Legend Of ‘drum Watch’ – The 10th Anniversary Of Louis Vuitton Tambour

The Tambour series is the iconic Louis Vuitton watch, and it is also Louis Vuitton’s debut in the field of fine watchmaking. ‘Tambour’ means ‘drum’ in French, or any barrel-shaped hollow cylinder. ‘Tambour’ can be translated as ‘drum watch’. Although a young watch series, the word ‘Tambour’ itself is not a new thing in the watch industry. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the French began to tell the time by drumming. At the beginning of the 16th century, German watchmakers invented a timing device with iron clockwork and escapement because of its shape. It is similar to drums in musical instruments, hence the name ‘Tambour’. As the world’s most recognized originator of portable timepieces, ‘Tambour’ surpassed the large and horizontal table clocks of the same period in terms of practicality and convenience, and soon became a curious German. And the French royal family aristocratic pursuit of objects. Limited Edition Women’s Speedy Twilight Jewellery Watch Limited Edition Women’s Speedy Twilight Jewellery Watch

In the realistic portrait painting (circa 1536) created by the famous German painter Hans Holbein for King Henry VIII, it is clear that Henry VIII wore a ‘Tambour (Drum watch) ‘, the hollow-out process on the case shows that it was made by German craftsmen. ‘Tambour’ can also be found in many professional watch museums and other 16th-century art and historical documents as a record of important coordinates in watch history.
Just as a Louis Vuitton suitcase is essentially a ‘space container’, a Louis Vuitton Tambour watch is also a ‘time container’. In 2002, Louis Vuitton officially entered the world of fine watchmaking, and launched the brand’s first watch series-Tambour. It shares the same name with the drum watch worn on the chests of European royals five hundred years ago, and the shape is exactly the same, and it perfectly interprets this vocabulary that has been reshaped because of the rise of watch culture.
Compared with the thin round watches commonly available on the market, the Tambour watch designed and manufactured by Louis Vuitton has a taller and thicker case, the sides are almost perpendicular to the bottom, and the raised plate is like a reduced version. Tambourine. Its structure is unique but not complicated. Except for the presbyopia pattern on the crown and the 12 letters of ‘LOUIS VUITTON’ engraved on the side of some cases, the Tambour series has almost no extra decorative elements. This also makes it look more holistic, like a delicate container, ‘hiding the mystery of time’. It can be said that the Tambour series is a meaningful modern watch created by Louis Vuitton’s focus on travel culture and the container itself. It has also become a striking mark of the brand in the field of high-end watches.
For the ethnic groups who are keen to travel or love the watch culture, the connotative drum shape of the Tambour series is what they would like to see. It clings to the wrist, elegant and full of presence, eye-catching but not exaggerated, calmly exuding a traditional light, making people aware of the inherent connection between clocks and wider time and space culture. At both ends of the case, the metal movable lugs are like the handles on a suitcase, which is firm and flexible, while providing a comfortable wearing experience, it also arouses people’s desire for travel.
In the ten years since the launch of the Tambour series, Louis Vuitton has combined the brand’s own DNA, such as travel, sailing, and the classic pattern of “Monogram”, and has launched orientation positioning, Diving diving, LV Cup Regatta Louis Vuitton Regatta, America’s Cup America’s Cup There are more than ten boutique series including regattas, Capsule Voyage timing, and Bijou women’s jewelry watches.
In addition to presenting the brand’s traditional value, Louis Vuitton has also made breakthroughs in the field of watch technology: the Tambour Spin Time watch, which indicates the time through 12 rotating cube hour markers. Louis Vuitton has its own exclusive technology patent The Tambour Minute Repeater GMT time repeater watch is also the original of Louis Vuitton.
Another pioneering work is the Monogram tourbillon watch, which incorporates the concept of personalized customization service. The watchmaker can change the design of the movement according to the wishes of the guests, so that it displays a special pattern effect, such as replacing the tourbillon splint with any symbol, letter or recognizable mark. At the request of customers, precious stones such as diamonds, red and blue sapphires and emeralds can be set on the movement, or different precious metals such as platinum, gold, rose gold, and white gold can be selected to make the case and hands of the Monogram tourbillon watch. .
In 2002, Louis Vuitton opened its first watchmaking workshop in LA Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry, which can be expanded to accommodate 50 employees. Around this watchmaking workshop, Louis Vuitton began to improve the manufacturing process of its watches in all aspects. In the most critical movement manufacturing process, Louis Vuitton chose to work closely with the famous Swiss movement manufacturers La Joux-Perret, Dubois Dépraz and La Fabrique du Temps to develop a number of new movements, such as the earliest LV 277 high The pendulum chronograph movement is from Elitero of Zenith, the tourbillon is made by La Joux-Perret, and the flyback chronograph movement of Tambor Capsule Voyage series is developed by Dubois Dépraz. As for the case, Louis Vuitton already has perfect independent manufacturing capabilities. In terms of straps, Louis Vuitton chose its leather workshop in Asnieres, Paris, and made finished straps based on the Fiesso d’ Artico shoe factory in Venento, Italy.
In 2006, Louis Vuitton began to invite master watchmakers to join, laying the foundation for the brand to open advanced customization of complex function tables, and Louis Vuitton also showed for the first time a strong interest in self-produced movements. In the summer of 2011, Louis Vuitton incorporated the La Fabrique du Temps movement factory located in Geneva. La Fabrique du Temps was founded in 2007. It has profound knowledge in the research and development of tourbillon, three questions and other highly complex functions. The two parties have established a good relationship of cooperation and trust before. The original Spin Time watch is the product of tacit cooperation between the two parties. With this acquisition, the technical strength of Louis Vuitton has been further enhanced, paving the way for future application for technology patents by watch factories. As Mr. Hamdi Chatti, Vice President of Louis Vuitton Global Jewellery Watches puts it, ‘The movement is designed and developed by Louis Vuitton, which represents the direction of our future development.’
In recent years, Louis Vuitton has invested a lot of effort in the development of new models and complex function movements. Functionally complex watch. During this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Louis Vuitton announced the relocation plan of the watch factory-the brand just recently acquired the Leman Cadran advanced dial workshop in Geneva. After the preparatory work was completed, Louis Vuitton’s watchmaking The team (including design and development) will collectively move from La Chaux-de-Fonts to Geneva. At that time, in addition to the brand’s advanced R & D and watchmaking, the factory in Geneva will also play the role of a global training center, providing Louis Vuitton employees with professional training in watches, so that they can better serve customers.
发展 Tambour series development history
2002: Louis Vuitton launches the first Tambour series watch, the Tambour LV 277 chronograph. Its movement uses a high swing frequency of 36,000 times per hour and is certified by the Swiss official observatory.
2004: Inspired by the Louis Vuitton Cup regatta, the Louis Vuitton launches the Tambour LV Cup Regatta watch tailored for sailing, unveiling the watch The prelude to the Louis Vuitton sailing watch;
2005: Tambour Tourbillon watch and Tambour Diving watch come out;
2006: Louis Vuitton successively launched Tambour In Black, Tambour Bijou women’s jewelry watch and Tambour Lovely Cup women’s chronograph;
2008: Tambour Orientation is launched. In addition to its ordinary mechanical watch function, it can also indicate the north-south direction according to the position of the sun, providing convenience to travelers;
2009: Louis Vuitton launches Tambour Mysterieuse, the second complication watch after the brand, namely the tourbillon watch;
2010: Tambour Spin Time, the third complication table of Louis Vuitton, is launched, which indicates the current time through a flipped time mark, which is the first in the industry;
2011: Louis Vuitton’s most complex Tambour Minute Repeater GMT watch ever launched. It is the world’s first watch with minute repeater and dual time functions. In the same year, Louis Vuitton launched a watch that reflects timekeeping and competition. Speed ​​concept Tambour Capsule Voyage automatic chronograph, ‘Capsule Voyage’ literally translates into the meaning of the travel cabin, it is divided into two types of automatic timing (with speed loop) and flyback timing.
2012: In line with the new rules of the America’s Cup regatta (prepared to count down from 10 minutes to minutes), Louis Vuitton launched the Tambour America’s Cup and Tambour Spin Time Regatte timetable; Tambour Capsule Voyage II automatic chronograph, also includes two models of speed measurement and flyback chronograph; in women’s watches, the new Tambour Bijou Secret women’s jewelry watch with diamond inlaid ‘Monogram’ classic petal pattern, attracted the attention of female customers.
Louis Vuitton watches and China
In 2010, the first Louis Vuitton manual workshop located in a boutique was opened at the Hang Lung Plaza in Shanghai. A senior craftsman from the Swiss Watch Workshop made a live interpretation of the movement combination of the LV277 watch, exceeding 277. A precision accessory was perfectly assembled into a Louis Vuitton watch by the artisan’s exquisite craftsmanship, impressing local customers and the media.
7In July 2012, to celebrate the opening of the Shanghai Hang Lung Louis Vuitton House, Louis Vuitton specially presented 8 limited edition Speedy Twilight jewellery watches for women. This watch presents Shanghai’s iconic Bund landscape with precious diamonds, while the case is made of precious rose gold. Also launched is the Tambour Voyagez special commemorative tachymeter automatic watch, with a limited edition of 7 pieces. This watch showcases the unique charm of the Tambour Voyagez series watches—the oversized dial, 18K rose gold watch Case, blue dial with rose gold hour markers, and two straps in dark blue crocodile leather and luxury beaver leather. The two horizontal small dials at nine and three o’clock on the dial release the racing passion and have practical speed measurement functions.

