Wearing A Watch Is Also A Style. Men Also Need To Taste Life

In today’s society, the responsibility of men is always more important than that of women. Every man has several common missions: to make parents proud; to make women happy; to maintain a noble soul. It is not easy for men to shoulder such a heavy task and live their own world, but taste life can be a good way for men to relax and decompress. Playing cars, wearing watches, and playing golf can be seen as a sign of men’s taste of life. The House will introduce a few models for men to wear on various occasions, and don’t feel ashamed of you.
Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6664-3642-55B

Basic Information
Watch series: Villeret
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 223,000
Watch details: 6654 self-winding movement, 28800 vibrations per hour, deliberately designed anti-magnetic scale and dual spring, ensuring the watch’s power reserve for up to 72 hours.
Rolex Greenwich II Series 116719-BLRO

Basic Information
Watch Series: Greenwich II
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18ct white gold
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch strap: stainless steel
Domestic Public Price: No
Watch details: The Cerachrom ring watch is a new model launched by Rolex in Basel in 2014. The two-color circle is a great achievement of Rolex in technology and aesthetics. The traditional two-color outer ring echoes. The watch’s 40 mm Oyster case is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), a model of solidity, elegance and perfect proportions. The unique solid 18 ct white gold case is cast by Rolex’s own foundry Needless to say. The black dial looks solid and atmospheric. The 18ct white gold easy-to-read Chromalight luminous hour markers, and the hands are also 18 ct white gold Chromalight luminous hands. The watch is equipped with a 3186 self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with dual time zone function and date display. The balance swing component is the heart of the watch. It is equipped with a Rolex patented blue Parachrom hairspring made of a unique niobium zirconium alloy. In addition to magnetic field interference, it is extremely stable even in the face of temperature changes, and its shock resistance is 10 times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.
Lange Langematik Perpetual Perpetual Calendar

Basic Information
Watch number: 310.026
Watch Brand: Lange
Watch Series: Langematik
Movement type: automatic machinery
Watch style: 38.5 mm
Watch material: 18K white gold
For more details, please click: Perpetual is Lange’s first self-winding watch with perpetual calendar and large calendar display. It adopts a new design of 18K white gold case and black dial, which injects noble elegance into the Langematik series. The perpetual calendar function of the watch has the date, day of the week, and month display, which can identify the number of days in different months and even leap years. After correct setting, the date display only needs to be corrected by one day every 100 years. The watch’s moon phase display at 6 o’clock is exquisitely shaped and uniquely designed, and it is also a model of Lange’s precision watchmaking technology. The watch’s luminous hands and 18K yellow gold rhodium-plated inlaid scales stand out against the black background. The black alligator strap and white 18K gold pin buckle further show the contrasting features.
Summary: The bustling city, the stressful life, everyone is not easy to live. If you do n’t learn to decompress and relax yourself under this high pressure of survival, there is no sense of happiness, so you must always be optimistic and positive Upward mentality, heading for happiness!

Billerton Automatic Winding Review Of Iwc Classic Portuguese Seven Days Chain Watch

I think Portugal is one of the most classic series of IWC. Among them, the Portuguese seven-day chain is the most famous. Since its launch in 2004, the Portuguese automatic watch with date display has become a watch from Schaffhausen. One of the most successful watches in the Portuguese collection. Today, the Watch House brings you a brief review of a Portuguese seven-day chain watch. The official model of this watch is: IW500109.

 The first Portuguese watch launched in 1939 laid the foundation for an important watch family of IWC. For more than 70 years, its precision performance, large size and precise mechanical structure have been talked about by watch lovers. IWC Portuguese watches echo the glorious days of the past. They combine the tradition of nautical instruments with contemporary design and cutting-edge mechanical technology.


Portugal’s real success lies in its grand launch of the 5000-calibre 5,000 movement developed in the past five years. The Portuguese automatic watch equipped with the 5000-calibre perfectly combines traditional craftsmanship and IWC cutting-edge technology. Its atmospheric IWC pocket watch-size movement has many features, including the integration of the Pellaton two-way winding system, and the balance with a Breguet balance spring for the highest accuracy. The newly designed seven-day power reserve movement (with power reserve indicator) is a great technological leap in the history of automatic movements.


This Portuguese seven-day chain watch introduced to you today is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42.3 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. Because it is equipped with a cal.51011 self-winding movement produced by IWC, its thickness is thicker than that of Portugal.


In 1993, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the brand, the IWC watch factory in Schaffhausen will bring the world-renowned Portuguese watch to the market again in a special limited edition 50 years after its launch. For the first time, the wearer can see it through the sapphire glass case back.


The watch is equipped with a folding buckle made of stainless steel, which is convenient and safe to wear. And the classic IWC logo is engraved on the buckle.


The watch is equipped with IWC’s self-made cal.51011 self-winding movement, which combines all the most sophisticated functions in one. Adopting the highly efficient Pellaton winding system with a seven-day power reserve. I think the movement of this watch is the biggest highlight of the watch, the Pellaton winding system.


