Nomos Zurich Blaugold Men’s Watch Full Show Classic

The famous artist Yves Klein from Glashütte once said: ‘Blue is the typical color of paradise.’ It can stimulate creativity and thinking. What about blue gold? It also has the same characteristics: the dark blue that never fades, also known as royal blue, Paris blue, French blue, Prussian blue or ink blue. Zurich blaugold is the first of two new watches produced by NOMOS; the optical quality of gold is reflected in the (almost complementary color) blue, which is also an indispensable color for men’s watches in 2012 .

At the same time, NOMOS ‘new Zurich series watches will also become timeless classics. Glashütte is a polishing technique used by watchmakers in the Ore Mountains to decorate the blue-gold dial of this special men’s watch. The elegant stainless steel case and ideal radian design are from the hands of Zurich’s famous designer Hannes Wettstein. The slender bezel and clear and easy-to-read dial complement each other, with faceted hands and three-dimensional hour markers on the dial. This new watch is bound to be a favorite choice. The Zurich blaugold watch is equipped with the NOMOS automatic movement Epsilon, which is accurate and efficient, has a strong power reserve capacity, and is produced by the brand’s watchmaking workshop in Glashütte. The blaugold watch will be officially launched at another NOMOS dealership this spring with another golden brown watch of the same series.

Bagper Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Recommended Table

Blancpain Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day recommended Villeret self-winding ultra-thin watch
Every man and woman in the world hopes to feel the most beautiful emotions in the warmth of love; each pair of men and women immersed in love feels the beauty of life with appreciation, tolerance, compassion and love in a generous emotion. Flashing joyous moment. On the Valentine’s Day in the midsummer of 2012, Blancpain saved a piece of blue starry sky, condensed between the wrists, and stored the timeless truth in the Villeret self-winding ultra-thin watch, so that the hot and smart emotions are on each other’s wrist Between extensions.
PaBlancpain’s Villeret series has always been known for its subtle elegance. The two newly launched ultra-thin men’s and women’s watches are among the most representative of this series. Among them, the men’s ultra-thin watch numbered 6223-1529-55A has a flawless appearance, simple and simple lines, and a light and thin body, which brings out the simple, powerful and simple beauty. This ultra-thin watch has a sapphire crystal glass case, 18K white gold case, diameter 38 mm, thickness 9.15 mm. The blue lacquered enamel dial is decorated with a delicate radiation-printed illusion surface, like a starry sky; equipped with Central second hand, calendar display window is set at three o’clock. What’s more worth mentioning is that this self-winding movement has a power reserve of 100 hours and consists of 210 parts. The thickness of the movement is only 3.25 mm.
Blancpain recommends Villeret self-winding ultra-thin watch for Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day
The ultra-thin women’s watch with the number 6102-1929-55A interprets this concise beauty beyond words. Every time the second hand jumps with a texture, it makes time walking unique. This women’s ultra-thin watch has an approximately 0.7 carat bezel set with diamonds in an 18K white gold case, with a diameter of 29.2 mm and a thickness of 8.7 mm. Echoing with the men’s watch, it adopts a blue lacquered enamel dial decorated with a slim radio-printed illusion design, a central second hand and a calendar display window set at three o’clock. The chic scale diamond design highlights a feminine femininity. This watch with 174 parts also has a thickness of 3.25 mm and a power reserve of 40 hours. In the expression of love, the wristwatch symbolizes time, but also represents memory. Therefore, the sophisticated watch has a permanent flavor in the expression of love. As time goes on constantly, the Villeret self-winding ultra-thin watch recommended by Blancpain will become the timeless starry sky cherished by men and women immersed in love, carrying moving parts that can’t be forgotten.

Founded Less Than 20 Years Ago, How Did Roger Dubuy’s High-puzzle Form It?

Since its establishment in 1995, it has been less than 20 years. Roger Dubuis is a relatively unfamiliar brand in the eyes of many people. How did such a young brand take less than 20 years? Regarding ‘history’ and ‘heritage’ as the foothold of the high-end watch industry?

