A Tribute To Tradition Rolex Cellini Dual Time Zone Watch Tasting

Rolex has always been a well-known watchmaker, making a watch that is classic. Just like the ‘Water Ghost’, Oyster Perpetual Motion and other series, it is deeply loved by many watches for its excellent quality and outstanding performance. In 2014, Rolex redesigned the Cellini series of watches that reflect the classic style and timeless elegance of traditional timepieces in a contemporary spirit, each of which combines expertise and exquisite craftsmanship, fully showing the timelessness of Rolex’s watchmaking tradition. This year, a new addition to the Rolex Cellini series is the tobacco grey dual time zone watch. (Model: 50525)

Elegant style and prestige

Watch display
   The Rolex Cellini collection consists of 12 classic models. One of them, the simple and elegant lines, the noble and magnificent eternal rose gold material, and the exquisite and luxurious decoration, highlight the rigorous rules of watchmaking technology. However, inspired by the well-respected artist, goldsmith and Holy See sculptor Benvenuto Cellini of the Italian Renaissance, the Rolex Cellini series is not limited to the beautiful designs of the past. On the one hand, it returns to the classical roots, on the other hand, it reinterprets the essence of it with modern methods, perfect harmony.

Watch overall display

   The new Cellini series represents the most exquisite and charming in the watchmaking tradition, absolutely noble and elegant. The Everose Gold case is made by Rolex’s exclusive foundry. The classic circular design with a diameter of 39 mm is the brand’s traditional logo. The delicate shape of the ears, polished finish, and double outer ring composed of a dome-shaped outer ring and a triangular pitted outer ring make the watch unique .

    Lug display
    Fine-textured lugs, soft luster, very beautiful.

Partial dial display

   The surface also cites brand watchmaking knowledge and tradition. Lacquered ‘Rayon flammé de la gloire’ radial pattern with gold solid hour markers.

Rolex dial pattern display

Cellini Dual Time
Two places time

Under the table display
   Cellini Dual Time can display the time in two time zones at the same time, and the sub-dial window in the second time zone is equipped with elegant sun and moon day and night indicators.

   Reveal the classic style and timeless elegance of traditional clocks and watches with contemporary spirit. Cellini’s dual time zone is the essence of timeless classics, showing hours, minutes, and seconds, grasping the pulse of time in both places. Cellini’s dual time zone model showcases its elegant style, prominent tradition and poetic poetry. The independent dual time zone dial on the 6 time scale witnesses the time of two different places.

Dial display

   Time goes on endlessly, yesterday, today, tomorrow. Every day is different and indispensable. Cellini’s dual time zone type is in addition to the hour, minute and second display, and also adds the dual time zone day and night display function, showing its elegant style, prominent tradition and poetic.

Perfect elegance is not only external, but also a ‘permanent core’

Watch side display

   As always, the watch is fully “closed” to ensure watch movement safety. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical Perpetual Motion 3180 movement, certified as a precision timepiece by the Observatory and manufactured by Rolex. Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring guarantees accurate travel time. By using the Perpetual Oscillator for two-way automatic winding, the power reserve is about 48 hours, and it has excellent battery life.

Strap display
   Pair it with a brown alligator leather strap for a traditional look. Stitched trim and 18ct gold buckle are just the right expression of a gentleman’s elegance.

Other series watch features

Three dual time zone watches on display

   Cellini Dual Time is available in four models: a black or silver surface with a ‘Rayon flammé de la gloire’ radial pattern, and a 39mm case in 18ct white gold or eternal rose gold. This watch is fitted with a stitched-trimmed alligator leather strap, modeled in bright black or brown, each with an 18ct gold buckle matching the case metal.

Watch display

Summary: Such a simple, low-key luxury watch combines dual time zone functions and day and night display. The rose gold case highlights the noble and elegant style, and the fine triangular pit bezel adds unique charm to this watch. For those who like the rose gold element and the dual time zone function, they can consider starting this watch.

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