Oriental Double Lion Three-eye Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch Introduction

ORIENT Oriental Double Lions Three Eyes Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch CTD0B001W0
    Three-eye chronograph quartz watch, stainless solid stainless steel strap with stainless steel case, calendar (calendar with a magnifying glass on the dial), 100 meters waterproof, fluorescent pointer scale, 12 o’clock for chronograph minutes, and 6 o’clock for second time zone, The long second hand is a chronograph second hand. The 9 o’clock position is the walking second hand. Under normal conditions, the second hand is moving at the 9 o’clock position, and the screw-type crown must be rotated out before use. When timing, press the upper right key to start timing, and then press stop, press the lower right key to return to zero. If the long second hand does not return to zero: pull out the crown to the second space (adjust the time), press the upper right key until 12 o’clock and then push the crown. If you receive a white card seedling on the crown of the watch (to save battery consumption), take it out and use it normally.
Basic Information
· Place of Origin: Japan
· Movement: Japanese quartz
· Table material: glass
Dial diameter: 4 cm
Dial thickness: 0.9 cm
· Dial Material: Steel
Dial color: white
· Band length: 250 mm
· Bandwidth: 1.8 cm
· Band Material: Steel
· Band color: white
· Buckle: Folding
Water resistance: 100 meters
· Ring material: stainless steel
· Length: 14.00 cm
· Width: 11.99 cm
· Height: 7.01 cm

Oris Dives Into The Deep Sea With Carlos Coste

The cooperation between Swiss watch brand Oris Oris and free diving champion Carlos Coste originated in 2006. Both parties have great passion and enthusiasm for diving. Since the date of cooperation, Oris and Carlos have launched a number of world-class high-quality diving watches. At present, both parties are looking forward to further in-depth cooperation to develop more new diving watches to meet the ardent expectations of watch lovers and diving lovers.

As a tribute to Carlos’s feat in 2010, Oris has introduced the Carlos Coste Limited Watch Cenote Series-an excellent diving accessory. Oris also previously introduced the Carlos Coste Diving Limited Edition 2006 and 2007 models. The close collaboration between Oris and Carlos also includes testing and verifying the performance range of dive watches.
Mr. Ulrich W. Herzog, President of Oris, said: ‘We are very honored to be working with Carlos Coste. He shared our philosophy and philosophy: maintaining the highest professional standards of work and dedication to diving. He is fully in line with us Mission of the company: real watches for real people. ‘
Carlos Coste added: ‘I have full confidence in the future cooperation with Oris. The Oris brand has always been at the forefront of technology, efficient and precise with its own unique style. It can continue to be a diving lover It is essential to provide high-performance, high-quality diving watches. I look forward to exploring more new areas with Oris in the coming years. ‘