Persistence Is A Very Important Thing

Cats, FixedGear drivers, regulars in awards in major national competitions. He is a free rider and a stubborn player. The first of each was the beginning of the next, and the pain and failure also became a flavoring agent, and the cat said, ‘I’m not afraid!’. He insisted that when he was 30 years old, he would still be an ‘old urchin’ with his G-SHOCK. On this riding road, the cat went all the way. G-SHOCK NOISE: Hello cat, how did you first get into the sport of FixedGear? What do you think of this sport? What attracts you most?
Mao Tsai: At first, I was exposed to street culture from hip-hop. The deeper my understanding, the more I was attracted to it. Later I became interested in other related sports and wanted to try it out. The first time I saw Fixed was when I went out dancing with friends, someone rode a FixedGear. At that time, I was attracted by the shape and color. After learning about its gameplay and free combination of body, etc. , And even more like it. FixedGear emphasizes the challenge to itself, and like all extreme sports it tells me the spirit of not giving up. What attracts me most is to always remind me to control myself. In the communication with the car, balance, rotation, beating, etc. are constantly repeated exercises, control each body and every joint of the car, and seek the most appropriate balance point. In my opinion, it is more like a meditation practice and learn to focus. These also have a subtle influence on my character and doing things.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Many people think that FixedGear is a dangerous sport. Have you been worried when you first started playing? Seeing that you often get hurt, why keep insisting?
Kitty: All sports are somewhat dangerous, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. There is no absolute freedom, there is a need to be constrained, and to know how to avoid danger. This is the meaning of learning. Even though there may be pain, I still insist, this is an attitude, hard work and hard work to do what you want to do well. Persistence in faith is important.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Is playing FixedGear a self-challenge for you? What kind of relationship or meaning does it have with your life?
Cat: Yes, it is indispensable in life now, because of it, I get too much. From repeated practice, from impossible to possible, I found that I could have a lot of ‘possible’, but if I don’t try, I can only kill them in my imagination. FixdeGear is like a mirror to me, letting me see my truest self, ‘I can!’
G-SHOCK NOISE: This year G-SHOCK also joined its fourth ‘Death Fly Revolution’ with its TOUGH spirit. As a player who played on behalf of G-SHOCK, what is your understanding of TOUGH? What is a TOUGH thing for you?
Cat: Actually, I really appreciate G-SHOCK’s support for FixedGear, an extreme sport. Young people need such a platform for worry-free communication, which makes us feel more confident. And such a brand with clear coordinates and special support for extreme sports, I believe it must have a particularly attractive culture and personality. For TOUGH, my understanding is to be yourself and not to be influenced by others, just like a tough guy who is indestructible. For me, what I do now is a TOUGH thing, and enjoy FixedGear.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Just like this time participating in the ‘Death Flying Revolution’ event, G-SHOCK has always been very happy to interact well with the fields of music, sports, art, and fashion, providing a lot of support for artists and athletes, and encouraging young people. Show yourself, how do you think young people should better show their abilities? What does a good platform mean for young people who want ‘Express Yourself’?
Cat: Strive to seize the opportunity to show your best side, don’t be shy and don’t need to worry. Because being the most authentic one, expressing your own ideas is what young people need now, a solid sense of existence. The platform is important. The location of a platform actually determines a starting point for what you show. However, a good platform is not simply a high level of support. It is more important to be motivated and motivated, to understand and support, and to be consistent in belief. G-SHOCK often gives young people a conviction, telling us fearlessness and persistence. It seems that you can do whatever you want, don’t be afraid, because it is no longer afraid.
G-SHOCK NOISE: This year is the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK. From 1983 to the present, G-SHOCK has become one of the classics of trendy culture. Which of its characteristics and culture do you agree with?
Cat: I think G-SHOCK is very open and inclusive. It does crossover with many fields, exchanges and embraces different cultures. But it is very stubborn, holds its own opinions and does not change its beliefs. It’s interesting, it’s the best balance between change and self. I appreciate and agree with this. Don’t follow the current but always make myself better, all from a clear voice telling myself to keep going in the direction I think.
G-SHOCK NOISE: The 30-year-old G-SHOCK, from youthless and fearless to persistent, has accompanied many people in their journey of striving for dreams. What kind of plot do you have for G-SHOCK? What expectations do you have for it and yourself in the past and future?
Cat: Actually before, I went to google about G-SHOCK brand and learned some history about it. G-SHOCK’s belief in ‘creating a watch that will never break’ makes me feel like being a person, never being defeated by others, strong when strong, not giving up easily, very TOUGH. With such a tough and tough shape, it also contains such a belief that makes me believe that G-SHOCK is more than just a watch. Taking G-SHOCK is like reminding yourself that you are stubborn, be yourself, express yourself, and never give up in the face of setbacks.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Seeing that you are wearing today is a DW-6930A from the red-gold series launched by G-SHOCK this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This watch is based on G-SHOCK’s most classic 6900 watch. Bring any memories?
Cat: Remember that my first G-SHOCK was the black gold series GD-100GB-1DR that I always wanted to own, and it was also my first many memories. At that time, I played FixedGear for exactly one year and participated in the first national competition Winning the prize, my father gave me a reward, and it was also his first recognition of playing FixedGear for me, which made sense to me. At that time I brought black gold, now it is red gold, one is a commemorative for the first time, and one is a milestone of spiritual belief. Seeing the ’30’ logo is like giving me a power. TOUGH persists.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Finally, talk to us about your expectations for yourself when you are 30 years old.
Cat: I think that at 30 I will still be an ‘old puck’ who loves FixedGear and extreme street culture, and wanders, sweats, and shares youth with young people. Play old, stick to old. It’s wonderful to think about it. One thing that can persist is to make people feel as happy as faith. At that time, I should have had a child, and I would send him a G-SHOCK, let him take him like me, and tell him that he would not be defeated like this unbreakable watch.

Dior Dior Launches A New Chinese Red Formal Watch

Red is a traditional Chinese color, which is closely related to the Lunar New Year and symbolizes joy and good luck. On February 16, 2018, China will enter the Year of the Dog. Dior chooses the most popular red in China to launch three new formal watches.

La Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents watch, stainless steel case, red lacquered dial, diamond-set crown, black satin strap, priced at 3,500 pounds (about 30,700 yuan)

La D de Dior Satine watch, stainless steel rose gold-plated case, red lacquered dial, diamond-set, price 6,200 pounds (about 55,500 yuan)

Dior Grand Bal Fête du Printemps watch, stainless steel gold-plated case, diamond, ruby ​​and mother-of-pearl, bright red crocodile leather strap, priced at 23,600 pounds