Deep Sea Quest Of Hublot 4000 Meters

This is an iconic watch that goes beyond the limits and completely subverts the imagination & mdash; & mdash; Deep Sea Quest 4000m Dive Watch. After 18 months of intensive R & D and testing, this remarkable technological innovation has finally come out! Today, “Hublot’s 4,000-meter deep sea exploration” can explore the secrets of 4,000 meters deep with the divers.

For the first time in history, the prestigious Monaco Maritime Museum and the prestigious Prince Albert I Ocean Institute Foundation of Monaco, which has a reputation for global marine research and protection, have a historic watch brand.
On June 6, 2011, in the Monaco Aquarium dedicated to the protection of marine animal species, Crown Prince Albert II of Monaco and Hublot Global CEO Jean-Claude & Middot; Beaver jointly revealed this The mysterious ‘Hublot deep sea quest 4,000 meters’ diving watch.
Hublot honors the history and unique traditions of the Monaco Institute of Oceanography, and decides to provide it with funds for scientific investigations and the noble mission of protecting the ocean.
Hublot will also attend the first official press conference to be held at the Paris Institute of Oceanography on October 13 as a major partner, namely the “Deep Sea Conference”.

A high-tech watch that can truly push the limits
Ergonomic, functional and comfortable to wear
Design beyond the limits of imagination
‘The Hublot 4,000-meter deep sea exploration’ has reached the ultimate in all aspects of design, research and development and manufacturing. As a diving watch, it can not only withstand the pressure of 4,000 meters from the depths of the ocean, but also meet the almost stringent requirements of the Swiss International Standard for Watchmaking (NIHS).
To test its tightness, Hublot placed the watch in a sealed box sink and pressurized it to a pressure equivalent to a depth of 5000 meters. In order to ensure its water resistance and compression resistance under extreme conditions, the sapphire crystal is only 6.5mm thick. Although it is slightly thicker than the mirror of an ordinary watch, it is just right for withstanding the huge pressure of 4000 meters underwater. In order to successfully reach this depth, it is necessary to screw in the back of the case, and it is made of extremely hard secondary titanium, which is absolutely resistant to corrosion. In addition to the series of titanium materials, “Deep Sea Exploration 4000 Meters” also introduced all-black carbon fiber materials (titanium and carbon fibers are extremely light materials and meet special technology standards). Therefore, although the diameter is 48mm and the powerful appearance of ‘Deep Sea Quest 4000m’, it is still easy to wear.

In order to ensure that in the dark environment of the deep sea, the reading time is still clearly visible within a distance of 25cm, the dial, protrusions and hands of the ‘Deep Sea Quest 4000 meters’ use a large area of ​​SuperLuminovaTM luminous coating, which is attached to titanium A material that emits green cold light on the element.
Taking into account the safety control of the diving time, a single rotating internal gear-driven diving timer is installed as close to the dial as possible to avoid divers from neglecting the control of the diving time, and it is more convenient to calculate the diving time. . According to the unified standard, the minute hand scale of ‘Deep Sea Exploration 4000m’ is clearly marked every 5 minutes.
The watch is equipped with two crowns embedded with screws (O-ring gaskets ensure that they can withstand deep water pressure). The three-dimensional crown for setting the diving time is set at two o’clock, which is convenient for users to adjust the setting. In consideration of the safety of the diver, the device is also provided with a bayonet and a protective crown that can be wrapped around it, which is convenient for operation while diving and also enhances its safety. Another crown for winding and adjusting the time is set at the 4 o’clock position to avoid errors during operation.
Finally, as a diving watch, ‘Deep Sea Quest 4000m’ is specially equipped with a helium valve to ensure that it can dive to a depth of 4000m. During the dive, the helium valve can ensure that the gas that penetrates into the watch during the descent is smoothly discharged during the ascent. The valve is made of anti-corrosion stainless steel and is installed at the left lug, at 10 o’clock.
This watch is equipped with two sets of straps, a pin strap and a buckle strap (for ‘City version’ and ‘Dive version’). This design of the strap is safer than folding buckles and easier to handle when wearing gloves. It is worth noting that this traditional pin buckle is relatively rare in Hublot products. At the same time, the way the strap is connected to the case is very special. At the end of the case, there are two buttons that can be replaced at will. The strap eliminates the tedious use of a screwdriver or other accessories. ‘The city version’ uses black natural rubber for the strap, and the ‘diving version’ uses a fusion of natural rubber and nylon, which is slightly longer than an ordinary strap. The strip thickness is only 8mm.