Special 50th Anniversary Watch Of The Iwc Galapagos Islands Research Station

A few years ago, the research station set up by the Darwin Foundation in 1964 to maintain the fragile ecological environment of the Galapagos Islands was facing a difficult stage. But now, with the strong support of German investor Swen Lorenz and the powerful Schaffhausen IWC, the organization has gradually improved and continued to grow.

This research station consisting of nearly 100 scientists, students, teachers and volunteers has successfully prevented the extinction of the legendary giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands, and has saved 95% of the island since September 15, 1835. The amazing biodiversity discovered by Darwin.

IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’ Special Edition

As an important part of IWC’s charity activities, IWC has silently supported the Darwin Foundation since 2009. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the research station, this year IWC has specially brought three chronographs to support the development of the research station: ‘Galapagos Islands’ Special Edition, ‘Galapago Islands 50th Anniversary Scientific Achievements’ Special edition and ‘Darwin’s Adventure’ special edition, this is also the first time that IWC introduced a bronze watch.

IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition

IWC IWC Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ Special Edition

Today, IWC is one of the most important sponsors of the Darwin Foundation. Their annual donations enable many projects at the research station, such as the shark marking project that will begin in July this year. Foundation CEO Swen Lorenz said: ‘With IWC funding, we are about to conduct a research and conservation research project on sharks in the Galapagos Islands. This research will help us learn more about these animal movements And migration mode, through this information we take more effective measures to protect them. ‘(Photo / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)