An ‘watch’ Love Interview With A Senior Watch Lover

The interviewee for this article, Zhong, is always at the helm of a well-known media. Young talents, humorous, seven-step talent, exporting chapters is the author’s consistent impression of it. The original plan was to interview questions about the history of the watch, the channel for purchasing the watch, the next plan for purchasing the watch, and the feelings after owning the beloved watch in a one-on-one email. So much that I can’t bear to make any changes to the interview draft, and present the original text to everyone.

Mr. Zhong responded:

  Buying the first watch is the role of the customer. At that time, I participated in the activities of the customer and wore an American sports watch with a rubber band. The customer said that you must wear a better watch for your company.
  The second is the role of the media. When I saw a certain magazine, the editor-in-chief wrote in the beginning of the magazine: a buddy divorced, he went out with a TAG Heuer watch and a boss suit. At that time, he who had newly set up a boss suit immediately became interested in TAG Heuer, regardless of whether it was the masterly soft text of the editor or whether he knew nothing about the watch.
   It happened that I was traveling to Macau soon. I never gambled with strangers, so I went to a watch store. Everywhere I named it, I wanted TAG Heuer. No one knew. It happened that there was a store selling Omega. At a discount, the overseas call came to Beijing, and the man said: That one is very classic. Understand, buy it.
   I did n’t know until I went home that this watch was really good. It was still the first watch to land on the moon, of course, if Armstrong’s moon landing was real. The key point was that he really liked the look of Super Speed ​​at the time, coexisting rough and delicate.
   Since then, I have paid more attention to the watch, and then I know that Omega is only in the top line, and IWC is real. Just when a friend added Zenith, he gave me a Botofino ultra-thin watch. It is very simple. The belt and folding buckle are not found in Superpower. It is very suitable for work.
   Then I began to remember the Portuguese series and the pilot series of IWC. When a friend went to Hong Kong, he brought a classic pilot, which should be bought by Oriental Watch Co., and bought a little more, and there are more discounts. I remember the price of that watch was cheaper than Beijing.
   Later, because of his love for tennis, he became enthusiastic about Rolex, so he bought a Perpetual Oyster, steel strap from Rolex agent at a deep discount, just two steel straps and two leather straps.
  In addition, I have always liked seagulls and pocket watches. My friend gave me a seagull rose gold hollow pocket watch last year. So far, the process of buying watches has come to an end, because these watches can’t be worn. I like these watches very much. Omega is a man, and it is the first piece. Botofino of IWC is full of simple and formal beauty. Pilots are big enough to change planes at critical moments (movie ‘2012 ‘The plot’; Rolex’s vulgarity is elegant, the design has characteristics, but also very delicate; as for the seagull, after all, is domestically produced, but also the only gold watch, but also hollowed out, and also pocket watches, Fu Fu what to ask.

   Friends said that you should take Omega out and change a good watch. I also think that there are several first-line low-end watches without a super-first-line or complicated timing watch, which is a bit regrettable, but the time has changed and I am too lazy to toss. Of course, there is no idea of ​​selling Omega. Even if you don’t wear your own things, you want it to lie quietly in the cabinet near the bed.
   As for where to buy a watch, it is necessary to analyze specific cases. Some people say that Hong Kong is cheaper than Europe, but I also used to be in a watch shop in Paris. I saw that at the time, the domestic seven-day Portuguese Seven Days chain sold 90,000, and only 50,000 were sold there, and it was in stock. This should be cheaper than Hong Kong, and Hong Kong has to book. However, for people who often buy watches, this matter is simple. As long as you are a big customer (of course not only buying it yourself, but also helping others buy it), you can talk about the price of VIP everywhere. When I went to Taichung this year, my friend said that because she was a VIP, she got the cheapest price in a local watch store compared with Europe, America, Hong Kong and other places. It is a pity that when I was in a hurry to buy watches-this seems to be one of my personality traits-I have completely lost my interest in buying watches.
   Material things, to a certain extent, I will be enough, I like a sentence that Lao Tzu said: for the school day increase, for the road loss. That is, in studying and studying, and in the construction of spiritual civilization, the more we do, the better. On the avenue of enlightenment, material things and material needs should be less and less weakened.
   Now it’s not just watches. I’m very light on all the material enjoyment. In the future, I can give these watches to people who need them more. But now, I still have to enjoy wearing, wiping, listening, and watching these watches. Bring me fun. After all, watches are rarely good things that combine precision and beauty, and they deserve to be enjoyed. Confucius also said that if you want to stand up to others, if you want to reach up to others, you can only know that others like it.

