Tissot Touch Series Watch Introduction

Touch Navigator Series

The Touch Navigator series is a veritable world time zone watch. As long as you touch it on the touch-screen mirror, you can choose the time display in the second time zone from 150 countries or cities, and it is loved by people who often travel around the world. The second time zone displays the time of the village or city, which can be customized according to the place where they live to understand the feeling of homesickness. Automatically adjusts winter and summer time until 2099. Diversified functions that meet the needs of the wearer will surely become a classic that transcends time.
T-Touch Expert Pilot Series

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot model features a cockpit instrument-shaped dial and a compass-shaped bezel to inspire flight design inspiration. Touch the crown and the anti-wear crystal glass surface to control 11 functions, including the altimeter, Altimeter gauges, barometers and countdown timers are perfect watches for active athletes interested in high altitude and land sports.
T-Touch Expert Series

The T-Touch Expert series, launched in 2008, is designed for people who love outdoor adventure activities. The dial and compass bezel of the cockpit instrumentation perfectly show the inspiration of flight design. The T-Touch series combines superb technology and fashion style. From the case, dial to the strap, it is made of fashionable and top-quality materials. In addition to the classic stainless steel case, the case is also available in titanium, 18K gold or platinum. In addition to the typical sports metal strap and black rubber strap, the strap is bolder with orange and white rubber, which makes people’s eyes shine. The dial with white mother-of-pearl or black carbon fiber, with exquisite case and strap, is fashionable and innovative, highlighting the leading position of the Swiss Tissot watch.
Sea-Touch Series

推出 The SEA-Touch series launched in 2009 fully meets the European Norm (EN) requirements for diving equipment: brightness, shock resistance, anti-magnetic, comfort, integrated time control device. Just like a tactile diving timepiece, you can grasp all the information with the touch of a fingertip. The sea floor is always full of countless surprises that attract divers to take risks, and Sea-Touch is the most trusted partner of divers.