pay more attention to the performance of flight timepieces. Watches can’t just win their favor by their beautiful appearance. The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono is equipped with the newly developed H-31 movement, which is based on the Valjoux 7753 movement. Its accuracy and stability are unparalleled, and it has a powerful power reserve. The asymmetrical case has a safety crown and buttons, and the surface is like the original version of the 1970s with a sapphire crystal arched mirror. This timepiece is sure to become the darling of aviation and fashion enthusiasts, whether you need a watch that can be reliably timed at high altitude, or a stylish watch with your aircraft jacket, pilot sunglasses or military uniform, Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono will take you to the skies.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono profile
Case size: Ø 41 mm
Material: Frosted and smooth stainless steel / sandblasted stainless steel, both with see-through bottom cover
Surface tone: coarse black or ivory white; luminous coated hour markers
Strap: Three rows of stainless steel matte and glossy straps, black leather or black or khaki green cloth strap
Movement: H-31 automatic chronograph movement with up to 60 hours power reserve
Crystal: Non-reflective coated sapphire crystal
Water resistance: 10 bar (100 meters)