   Speaking of wearing a watch, at present, basically wearing a steel band watch in summer, wearing a belt in cold weather, do not take into account the so-called formal belts, expert opinions on casual steel belts. After reading a watch magazine, domestic editors all said in unison: wearing a watch depends on the occasion, formal occasions with a belt, etc .; while foreign editors are also in agreement, but contrary to the domestic: do n’t pay too much attention to those dogmas. I like it.
   I think this is also normal. We are still in the initial stage of economic development and the original stage of cultural development. It is necessary to learn about the rules of the West; and foreigners have already played this stage and started to play personality. Even geek played chic, let alone a watch.

   At the moment, I was typing on the computer while wearing the classic pilot of IWC. Because I had packed things up that day, I found that Oriental Watch Co. also sent an extra leather strap.

Seiko Watches, Human Power, You Are Power

Seiko Premier & Seiko Kinetic 2013 Baselworld washing chain and innovation

 The Basel Jewellery & Watch Fair will exhibit a new look in 2013, and the SEIKO pavilion will soon display new models in magnificent buildings with unprecedented scale and honor. This time not only exhibited the creation of the first unveiled veil, including the brand-new Seiko Premier watch, not only the novel design, but also equipped with SEIKO’s exclusive Kinetic human power movement.

 Seiko Premier. A new harmonious aesthetic that blends classic and contemporary

 When the classic spirit meets contemporary design, it becomes the essence of the Seiko Premier watch. The interaction between two different things stimulates creative harmony, inspiring a gentleman’s watch that embraces the texture of technology and architectural design. The Seiko Premier watch draws its charm from the interaction between classical and contemporary subjects. Mixing these different styles, Seiko Premier interprets the inextricable truth that different materials attract each other, and provides a comprehensive harmony between contemporary style and timeless taste. Different from the past, the 2013 Seiko Premier series uses a smoother, three-dimensional three-dimensional case, which can see the perfect fusion of different classic and contemporary spirits from any angle.

 Seiko Kinetic. You are the power.

 ‘Can a quartz watch remain accurate without changing the battery?’ This answer was answered after SEIKO invented the world’s first human-powered watch 25 years ago, and also after SEIKO’s first quartz watch came out in 1969. Challenges never before. SEIKO engineers have achieved this goal with advanced technology. The automatic disk can be actuated only by the wearer’s wrist movement, and the speed of the rotor is increased to 100,000 times per minute through the design of the drive system. Power starts kinetic energy. Not only does the battery need not be replaced, the convenience is greatly improved, and it does not cause environmental pollution. Seiko Kinetic keeps the precision and convenience of quartz watches and the charm of traditional power watches, making it a reliable and accurate timing tool.

 The new Premier Eco-Watch

 Among the many models of Premier Mental Energy watches released by Baselworld in 2013, Seiko Kinetic 5M84 movements are the focus of attention. This series has an outstanding power reserve function for up to 6 months, and under normal conditions, the travel is never interrupted. If the watch is used for less than 6 months, it will be dormant. Once it is used, as long as the watch is gently shaken a couple of times, the hands will instantly return to time. This unique feature enhancement is due to the use of new ICs, which can achieve power reserve purposes more efficiently than in the past. In addition, the 5M84 movement also adds a date window and a day retrograde indicator dial, which adds convenience.

 SRN037 new human power movement provides 6 months of power reserve and ‘quick-start’ function

 The second unique Premier Kinetic model is the Kinetic Direct Drive interactive human power watch, which will also launch a large-scale publicity on the market in the fall of 2013. The biggest feature of Kinetic Direct Drive is that it can provide functions that other movements cannot do-‘interaction with people’. Not only does the driveline follow your movements, you can also rotate the crown like a mechanical watch, transmitting power to the movement. More specifically, whenever you turn the crown of a Kinetic Direct Drive watch, the power reserve function will become an instant pointer that instantly shows the power you transmit through the crown. With Kinetic Direct Drive, ‘You are the power’ is possible! Not only can you feel the power experience that other watches can’t do, with this outstanding movement and the newly created Premier case design, you will be able to experience unprecedented classic inspiration and contemporary interpretation.

 SRG009 Kinetic Direct Drive. ‘You’ is the power-you can see that the power is instantly converted-