High Between The Wrists, See Swing Swing

High-end pearl gray, polished mirror surface and traditional felt leather, geometrically hidden garden … When Dior appeared, the fashionable exhibition area designed by the brand’s strict aesthetic department can always absorb instantly. Attention of the audience. Even if the brand recently moved the brand-new works of the 2013 Basel Watch Exhibition to Shanghai for the exhibition, then Dior Grey, who was fully armed from the entrance, always reminds viewers that the pursuit of beauty is the core spirit of Dior watches. Although the brand was deeply influenced by the traditional watchmaking industry when it launched its first watch series in 1975, it had no substantial connection with the couture style. But at the beginning of the 21st century, Dior realized that the watch would become a fashion accessory synchronized with the women’s collection, and how much the fashion watch would have room to play when the fabric used in the ready-to-wear collection changed.

此 Since then (2001), it has set up its own production factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and the five watch series have gradually taken shape in the future. In this new product preview, the rich inspiration of high fashion to watch is everywhere. You can almost say that it is beauty, not technology, that is driving Dior’s advanced watches. As LAURENCE NICOLAS, President of the brand’s Fine Jewellery and Watch Division, said, “Dior must first serve aesthetics and creativity in watchmaking. Therefore, in 2008 we created a lace-like tourbillon movement. In 2011 we joined forces with Soprod Developed the ‘Dior Inversé’ movement, placing a practical rotor on the dial, allowing us to display a variety of bold ideas, including cutouts, inlays and feather fans, etc., to show lace, folds or dotted tulle Effect. ‘This exclusive movement was placed in Dior’s fifth watch series (Dior VIII), which completes the continuation of the charm of the haute couture of the old fashion house on precision machinery.

‘Only Dior could imagine a skeleton and gem-set oscillating weight and even a feather oscillating weight. The latter does not lay feathers directly on the oscillating weight, but covers thin and almost transparent feathers on a thin platinum line. At the same time, light feathers Does not affect the winding of the watch. ‘LAURENCE proudly said in the interview. Obtaining two patents for the oscillating weight (openwork and inlaid oscillating weight, feather oscillating weight) gives Dior VIII a unique position in the watchmaking industry. It is almost exclusively for couture and masquerade. This once again echoed Mr. Dior’s long-term hobby: as a regular guest at the ball, he must be willing to see, like women’s clothing, there are ‘day dress’, ‘cocktail dress’ (precious long stepped gem) and ‘ Dior VIII collection for Evening ”(Grand Bal). Looking closely at its pyramid-shaped bracelet, it seems to be able to read the inspiration from the tunic (narrow shoulders, waist, and hips).

Meanwhile, another watch series ‘La D de Dior’ bearing Mr. Dior’s obsession with color has also become the new favorite of female customers. After all, color is the inherent quality of Dior’s advanced customization, which may be related to his past career in art exhibitions. Due to his frequent exposure to Dufy and Dali’s work, Mr. Dior is extremely sensitive to color discrimination. In the fashion book published in 1954, he even described pink, green, yellow, blue, and various reds. For example, in the Dior VIII series, black and white are always associated with each other, and they are also reflected in the legendary ‘corset’ jacket. The immaculate white also evokes memories of prototypes of cotton canvas used to show dresses and suits. ‘The prototype is right in front of me, showing its lines, volume, silhouette, and light … all my designs start here.’ Mr. Dior even wrote: ‘I can write a full book about black. Content. ‘And during the upcoming Paris Haute Couture Week in July, Dior will launch a new La D de Dior’ Précieuse ‘watch with yellow or pink diamonds, which is enough to show that the high order ‘Women’s determination on the wrist.