Classic Tour Omega Cosmic Moon Phase Watch

The combination of the three calendar display and the moon phase is very unique. For antique watches, this dial configuration can give it a different charm. In the past, some of these watches were well known in the industry, including the Omega Cosmic.

   Today, many different watches in the Omega line carry the ‘Cosmic’ name. But for a long time, this is only a patent for some specific models of the hippocampus. In addition, some people may remember the museum series rectangular limited edition watch released by Omega, which is also a combination of three calendars and moon phases. ‘Cosmic’ has been around since the 1940s and has been a traditional round watch.

   This special watch was produced in 1948 and is well-preserved. Arabic numerals, hands, and moon phases have faded to yellow, but the date numbers and date hands remain vivid blue. Combined with a stainless steel case that is also excellent in maintenance, this watch is like a time capsule, which makes people curious and wonder how much time it has experienced and witnessed. The watch’s case and movement are both original, but they are not numbered, proving that this is actually a prototype or trial watch.

   This watch is 34 mm in diameter and small in size, but it is of the same age. The bezel is narrow, so the dial looks wider than it actually is. The watch is equipped with a 27DLPC manual-winding movement and was unveiled last year at the auction house of Filis, with an estimated value of 4,000 to 6,000 Swiss francs. However, in the end, the auction price of this watch reached 21,250 Swiss francs, indicating that the market price of antique Omega watches is rising. Of course, good preservation conditions and the origin of prototype watches or trial watches may also help.