  For high-end watch brands, ‘heritance’ is a clear lifeline. Whether it is watch culture, brand philosophy, or value evaluation, the word ‘heritage’ is inseparable. And there is more meaning behind the heritage, such as ‘family’ and ‘history’ these words with a strong sense of time. Jaeger-LeCoultre was born more than 180 years, Patek Philippe 175 years, and Earl 140 years. Compared to these historical achievements of light numbers, the brand can be said to be ‘thin’. So, how exactly does such a young man as young as 20 years old achieve a height?

The young watch industry has a promising ‘new power’

   Or we should start with style. Avant-garde appearance, cutting-edge technology, this is the first impression of Roger Dubuis. The oversized case, transparent case back, large crown, roman numerals, three-pointed lugs at the junction of the strap and the case, and the Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame are all Roger Dubuy’s unique signs.

Hommage Minute Repeat Tourbillon Automatic

   Each watch is aimed at the appetite of fashion tippers and watch collectors. Compared to other brands with a strong pen and ink history, Roger Dubuy knows his ‘short board’, it is too young, but It is this youth, this freedom that is not bound by history, that Roger Dubuis can let go of his creations. There is no classic watch in the history of the brand. What you can do is to put everything together to create a timeless classic.

Hommage double flying tourbillon hand-engraved watch

   In the spirit of newborn calves not afraid of tigers, Roger Dubuy has finally created a strong and distinctive style with cutting-edge fan, which can be easily identified even if you look at high-end watch brands. Soon after the birth of the brand, it became a shining star in the watch industry and found its place in the high-end watch industry.

The only brand in the world with the Geneva mark on all timepieces

  When it comes to high pressure, I have to mention Roger Dubuy’s most proud ‘honor’: it is the only brand in the world with all its timepieces engraved with the Geneva mark. Don’t underestimate this small imprint. The Geneva imprint is issued by the Geneva government. Only in the Geneva area is the mechanical movement of the watch fully manufactured, assembled and adjusted in accordance with the strict watchmaking quality requirements. Can get this official certification. In the field of watches and clocks, the Geneva mark symbolizes the guarantee of extreme quality, and almost all brands use this mark as the vane. Roger Dubuis’s ability to make every watch engraved with the Geneva Seal is the best proof of its high force.

A watchmaking rarity in the watch industry

  For watch brands, any “forcedness” without talking about technology is a waste of words. Roger Dubuy, who knows this, shakes out his ace: the key to complex watchmaking skills-the balance wheel. Gossamer, many brands advertise how great it is to be able to manufacture a movement independently, but once they are asked if they can produce the gossamer independently, most will pass it by. Because in the field of watchmaking, there are only a handful of watchmaking factories that can independently manufacture hairsprings. Roger Dubuis can do it. It can be seen at a high level. It can master the manufacturing process of hairsprings and achieve true self-made hairsprings. At this point, Roger Dubuis’s name was hung in the ranks of Breguet and Lange.

Did you know that Mr. Roger Dubuy is still contributing to the brand?

  There are no shortage of watchmakers in the watch industry, and watchmakers whose founders are still contributing to the brand are extremely rare. Mr Roger Dubuis is such a watchmaker. Prior to starting his own eponymous brand, Mr. Roger Dubuis spent 14 years in the complex movements department of a fine watchmaking factory in Geneva, and was very good at making complex movements. A founder and ‘soul master’ of high force, with complicated watchmaking skills, from perpetual calendar to three-question movement, naturally led a high force brand road.

Use ‘Limited’ to force a high force

Exclusive Limited Edition ‘Round Table Knight’ Store Limited to 28 pieces

   For Roger Dubuis, in order for each watch to have a noble and rare high-compulsory style, in addition to commercial considerations (selling expensive), it is also critical to establish brand positioning smartly and clearly. In order to establish this ‘sense of dignity’, Roger Dubuis uses limited quantities to ensure quality. All high-end precious precious metal complex mechanical watch models are limited to 28, and the latest dual flying tourbillon is limited to 20 (20th anniversary). The Hommage series is limited to 208. It is said that 208 is the academic number of Mr. Roger Dubuy during his studies, meaning Far-reaching.