Beauty Tradition Series Handed Down Watches

In 2005, Breguet launched the Tradition 7027 watch, the first modern timepiece to show the mechanical structure of the movement’s base plate from the front. A unique piece in the history of watchmaking and a symbol of Breguet’s originality, this iconic Tradition 7027 design is back to a two-tone version.

   The famous movement 507DR mounted on both sides of the main splint is fully visible on the front of the watch. The smoky-grey movement in the rose gold case highlights the bridge and the stem, especially the escapement equipped with a steel ‘pare-chute’ suspension. This famous old suspension is also chamfered. The calibre is treated with a smoky gray surface. This optimized electroplating process uses precious metals in the platinum category. Its color is deeper than the ruthenium, which watchmakers have always loved. The revolutionary modification allows the visual contrast between the smoky gray movement and the rose gold case to add a fresh and modern feel to the watch, especially the time display on the glossy black dial at the eccentric 12 o’clock position. Tradition 7027 is also available in a rose gold case with a rose gold main plate, bridge and stem, or a white gold case with a new smoky-grey movement.

   The Breguet Tradition 7037 is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement on both sides of the main board. The front of the movement is engraved with complex devices and flyback seconds. In addition, the watchmaker also assembled the most advanced technology for the twisted leaf spring wire of the 18th century and successfully created a brand-new patented device, paying tribute to Breguet’s pare-chute shock absorber specially developed to protect the hairspring.

   The Tradition 7037 is equipped with an oversized 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold case. The shape is subtle and simple. With the perspective design and sharp contrast, even the thin components stand out. The gold suspension provides a nostalgic feel, while the sandblasted finish brings a stylish touch. Sand blasting requires consistent stability, and few artisans are skilled in this process. Finally, the classic ‘Clou de Paris’ carvings are carved by hand with an engraving machine, making the side surface at 12 o’clock more pleasing to the eye, and the perfectly symmetrical bridges make the overall design more balanced and balanced.

   The Breguet Tradition 7047 is the first multi-function watch in the Tradition series. The super-complex watch ‘Grande Complication’ features a tourbillon, a sesame chain drive system and a Breguet balance spring made of silicon. Breguet’s existing gold and platinum models. Its unique design fully complies with the rich imagination of the Tradition series.

   The Tradition 7047 watch has a striking tower-shaped tourbillon device, equipped with a precision manual winding Breguet 569 movement, and its power reserve device will be patented. Opposite the dial at 10 o’clock, there is a unique differential speed reduction structure that allows the power reserve to be displayed on the mainspring drum, while the watch is large enough to accommodate two independent mainsprings. Its Breguet titanium balance was patented in 2004. The tower gear transmission system enhances the stability of the speed, ensuring that the movement can always maintain a stable connection speed regardless of the winding degree of the mainspring.

   The dial is set at 7:30 and is decorated with Paris studs, with traditional Roman numerals and classic Paris studs. Perspective, contrast and relief present flawless aesthetic standards, bringing vitality to every part and component of the watch. The rounded crystal surface shows its highly polished flanges and reinforces all levels of the surface. This masterpiece is produced by a few senior professional masters, and its sandblasted finish adds contemporary elements to the watch. The ends of the dial are equipped with symmetrical ears, forming a perfect visual balance, reflecting the rare watchmaking skills of this revolutionary series.

   For Breguet, tradition and innovation coexist. Breguet’s Tradition series embodies Breguet’s dreamy collection of regaining tradition and future vision. In 2011, the Tradition series launched a new Tradition series 7057 watch with a diameter of 40 mm. The design of both sides of the main plate of the watch broke the tradition and showed the nuances of the manual winding movement. The hand-engraved silver-plated gold dial at 10 o’clock shows a 50-hour power reserve through a window. Sandblasting and symmetrical splints make the watch’s overall structure subtle and understated, clearly contrasting the various gears of the movement and the pare-chut anti-vibration device. Pare-chut is a shockproof device invented by Breguet in 1790.

   The Tradition series 7057 watches come in three different styles. One with 18K rose gold case and 507DR movement with rose gold plating process, and the other two with 18K white gold or rose gold case with a matte gray NAC processing movement. This type of surface treatment can form a carbon gray platinum group precious metal alloy precipitate by electroplating. Each of the three styles highlights the technical architecture of this micromechanical masterpiece in a unique way, either in an ultra-modern or more traditional form; in fact, its production method is unique because The arrangement of both sides of the center plate can reveal almost all components-splints, gears, escapements and the famous ‘old-fashioned’ hand-cut steel pare-chute suspension.

   Since Breguet launched the first Breguet Tradition 7027 model with the movement structure on the surface in 2005, the Traditon series has become one of the most iconic masterpieces of the brand. The Breguet Tradition 7067 watch inherits the bold and avant-garde design style, and its ingenious mechanical main structure has an unobstructed view on the surface, which is truly amazing. Convenient operation is more elegant; the eccentric faceplate at 12 o’clock is displayed in the second time zone, which can be quickly adjusted by the 10 o’clock button on the front side, and the second engraved pattern faceplate is at 8 o’clock. The clock orientation is the standard time zone, while the 10 o’clock direction is a day / night indicator with silver and black intertwined.

