Casio Popular Science Anti-counterfeiting Technology To Improve Consumer Protection Awareness

In the era of difficult to distinguish between true and false, March 15 is coming, it is time for consumers to take up the weapons of law to protect themselves. But as far as buying items is concerned, although it is not too late to fix things, it is the best policy to plan ahead. How to distinguish the authenticity of items, taking Casio watches as an example, Xiaobian to help everyone.
 I ask the store where to find it. Official authorization is guaranteed.
 In the case of such a developed network, many netizens may choose to buy online. However, Xiaobian believes that if you want to buy genuine products, a physical store is the best choice. Casio has sales outlets throughout the country, which is very convenient to buy. Although the price may be slightly more expensive than online shopping, the official product must be genuine, and there is no need to worry about authenticity. And if you must buy online, it is best to find the official authorized Casio Tmall online store, so the quality is also more guaranteed.
 Watch authenticity is difficult to see laser anti-counterfeiting labels
 If the Casio EDIFICE men’s watch has been bought home, we can also easily identify whether this men’s watch is genuine. First unpack the package and tear off the protective film on the glossy back cover of the watch. We can see a blue laser security label.

 In the box of EDIFICE watches shipped from January 2013, there will be a ‘authentication card’. Put the side with CASIO face up and put it on the blue laser anti-counterfeiting logo. If you buy it authentic, the left window will show a dark blue edge, and the right window will show Casio.

 However, it is necessary to pay special attention. When doing the above operations, you must tear off the protective film on the glossy back cover of the watch, otherwise it will not be recognized correctly. If you buy a Casio EDIFICE men’s watch manufactured before January 2013, there is no ‘authentication card’ in the watch box. If you need to confirm the authenticity, you can go to the nearest Casio authenticity store to confirm. Casio has specialty stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. The safest way to buy genuine products is to buy them in specialty stores.
 All kinds of counterfeit products are invincible. I would like to remind you that if you want to buy genuine products, it is best to buy them from official authorized sales outlets. You must know how to identify authenticity. You must be alert and judgmental.

Greetings To The Rockets Brief Introduction To The Tissot Series Nba Rockets Special Watch

Since May, NBA fans have begun to enter a tense state of watch. From May 1st to May 16th, the half-month NBA playoffs semi-final is over and ongoing. The finals have entered the final competition stage so far, everyone is waiting for the final result, who will be the true king of the playoffs? They have been fans of the Houston Rockets before, but unfortunately, this time the Rockets lost to the Spurs 2: 4 and stopped in the Western Conference semifinals, although they still have some confidence in Harden. In 2015, Tissot successfully held the NBA. Since then, Tissot has launched a special watch for the NBA team. The Rockets Special Watch (T095.417.17.037.12) is naturally my first choice. Its design is just like the Rockets. Passion, bravery and enthusiasm.

   There are 11 special NBA team watches in the next Tissot series. Each watch uses the iconic color of the team logo and is integrated into the watch strap. The cooperation between Tissot and the NBA, as well as the cooperation with major star teams, has made Tissot a familiar timing brand for many NBA fans. As a watch fan, it also likes the NBA. Tissot’s NBA team cooperation watch has a special feature for me. Appeal.
Race against time against time

Tissot NBA Houston Rockets Special Watch
   This watch is a very simple quartz watch with a chronograph function. Unlike most chronograph watches, it has a separate 1/10 second timer at 2 o’clock, without an hour counter at 10 o’clock. The small dial at the position is a 30-minute cumulative chronograph with a large chronograph second hand in the center. For the NBA, the importance of time is self-evident. On May 22, Bradley received a three-pointer and took a 0.1 second goal before the end. It was amazing.

Stainless steel case
   The watch dial has a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 11.52 mm. It is a relatively modest sports watch size, suitable for most men to wear, even if the wrist is thinner, it is not afraid, because its strap is light and thin canvas, very easy to wear. The watch case is made of stainless steel, the front of the lugs is polished, and the two sides of the middle case are brushed and polished for a good feel.

Crown chronograph start / stop reset button

Speed ​​measuring outer ring
   The fixed bezel on the black surface is marked with a circle. ‘TACHYMETER’ tells us that this circle is used to measure the average speed. In today’s daily sports, this function is not commonly used. Its use rule is that it requires moving objects. You can measure its average speed per hour by passing 1km in 1 minute. But as a decoration, it embodies the sense of movement and speed of the watch.
Easy to wear and practical

   In order to facilitate the time reading of the watch, the three sub dials of the watch have a scale ring protruding compared to the dial. At the same time, the hour markers are filled with luminous material in the three-dimensional metal frame. The hour and minute hands also have a luminous effect. You need to absorb the energy of light during the day and then release the energy to glow at night.

Rocket logo

Rocket logo
   Flipping the watch, the bottom cover is sealed, and the largest area in the middle is designed with the Rockets team logo. Just this team logo is very exciting and very beautiful. This team crest is covered with a piece of glass to prevent daily wear and tear.


Canvas strap

   The strap of the watch is a thin nylon strap. To cater to the design of the Rockets, the strap is mainly red, with two silver-gray lines interspersed in the middle. The strap is Nato-type. In addition to the pin buckle, there are two fixed metal rings to fix the longer strap.

Summary: Compared to many mechanical watches, this special Tissot NBA Rocket has a distinctive feature. It is suitable for basketball. It has a timing function. It is waterproof to 100 meters, weighs only 68g, and has a canvas strap. Not afraid of water and sweat, all these features make it a very good daily sports watch, and its price is RMB 3050. If you are also a rocket fan, what are you waiting for?

Portuguese Portuguese Minute Repeater Wonderful Music In Spring

Nowadays, as long as I mention IWC, I have to talk about the Portuguese series. The Portuguese series is one of the IWC’s signature series. Its simple and beautiful appearance and accurate timing have always been widely loved by watch fans, especially the business people. The series was originally born in the late 1930s, and was reborn in 1993. In 2004, it also shined at the Geneva Clock and Watch Fair, where it surprised four people.
Today, I will introduce the IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater.
 PortugueseMinuteRepeater is a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge production technology. The dial is equipped with a decorative minute display ring, a breath-holding mechanical device and a perforated minute repeater. Not only the visual effect is gorgeous, but also the unique listening experience. It can read the hours and engravings through two fine-tuned springs. Clock and minutes. This top-of-the-line watch is limited to 50 pieces each in 18K white and 18K rose gold.
IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater PortugueseMinuteRepeater
 The Portuguese, led by the famous navigator Da Gama, wrote a glorious maritime history in the 15th-16th centuries, which promoted the great process of the development of human society. In order to pay tribute to Da Gama, IWC has specially added the Portuguese Minute Repeater to the Portuguese series.
 The minute repeater, which can tell the time, ‘engraved’ and ‘minute’, is the result of clever use of acoustics and dynamics. The pleasing and crisp tone emitted by the striking parts in the complex machinery is like the spring song played by the birds in the forest, touching the chords, and the three-question device with the hollow design, which makes the wearer enjoy the uniqueness both visually and acoustically. Feel.