Hengjili Xiyi Dongyun Famous Watch Exhibition That Communicates Eastern And Western Culture

The watch industry in 2014 is about to usher in the Geneva watch exhibition event. When the industry and the media traveled to Western Switzerland, the watch technology exhibition brought the latest technological frontier and aesthetic shock to the watch industry. Some ‘sages and gentlemen’ noticed that in the homeland of the East, a watch exhibition that also brings together many high-end and well-known watch brands has been meeting with domestic watch collectors and watch lovers every year since 2011. What is even more surprising is that the form presented by this famous watch exhibition is permeated with oriental aesthetic philosophy, which makes people feel that the famous watch has a seamless dialogue with the oriental civilization.

2013 “Hanging Time Museum”

Yuan Yuan blends to lay foundation for contemporary dialogue

In the vast and vast history, the history of timepieces is only a small branch of it. Since the modern times, the clock and watch manufacturing industry represented by Switzerland and Germany has accumulated a lot, and flowers are blooming, each leading the way. In the contemporary East, while still recording the flow of time calmly and traditionally, people also continuously accepted and improved the advanced technology from the West. Timing tools. Watches and clocks talk about exchanges and stories of different cultures and traditions. The fusion of Eastern and Western civilizations, even if only a short paragraph from the exchange of horological history, have endless stories and unforgettable memories.

‘Twelve Music Rhythm’ window of Hengli Xiyi Dongyun 2011

2011 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Twelve Music Rhythm’ Plain Time Wall

Because of this, showing and sharing this monumental and happening thing to people can become a reality. Holding similar exhibitions not only requires a deep understanding of the development of the industry while taking root in China, the pursuit and precipitation of cultural spirit has also become a more important inherent requirement. As the domestically used unified trade name, the world’s most widely-established luxury watch chain business brand Henry Geely World Famous Watch Center relies on its corporate culture as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures and its deep understanding of the watch industry, naturally becoming candidates for similar exhibitions. Hengli is also willing to hold a theme exhibition for people in this era of rapid development of material civilization and rapid changes in information and information, so that everyone can stop hurriedly and calmly appreciate and appreciate watch art. At the same time, think and feel the wisdom of human civilization, Art and emotion.

Front view of Hengli Xiyi Dongyun 2011

2011 The Twelve Music Rhythm of Henglixi Art East Rhyme-Dragon Watch

Harmonious combination of watchmaking masterpieces and oriental culture

Since 2011, the annual ‘Western Arts and East Rhyme’ watch culture exhibition has arrived on schedule. The exhibition combines the brilliance of western watch culture with the rich civilization of the east, and presents, shares and spreads the beauty of watch culture, timepiece civilization and art in an aesthetic form rich in oriental charm.

2012 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’ koi playing in water

In 2011, Xiyi Dongyun performed melodious music, carved screens, mahogany windows, zither, lute, erhu, and yangqin … a gorgeous drama with Chinese elements was staged. In 2011, Xiyi Dongyun took the ancient Chinese ‘twelve rhythms’ and ‘five tones’ as inspiration sources, creatively combined traditional Chinese musical instruments and watches, and the twelve ancient rhythms of ‘Yellow Bell Daluo’ and the twelve scales on the dial Combined with wonderful harmony, it creates an elegant and meaningful wall of time, playing the beauty of western timepieces with oriental rhythms.

2012 Henry’s Western Art East Rhyme ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’-Kowloon Wall

In 2012, the Western Art East Rhyme was led by the blue and white, the green tire was sketched, the color was simple, but the strokes were mysterious. ‘Ten Scenic Scenery of Gusu’, ‘Wealthy Blossoms’ and ‘Dragon and Phoenix Show’, the masterpieces of Jingdezhen celadon masterpieces are elegantly displayed in the exhibition hall; heaven and earth landscape, dragon and Phoenix flowers and birds, outline the spiritual charm of all things like a dial The same, between the square inch, but the passage of time and the vicissitudes of the sea. In 2012, Xiyi Dongyun took the theme of “blue and white ancient rhyme”. The ancient blue and white flowers complement each other with exquisite and exquisite watches, and the profound connotations of watches and porcelain are vividly exquisite.

2012 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’ watch display

Compared with the explicit display methods of the previous two years, the 2013 Western Arts and East Rhyme is more restrained and full of philosophy. In 2013, Hengli Xiyi Dongyun took the concept of ‘flowing time museum’ and divided the exhibition area into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Time’ and ‘Time Station’. Especially worth mentioning is the setting of the core landscape ‘time drifting sand’. The device drives and releases fine sand in a specific time interval through the circulating driving equipment of the dark cloth. Quicksand flows slowly from the gap of the inverted pyramid into the tripod of the exhibition area, presenting the eternal and time-changing eternity, allowing the visitors to experience the sensory experience of ‘time passing through the gap like a white horse’. Although Fang Ding continued to suffer years of ‘corrosion’, he was always rock-solid and did not abandon himself because of changes in time and space. This is also a tribute and eulogy to the eternal truth.

Interior view of the “Western Blues and Ancients” exhibition hall of 2012 Western Art East Rhyme

Masterpieces of cultural exchanges between East and West

An exhibition brings together masterpieces of Western watchmaking craftsmanship, condenses the essence of Eastern civilization, and builds a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. She narrates the beauty of timepiece art from different angles, allowing viewers to hold their breath while listening to the pace of time, lamenting the eternity of time and space and the small individual life, and devoutly exploring historical culture, artistic aesthetics and even life philosophy. ‘Western Art and East Rhyme’, a famous watch culture exhibition featuring the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship each year, undoubtedly establishes a communication for the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures in this subdivision of watches Bridges, whether for watch brands, watch collectors, watch lovers, or more people who love love and beauty, are the perfect moment to appreciate ‘owning a watch, owning a world’. For Hengli, this is the best choice to show that he is different from other watch dealers, and to enrich the connotation and depth of the Hengli brand with the help of the “Western East Rhythm” tour.

2013 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun’s ‘Music of Time’-‘Timing of Time’ & ‘Journey of Civilization’

2013 Hangi Li Xiyi Dongyun ‘Mobile Time Museum’-‘Time Station’ rest negotiation area

2013 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Flowing Time Museum’-‘Exploration Road’ light and shadow effects & ‘Journey of Civilization’