   Regardless of its additional functions, this Tradition time is loyal to the originality of the series, using a coal-grey movement, highlighting the unique eye-catching balance wheel at 4 o’clock. The Breguet hairspring and the inverted linear lever escapement that improve the tail curve are made of silicon. These are derived from Breguet’s technological inventions, which have improved the movement’s excellent stability and accuracy. 18K rose or white gold case, 40 mm in diameter, with manual winding movement, 50-hour power reserve. This is the first Tradition model with a power reserve indicator on the case back. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can also enjoy the details of some of the movements that are often hidden.

   A perfect interpretation of tradition and avant-garde, the Tradition 7067 watch brings the classic characteristics of Breguet to the fore: fine coin-shaped bezel, needle-cut Breguet blue-steel hands, welded lugs, and engraved surface With its independent number and Breguet covert signature. This artwork with both technological innovation and original style symbolizes the return of the brand to tradition, and also represents the brand’s firm forward-looking vision. It is the top masterpiece of fine watchmaking.

   The Breguet Tradition series has been the object of imitation of other brands, but very few works can really compete with it. Over the years, the family members of this series have continued to grow, and this year has ushered in a new work-Tradition7097 retrograde small seconds watch. This new work is inspired by ‘subscription watches’ and ‘subscription watches’, reminiscent of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s first single-handed pocket watch in 1796. The difference is that those pocket watches are equipped with extremely simple movements. Mr. Breguet also made the first touch watch using these ‘order’ movements.

  The Tradition7097 retrograde small seconds watch clearly reveals the mechanical components such as the bridge, gears, escapement, and barrel that were originally hidden under the dial bottom plate. pay tribute. Neat decorative details and symmetrical bridge structure enhance the watch’s balanced visual effect. The bridge and bottom cover are specially decorated. This decoration process requires extremely precise technology and perfect operation to ensure that all details are harmonious and unified. The gold automatic model borrowed from the movement style of that period, and the hand-crafted engraved flower stud pattern set off the gold-plated silver dial at the eccentric position at 12. This dial also appeared in the touch watch made by Mr. Bao Di from 1799.

   The new product uses Breguet’s blue steel hollow ring hands to display the hours and minutes, and the retrograde second hand at 10 o’clock to display the seconds. Breguet’s watchmakers also use frosted semi-circular retrograde seconds scales to ensure that the other display readings on the dial are clearer. To maintain design symmetry, the pare-chute suspension is located at 4 o’clock. Of course, in the application of cutting-edge technology, this new 40 mm case is equipped with a reverse linear lever escapement, silicon pawl, and a silicon curvilinear Breguet spring with a curved end to achieve a stable swing rate.

  The Tradition7097 retrograde small seconds watch is a perfect example of technology and aesthetics. It is also another successful innovation of the Breguet brand to modernize historical models. The simple and low-key shape demonstrates Breguet’s long tradition, and the application of advanced technology has allowed us to see the Breguet brand’s firm steps to innovate and open up the future.

Grand Seiko Lifts The Watch Sports Precision Whirlwind: Spring Drive Sbga391 And Sbge245 Sports Limited Edition Grand Debut

Japan’s top watch brand, GrandSeiko, has always been a representative of high-quality watches and clocks, and has continuously created pioneering works in watchmaking technology that can shake the watch industry. Since the announcement of brand independence in 2017, GrandSeiko has actively opened the door to the new world, not only emphasizing the brand personality and expanding the multi-faceted design, but also full of topical innovative designs and cross-border cooperation. Offensive mainstream watch market.

GrandSeikoSpringDriveGMTSBGE245 stainless steel case, 44 mm diameter, GMT, date display, power reserve display, fast time zone adjustment, 9R66 SpringDrive GMT movement, 72-hour power reserve, 30 stone, average day difference ± 1 second, double-arc sapphire crystal mirror surface (inside Anti-glare coating), lockable crown, screw-in back cover, two-way rotating bezel, 20 bar water resistance, with replaceable silicone strap, limited to 600 pieces worldwide.
 This year can be said to be a great year for GrandSeiko. In addition to the 20th anniversary of the 9S movement and the 25th anniversary of the 9F movement, a number of commemorative limited edition models are listed. The 9R movement equipped with SpringDrive is also taking advantage. GrandSeiko senior designer-Kubo Shinichiro’s sports watch, through Kubo’s interpretation of ‘power’, makes its models naturally blend with the modern rigid appearance of the SpringDrive hands naturally sliding.

