Zenith Collaborates With Facebook To Promote The Flagship Ultra-lightweight Watch

As we all know, the famous watch brand Zenith has recently released a flagship series of ultra-lightweight wrists. The biggest feature of this watch is that it is a chronograph that weighs only 40 grams, which is heavier than ordinary wrists. The table is half light! Watches are made from ultra-lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, silicon and titanium, from the inside to the outside, making it more difficult. Limited edition of 100 pieces worldwide, a perfect combination of a titanium silicon movement and a carbon fiber case with a sporty look.

 Of course, in order to better promote Zenith’s ultra-light movement technology, the brand teamed up with the well-known social networking site Facebook to launch an event that everyone can participate in. The general meaning of the event is that Facebook fans will fly balloons at the designated location, but the balloons will fly in the wind, and before they are released, they will contain everyone’s information. The owner of the balloon who first arrives at the designated location will receive a special reward from the brand.

 It is understood that there are six places that finally receive rewards. These six people can not only experience and feel the technical secrets of the El Primero ultra-light movement when they actually experience Zenith, but also participate in various extreme sports such as paragliding. This is a very big attraction for everyone.

 This flagship series of ultra-lightweight watches has become another symbol of the brand’s watchmaking technology. Like developing engines for racing cars, they must ensure the accuracy of timepieces while minimizing the weight of the watch. , Reliability and durability.

The First German Top Watch In Life, Choose This 160,000 Starry Sky Plate?

At the end of July, Lange, a German fine watchmaking brand, will bring some of the new products released at the Geneva Watch Fair in January this year to China. Until August 20th, these models will be in Shanghai PuLi Hotel The TIME SPACE on the first floor will be on display, and will then depart for Beijing to continue the tour. Lange, the exhibition site of the Shanghai PuLi Hotel, is one of the few spires in the watch world. It is famous for its unique complex functions and fine polishing. For example, the Triple Split watch launched at the Geneva watch exhibition, the direct translation is ‘ The meaning of “triple-tracking hand” means that the second hand, cumulative minute hand and cumulative hour hand all have the function of chasing hands. The three blue steel hands on the dial are the function of chasing hands. Most of the industry’s chasing watches still refer to the second hand chasing function. Lange launched the double chasing hand 14 years ago, that is, the second hand and the cumulative minute hand have the function of chasing the hands. Push the timing function to its peak. Triple Split, three blue steel hands are chasing needles, but Lange’s tour in Shanghai this time, there are not many ‘dazzling skills’, most of them are practical watches suitable for daily wear. In our eyes, the Lange ‘women’s watch’ is more attractive. Lange has always been rigorous and low-key. In the past, it was mostly ‘black and white gray’. This time, some color tables were introduced, with rich colors and elegance, such as these three Little Lange 1. The word ‘Little’ represents a 36.8 mm case diameter, which is smaller than the regular Lange 1’s 38.5 mm and is suitable for thin wrist wear, but this does not mean that it must be a female watch. Men with thin wrists can also wear it It’s just the color table this time, which is more suitable for women. Three new Little Lange 1 models perfectly blend color and materials: a gray dial with 18K white gold, a brown dial with 18K rose gold, and a grape-purple dial with an 18K white gold case and guilloche 18K The gold dial, with the alligator strap of the same color, is very beautiful. All three watches retail for RMB 262,000. The difference is that the grape purple model is only sold in Lange stores, and the number is only 100. The most eye-catching scene at the Shanghai tour is the Saxon series of ‘Starry Sky’ watches. The brand said that the dial was inspired by Saxony’s starry night. Fans of the ‘Starry Sky’ Saxon watch recognize it as an aventurine dial, but the rigorous German will correct you to say that it is called ‘a glass-coated dial that mimics the gold effect of gold’, which is dispersed into a molten metal powder Made of silicon dioxide, it has the perfect gold dust effect, more like a starry night sky. This starry sky watch has an 18K white gold case with a size of 39 mm and is priced at 160,000 yuan. In Lange’s product line, it is the affordable type, and the starry dial is more likely to be loved by female fans. New Saxon watches equipped with Lange’s iconic large calendar function, as well as models with moon phase function were also displayed on the scene. The price is relatively entry-level. The large calendar model is priced at 198,000 yuan, with a moon phase function of 219,000 yuan. Big Saxon calendar models But with a regret, there is a new watch you can’t see here. Because the stainless steel skip-second watch named ‘1815 Homage to Walter Lange’ was auctioned in May of this year in Geneva, and was collected by collectors with a commission price of nearly 860,000 Swiss francs. 1815 pays tribute to Walter Lange jumping seconds stainless steel orphan, the highest price Lange watch in auction history, in honor of the brand’s modern founder, Mr. Walter Lange, one year after his death On the occasion, the brand made this jump-second watch with start / stop function that he had been paying attention to during his lifetime. This is a watch movement made entirely in accordance with his great-grandfather, the pioneer of Saxony watchmaking, Adolf Lange, which was filed in 1877. In addition to this stainless steel orphan, Lange also produced a precious metal version of the jumping seconds commemorative watch-145 white gold models, 90 red gold models, 27 gold models, each limited number has for Lange Special commemorative significance: 1815 pays tribute to the Walter Lange chronograph seconds gold watch Adolf Lange founded the company on December 7, 1845, 145 years later, on December 7, 1990, Walter Lange was registered Established Hyundai Lange company and brand; 27 years later, on December 7, 2017, Lange launched this watch with a jumping seconds function to pay tribute to Mr. Walter Lange. In addition, this leap second movement is named L192.4, which represents the year of birth of Walter Lange in 1924; and the top three 297 models of this series of watches are his date of birth-July 29. This memorable set of jumping seconds is not on this tour. Interested fans can visit the Lange store located on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai. 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