Centre Tourbillon, ‘alarm Clock’ Watch, Van Cleef & Arpels, These Are The Big News Of This Week’s Watch Circle

# 梵 克雅 宝 的 趣 趣 #Pont des Amoureux is a ladies watch launched by Van Cleef & Arpels in 2010. The dial depicts a pair of lovers from the Paris art representing romance The two sides of the bridge go to the middle, and will meet in the middle of the bridge once every day at 12 o’clock. This time, the brand launched a series of Pont des Amoureux watches, from day to night, from spring to winter, a total of 6 different enamel dials to choose from, equipped with a new movement based on Valfleurier Q020. There is also a special place: the previous watches only met lovers at 12 o’clock, but now you can see them kiss by pressing the button at 8 o’clock, you don’t have to wait until 12 o’clock, and the meeting at noon and night also From the previous 1 minute to 3 minutes, when the kiss is over, the time will immediately jump to 12:03. The size of this series of watches is 38 mm, the case is available in rose gold and white gold, 6 models are set with diamonds, and the lovers in the dial and the art bridge are also made of white gold. It is equipped with a leather belt. Four of the four season watches are also equipped with a bracelet inlaid with 734 gems, and a fig wooden box. The official foreign prices start from US $ 123,000, or about RMB 870,000. # 天 索 新 #Tissot has recently launched a new men’s watch with a 40mm 316L steel case. The dial is available in blue and black. The simple three-pin design has a square calendar display. The triangular hour scale has a minute track, but there is no Arabic or Roman numerals. It is equipped with a Swiss movement and provides an 80-hour power reserve. In addition to steel belts, there are also belts to choose from. The official foreign price of the steel belt version is 775 US dollars, which is about RMB 5,500. The official foreign price of the belt version is 725 US dollars. About RMB 5,100. How this design looks more and more like a Rolex journal … # “中 置 Tourbillon” 表 # Emerging watch brand Romain Jerome has launched a “center tourbillon” model. Before this, only Omega, Beat Haldimann, Vianney Several brands such as Halter and Czech Leopard have done it. As the name suggests, the central tourbillon is to place the tourbillon in the middle of the movement. This method does not improve the travel time accuracy of the tourbillon. The only benefit is to improve the viewing effect and see at a glance. At the same time, the disadvantage is that the entire watch is very heavy and inconvenient to wear. Because the tug-wheel is in the middle of the dial, it can not be equipped with conventional hands, so its time is displayed by the ring + hands on the edge of the dial. At the same time, this watch does not have our usual crown, the winding is through the hidden key on the back of the case. To adjust the time, you need to remove the strap first, and there is a switch slider in the middle of the lug, and you can use the hidden key after dialing. In addition, this watch uses the design elements of Spider-Man. In addition to the movement splint, even the watch box is cobweb. The clockwork just below the tourbillon can provide six days of extra-long power. The case diameter reaches 45 mm and is made of carbon fiber. The price is about RMB 650,000. #SIHH 更名 # According to the latest official news, ‘Geneva Watch & Clock Salon SIHH’ will be renamed ‘Watch & Miracle W & W’. In addition to the news previously released, W & W will be held in conjunction with the Basel Show, and the updated exhibition will be more open. At the same time, according to @ 钟表 游 WatchTraveler, ‘Clocks and Miracles W & W’ will be exhibited in Chengdu, China after completing the Geneva part of Switzerland. # 包豪斯 与 标准 针 的 组合 # Watch brand Louis Erard and architect and watchmaker Alain Silberstein collaborated for the first time to launch two new watches, this is also the first time that Alain Silberstein adopted the standard needle design. The watch design is inspired by the Swiss railway clock. The dial based on geometric shapes and red, yellow and blue has a strong Bauhaus style. The silver dial has a steel case, and the black dial has a PVD blackened steel case. Mm. The minutes in the center of the dial are indicated by arrows, the design is inspired by the clock of the train station; the red triangle indicates the hour dial at 12 o’clock; the serpentine hands indicate the small seconds at 6 o’clock; It is equipped with a manual movement, blue steel screws and Geneva splint can be seen through the sapphire back cover. The two watches are each limited to 178 pieces. The official official foreign price of the steel case version is 2800 Swiss francs, which is about 19,000 yuan; the official official foreign price of the PVD blackened steel case version is 2900 Swiss francs, which is about 20,000 yuan. . # ‘Alarm clock’ watch # Recently, Athens Watch cooperated with French audio company Devialet to launch a new watch, which has a timekeeping function. Although it also sounds by hammering, it hits a layer of film. The vibration caused air to flow back and forth throughout the titanium case, making a sound. The dense back cover under the film also has 8 windows, which is similar to the principle of the speaker so that the sound it knocks out can reach 85 decibels. This watch is 43 mm in size. The hollow dial design is inspired by the Chladni diagram formed by vibration waves, which is also the shape of the protective net on the Devialet speaker. The Arabic numerals on the dial are tilted clockwise. This design is similar to the nautical compass. There is a small golden dot at 3 o’clock, which is the display window for switching the time. The Hourstriker Phantom watch is limited to 85 pieces, and the official foreign price is 72,500 Swiss francs, which is about 510,000 yuan. # 特特 百 达 翡 丽 # Christie’s is about to take a very important Patek Philippe, which is a three-question watch customized for Henry Graves Jr. Henry Graves Jr. was born in 1868. His family is a well-known bank family in the United States. In addition to making money, he also spends a lot of money, one of the most important watch collectors of the 20th century. That year, he bet his friend HJames Ward Packard to see who could have the most complicated timepiece in the world. From this, Patek Philippe was found, and Henry Graves pocket watches were produced, maintaining the world record of ‘the most complicated clock’ for 57 years. It has the Westminster Cathedral bell, self-sounding, chasing hands, moon phases, time There are 24 complex functions, such as equations, timekeeping and travel time dual power reserve, flat solar time and stellar time, alarm clock, sunrise and sunset time display, star map trajectory of 40 degrees 41 minutes north latitude over New York City. In the 14-year auction, the price reached nearly 150 million, creating a new history. This cask-type minute repeater watch is custom-made by Henry Graves Jr. for daily wear, and the Graves family emblem is hand-engraved on the caseback. Christie’s estimates the price of 21-35 million yuan. —END —