G-shock Sets Off A Trend Of Fashionable And Dazzling Blue

Sports, leisure, and fashion are the perfect combination of street fashion. In this warm spring day, all eyes are warm colors, but you must know that blue / green is definitely the coolest choice for sportsmen this spring! Trendy brand G-SHOCK has launched a number of new SNEAKER COLORS series watches this season. The blue tone is the main focus, covering the popular Jason G-001SN, 5600 classic DW-5600SN, and the large dial GA-110SN series. The unique design, exaggerated personality, powerful shockproof, and street color matching are the best tools for the watch of this season’s trend. During the “May 1st” period, it will be sold first in Hangzhou Yintai Department Store. Friends who like it must check in advance.
    The Jason model G-001SN-2, which has made G-SHOCK fans crazy, was first sold in China. It has functions such as 200 meters waterproof, countdown, multi-function alarm, fully automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour timekeeping, seconds and other functions. Continuing the DW-001 replica design that was popular with young people when it was launched in 1994, the round and simple appearance is the biggest feature of the Jason series. The case back and the case are covered with rubber material, and the case body is matte. The connection design of the strap is special, allowing shock-absorbing materials to achieve shock-proof characteristics. The bright blue color of the entire table highlights the stylish personality and can bring ultra-popular matching options to the trendy wrist.
    Create a new single product DW-5600SN-1 with classic models, take DW-5600 as the prototype and incorporate the SNEAKER COLORS theme blue. The strap is presented in a concise and basic all-black style, with a matte-treated body. The blue dial is The all-black watch body is extremely eye-catching, and its ease of use is undoubtedly high. With electronic fluorescent lighting, shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, stopwatch (accurate to 1 / 100th of a second), countdown and other functions, it is best known as the most IN single product, and anyone who sees it can hardly resist its charm.
    With the mood, you can change the tide on your wrist at any time. A series can match your own street style. The eye-catching GA-110SN with large dial has white and green colors, and matte processing body, making this watch full of sports vitality. Combination of pointer and number, dual display, with automatic LED backlight, intermittent alarm, world time, alarm and other functions. Among them, the anti-vibration and anti-magnetic function make the best partner for those who love street sports. Color matching, friends who like it must remember to prepare one!