Classic elements such as the watch’s balanced dial design, embedded Arabic numerals, rail-shaped minute ring, and slender leaf-shaped hands perfectly inherit the iconic features of this legendary watch family from the 1930s.


The Pellerton automatic winding system, the mechanism modeling and the action of working are very similar to woodpeckers, and are more widely called ‘woodpecker’ automatic winding systems. For more detailed information on the Pellerton automatic winding system, you can read the ‘Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall-Analysis of IWC Classic Pellerton Automatic Winding System’ previously released by the Watch House.

Summary: The biggest highlight of the watch is that it is equipped with IWC’s self-produced cal.51011 automatic winding movement, which greatly enhances the value of the watch. This is also the best choice for many friends to give up the Portuguese chronograph watch and choose the Portuguese seven-day chain watch. main reason. However, according to reliable news, IWC is already preparing for a new plant, and will fully realize the supply of self-produced movements. It is believed that in the next few years, all IWC watches will be equipped with the movements developed by IWC. This is definitely a message for the movement control. The domestic price of this watch recommended to you today is 98,000 yuan, but according to forum netizens, the prices of Henry and Henry have been reduced, and friends who like it should not miss it.

For more watch details, please click: iwc / 6099 /

German National Treasure Centennial Watch: Nomos Mechanical Watch

Nomos Introduction:
 East Germany’s Nomos watch is located in Saxony Glash & uuml; tte, which has a century of watch manufacturing history. The watchmakers of Glash & uuml; tte use ingenious craftsmanship to create high-quality, uniquely designed manual mechanical watches.

 Nomos continues the reputation of Glash & uuml; tte’s birthplace and the history of watchmaking for 100 years before it can be regarded as a national watch by Germans.

Nomos types:

 There are four models of Nomos watches: Ludwig (round watch), Orion (round watch), Tetra (square watch), Tangente (round watch)

 The movement of the Nomos mechanical watch is PeseuxCalibre 7001. This is a ultra-thin mechanical watch with a diameter of 10 1/2 lignes and a thickness of 2.5 mm. The floating wire of Nivarox-1A controls the vibration frequency at At 21,600vph per hour, Triovis proofreads precisely and uses Nomos anti-cracking springs. The watch can maintain 45 hours of power.

Nomos Origin:

 The Nomos factory in Glash & uuml; tte is a century-old watchmaking town whose legend can be traced back to Ferdinand Adolph Lange (1815-1875) and his son, the founder of the Saxony watchmaking industry. In 1845, Lange established a factory for the manufacture of watches in Glash & uuml; tte. He taught himself to employees based on his unique ideas of quality, and helped many people build their own studios. In just a few years, the mechanical devices and precision timepieces made by Lange have become ‘highly accurate’ consent words and have even been appreciated by Swiss watch entrepreneurs. ?

 In the nineteenth century, Glash & uuml; tte was famous for making the highest-quality ornate watches. At the time, people said, ‘Glang & uuml; tte Lange watches were not made for mass production.’ Lange’s pocket watches are luxurious and exquisite, like delicate artwork.

 Nomos’s movements are carved in accordance with Galshutte’s strict standards. The case is made of pure, flawless, hand-polished stainless steel 361L, completely free of nickel, or 18-karat gold.

 The Nomos watch is designed with extremely fine glass grooves. The Nomos watch is water-resistant to 30 feet. The strap buckle is also very strong. From the case to the buckle, it is made by hand in one piece. The strap is also safe. Secure with screws. The sapphire crystal glass is extremely hard, and it is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. Only diamond is better than it. The crystal glass used as a moth-proof is cut from a whole crystal and engraved with the name Nomos.

Cool Black Black Recommended Black Dial Watches Of The Year

At the end of the year, whether collective or individual, we must make a phased summary of all aspects of the year in order to usher in the new year. This year’s black dial watch really gave the watchmaker a fire. With its classic design, decoration, and function dial embellishment, this color watch is attractive, coupled with the brand’s processing and Technological improvements have made these watches not only stylish and domineering, but also their connotative functions have been greatly improved. They can be called black ‘poisons’, making watch friends want to stop. The following watch home editors are like everyone introducing the classic models of three black dial watches, to provide some ideas for those who want to add a watch at the end of the year.

Rolex 116900-71200 watch

Watch price: RMB 48,000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 1940 series PAM00658 watch

Watch price: RMB 83,700
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 66,200
Watch diameter: 50 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Breitlight case
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: military fiber fabric, high-quality rubber inside), showing the most attractive side of men.

In summary: the atmosphere also comes with mysterious black dial watches, coupled with various unique designs and decorations, making them full of distinctive personality has become one of the more desirable models of modern urban men. The three watches introduced by Watch House today are one of the more classic black dial watches this year. Those who like black dials may wish to consider.
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