Seiko Design Division Chief Designer Kubo Shinichiro.
Inspired by the natural beauty of the birthplace of the SpringDrive movement
 With the change of consumption trends, consumers value the value of watches not only limited to daily wear, but also pay more attention to sports watches with practicality and functionality. GrandSeiko is aware of this demand, and has continued to design and develop sports watches in recent years. Adhering to the essence of GrandSeiko’s ‘precision’, ‘high-quality’ and ‘easy to understand’, Kubo Shinichiro, who has been the designer of GrandSeiko since 2003, has invested a lot of effort in the design of sports watches, as in the design of GrandSeiko For a diving watch, I went to Okinawa to experience diving for this purpose, turning every function that divers pay attention to into design elements, and fully showing the importance that GrandSeiko attaches to the design of watches.

GrandSeikoSpringDriveSBGA391 stainless steel case, 44.2 mm diameter, date display, power reserve display, 9R65SpringDrive movement, 72-hour power reserve, 30 stones, average day difference ± 1 second, double-arc sapphire crystal mirror (anti-glare coating on the inner surface), can be Lockable crown, screw-in back cover, unidirectional rotating bezel, 20-bar water-resistant diving watch, limited to 200 pieces worldwide.
 The Asian limited edition SBGA391 equipped with 9R65 SpringDrive movement was released by Kubo Shinichiro this time. In addition to incorporating the sense of power especially emphasized by sports watches in the design, the design inspiration of the faceplate is derived from the birthplace of SpringDrive movement. The Asi Valley in Nagano Prefecture uses the special blue-green color of the Asi River as the main color. The diamond pattern embossed on the face plate is like the sparkling waves shining on the clear blue-green stream, and it displays different colors with the change of light and shadow. . In addition to the 200-meter diving watch function, the power reserve is also presented in 3 different blue colors.
Ocean-themed experience on the wrist
 The SBGE245, also designed by Kubo Ichiro, uses the theme of ‘ocean’ to transform the image of watching the beautiful dawn on the deck of a luxury passenger ship into a peach-colored panel carved with slender radial lines, and the power reserve scale is as bright as possible The sunrise on the horizon is full of vitality. Equipped with SpringDriveGMT movement, with 24-hour graduated bi-directional rotating bezel coated with LUMIBRITE luminous paint, it can display 3 time zones at the same time. In order to strengthen the overall sports design image, in addition to the metal chain strap, a replaceable orange silicone strap is also provided, which means the light and shadow of morning and evening, echoing the unique face plate. The strap ring is also equipped with a ‘lion pattern’ Chapter ‘, achieving a full and bright design sense.

GrandSeikoSpringDriveGMTSBGE245 with rubber strap.
 In addition to the well-designed sporty appearance, the two models launched this time use a sliding travel design, which captures the flow of light in the sliding movement of the hands at a uniform speed, faithfully presenting the continuous, accurate, and silent characteristics of nature. It is not like a flat and regular ticking sound when a mechanical watch is in operation, nor is it a standard one-by-one vibration of a quartz watch. Perfectly show the time trajectory of almost hypnosis.
Exclusive process technology secures the 9R SpringDrive movement
 The continuous pursuit of innovation and progress, the development of watches that can operate continuously is the goal that GrandSeiko has been pursuing. In 2004, based on the original SpringDrive movement, GrandSeiko released the 9R65 SpringDrive movement, which has made great progress in terms of durability and durability. The operation also jumped from 48 hours of hand-powered models to 72 hours of automatic-winding power. paragraph.

GrandSeiko9R65SpringDrive movement
 The important soul of the 9R SpringDrive movement is a speed control mechanism called ‘three-energy regulator’, which uses three kinds of energy: electrical energy, mechanical energy and electromagnetic energy to adjust the speed of loosening the clockwork and establish the rule of pointer operation. The 9R SpringDrive movement is powered by the mainspring and uses the movement of the wrist as the power generated by the winding of the mainspring to start the integrated circuit (IC) and the quartz oscillator to generate electricity. At the same time, the integrated circuit (IC) compares the quartz oscillator with the transmission Signal and the speed of the magnetic car, when the speed of the magnetic car is too fast, it will intermittently apply electromagnetic braking force to precisely control the speed of the gear to ensure the precise operation of the pointer. Combining the high torque of the mechanical movement with the high-precision integrated circuit control system of the electronic watch, the 9RSpringDrive movement can simultaneously have the functions of automatic, high torque and high accuracy, which is a major process in dominating the watch industry. Results.

SpringDrive has the same power source as the mechanical movement and the accuracy of the quartz movement. It uses the power of the clockwork to rotate the magnetic car. The magnetic car and the coil can bring power to start the IC and the quartz oscillator; the quartz oscillator will vibrate the frequency signal. Sent to the IC, so that the IC adjusts the speed of the magnetic car with reference to the signal of the quartz oscillator to maintain accurate travel time.
Over the years, GrandSeiko has achieved glory today
 After many years of polishing, GrandSeiko will eventually emerge after independence. Adhering to the consistent spirit of staff and the heritage of GrandSeiko’s professional staff, GrandSeiko will move forward in the direction of more innovation and create more amazing models. With a new attitude, watch with watch fans to belong to GrandSeiko. The glory of the times.