Earl’s Co. Won The Best Creative Award Of The Year

The famous ‘Watch of the Year’ award ceremony has been held on October 26. At the award ceremony, Piaget Co., Ltd. won the French subsidiary of the Ringier Group with the development of new products and a good brand image The best creative award of the year from the Swiss magazine Montres Passion. At the awards ceremony, Piaget Piaget made a big splash and won the award for best performance of the year in the film / network category with the movie ‘Dragon & Phoenix’.
    In 2012, none of us could ignore the dragon. Count Piaget conceived and designed more than 20 watches to commemorate the Year of the Dragon in the best way. They are enthusiastic and ingenious, extremely rare. In order to make the Dragon and Wind series watches vivid and vivid, they also invited more than 40 people in the industry to participate in the manufacturing and put in a lot of effort.

2014-2016 Overview Of Blancpain’s ‘mind The Ocean’ Philanthropy Causes Increasing Ocean Influence And New Limited Edition Watches Released

In 2014, Blancpain’s commitment to the underwater world was upgraded blue and entered a new stage-bringing together all Blancpain-supported marine exploration and protection projects in Blancpain’s ‘Mindful Ocean’ charity Under the name of Blancpain Ocean Commitmment, and released the first limited edition of the ‘Mind Ocean’ watch. After two years, the top ten expeditionary exploration projects have added 3 million square kilometers of marine protected area-to this day, Blancpain is firmly committed to the ocean and released a new limited edition blue watch.

   Since its founding in 1735, the continuous and progressive brand spirit has propelled Blancpain unremittingly. In 1953, Blancpain sincerely created the world’s first modern diving watch, the Fifty Fathoms. Since then, the watch giant has established a history of more than 60 years with diving. This watch, now considered a classic timepiece, reflects like-minded ideas. It was Blancpain’s current president of diving, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, and Robert the founder of the French Navy diving commando. • The work of Colonel Rober ‘Bob’ Maloubier and Lieutenant Claude Riffaud. To this day, Fifty Fathoms has firmly established itself as a benchmark in the industry.
   To pay tribute to this brand tradition, Blancpain is committed to exploring and preserving the oceans on Earth. Blancpain understands that only real understanding can stimulate people’s enthusiasm, thereby respecting and protecting the azure ocean of mankind. To this end, Blancpain actively supports major scientific research projects, marine exploration operations, underwater photography, environmental protection forums, exhibitions, and launches focused publications and special websites to increase public awareness of the protection of the ocean. Since 2014, these efforts have been brought together into Blancpain’s ‘heart-to-ocean’ charity.

   In the same year, Blancpain released 250 limited timepieces and declared it to be the first limited edition of the ‘Mind for the Sea’ watch. After the great success of the first limited edition watch and the significant contribution to the marine public welfare cooperation project, Blancpain now releases the second limited edition timepiece-Blancpain submersible Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph ‘heart Marine II ‘new limited edition watch. This new watch conveys Blancpain’s long-term determination to be ocean-oriented and not afraid of goals. In the past two years, Blancpain has supported ten major expeditionary exploration projects, doubling the total area of ​​marine protected areas around the world (promoting an additional 3 million square kilometers of marine protected areas), and presenting the world with many colorful Award-winning documentaries, underwater exhibitions and publications.
   * The fifty-five antique watch is highly sought after among collectors. It was sold at a recent global auction for 100,000 Swiss francs 3-4 times higher than its valuation. This result underscores the indisputable benchmarking status of this timepiece and is included in the history of the watch.