The City Of Birth Of Rolex Daytona The Speed ​​city Of The World – Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida has a history in the name of the world’s speed capital. Since 1903, many racing events have been held here, and many world land speed records are also set here. The most noticeable one is the record speed of nearly 450 kilometers per hour in 1935. To date, Daytona Beach has been hailed as the ‘World Racing Center’ in the United States. The International Speedway Corporation, headquartered in Daytona, manages 13 tracks in the United States, including the legendary Daytona International Speedway. The headquarters of the National Sports Car Racing Association (NASCAR) and the American Automobile Racing Association (GRAND-AM) are also located in Daytona.

King of Speed
   1903–1935 From 1903 to 1935, Daytona’s hard-sandy beaches became an ideal place to break the speed record on land, and has since become known internationally. More than 80 official records were born here, of which 14 are even more The world’s fastest speed record. At that time, long distance markings on the sand used to calculate racing speed * recorded several brilliant racing achievements, including WK ​​Vanderbilt’s Dayton at 92 mph (148 km) in 1904 Take the first world record; Barney Oldfield drove the ‘LightningBenz’ to a record-breaking speed of 131 miles (210 kilometers) per hour in 1910, and became the throne of the King of Speed. Later, Orfield declared that his record was ‘near the absolute limit of human driving speed.’

   One of the outstanding racers at the time, Ralph DePalma, drove a powerful 12-cylinder Packard sports car, setting a new world record at 149 mph (240 km) in 1919, a record of more than 10 Years long. In the days that followed, it was the speed of conquering two difficult competitors in history: Malcolm Campbell and Henry Segrave. Since the 1920s, these two wealthy Britons have been able to compete on the Brooklands circuit in England, the world’s first dedicated racing circuit built in 1907. The latter two set a speed record and won King George V. George V) title. When the concrete elliptical track in Brookland was not enough to handle their more powerful high-speed sports cars, they turned to the beaches, starting with Pendine Sands and Southport in England, and finally inevitable. Came to Daytona. Their secretly built sports car exceeded 200 miles per hour (321 kilometers), and at the time only airplanes could reach such high speeds.

   Their sports cars are equipped with aircraft engines and are built for sprinting straight on the beach. Seagrave drove the Sunbeam Mystery S at a speed of 203 miles per hour (328 km) in the first Daytona duel in 1927. This victory was the first record verified by international standards. The distance is measured at the same distance but in the opposite direction, and the average value is calculated through calculation to offset the wind effect. Campbell drove the Bluebird (named after all his tanks) the following year, breaking records at 207 miles per hour (333 kilometers). In 1929, Henry Seagrave led the new sports car Golden Arrow, again leading the record at 231 miles (372 kilometers) per hour, a world record that earned him the jazz title and appeared in the New York Times ( New York Times). However, he unfortunately died unexpectedly the following year when he tried to break the speed record on the water.
   Since then, Campbell has been driving more powerful ‘Bluebird’ chariots year after year, breaking the world record he set in Daytona and becoming the true king of speed. Each of his pioneering efforts has attracted thousands of audiences and media around the world to Daytona Beach. In March 1935, he set a goal of 300 miles (482 kilometers) per hour and reached 330 miles (531 kilometers) an hour on his first sprint, setting a record for Daytona’s highest speed ever. However, when he was driving in the opposite direction, his average speed was reduced to 276 miles (445 kilometers) per hour, which was his last record at Daytona. This failure prompted Campbell to test the new site, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. In September of the same year, he successfully completed the challenge, setting a final official record at 301 miles per hour (485 kilometers). Since 1930, Campbell has achieved great feats with Rolex Oyster watches. He witnessed the extraordinary shock resistance of the Rolex Oyster in his advertisement at the time. It can be seen that Rolex’s first spokesperson in the motorsport industry has long been inextricably bound with Dayton.
Unique sand track for the whole ball
   Although the onshore track record was moved to Utah, Daytona has a close relationship with motorsport. Since 1936, Daytona has hosted many unique world races, helping to establish its extraordinary position in the racing world. Soon after, the golden age of elliptical track racing arrived, with half of the track on the beach and the other half of the narrow coastal road. From 1937, this unique track has become the 200-mile American Motorcycle Championship, and this event has become a classic car under the name ‘Daytona 200’. The competitions on the beach are very exciting, attracting hundreds of spectators. Soon, some wooden stands were set up along the turn in the sand. This turn prevented some cars from being manually bombed or straight into the sea.

   Subsequently, the National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) was established in Daytona in 1948. NASCAR races are now held in four different locations throughout the United States and have become a popular racing category among American audiences. In the same year, Daytona’s Speed ​​Weeks car race, which was held in the early 20th century, was reconvened, and the two-week event is usually held in February. Under the sun in Florida, Daytona Beach is once again the center of American motorsport. The speed measuring distance on the beach allows the speed racing to be carried out again. Major American car brands and top European sports cars have joined the battlefield to promote the brand’s latest models.
   After a few kilometers of sprinting, the car’s impulse is strengthened, so that it can reach the speed range at the highest speed. These races are open to the public: each driver can drive his own car to set an officially certified speed record. The famous Daytona Beach-Road Course is located between the road and the low tide beach. The exciting motorcycle and car races are the focus of the ‘Speed ​​Week’ car race. It is said that many top drivers have smuggled distilled spirits of the Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States (especially Georgia and South and North Carolina), and have been trained to escape the pursuit of federal agents from time to time. So has a wealth of racing experience.
   In the mid-1950s, urban development and sand degradation gradually threatened races on the beach. With that in mind, Sir William France Sr., Chairman and Founder of NASCAR, has launched an extremely aggressive plan to build a permanent hard-faced track for top speed events: the Daytona International Circuit. The circuit opened in 1959, inheriting Daytona’s unique heritage and promoting its international reputation.
Racing car hall

   When the Daytona International Circuit opened in 1959, it was not only the fastest track in the United States, but also one of the world’s ‘super tracks.’ This 2.5-mile (4 km) three-ellipse circuit still impresses every spectator. The track is uniquely designed for speed, with a 31-degree inclination and a maximum point of 10 meters. The high inclination allows the car to corner at high speed without sliding off the runway under the influence of centrifugal force. At the same time, the audience can see the event at a glance no matter where they are in the stands. However, construction work is an extremely difficult engineering challenge, among which the pavement is even more important. Project engineer Charles Moneypenny developed a unique technique for applying asphalt on slope bends. The pavers are connected to the bulldozers just above the bends to facilitate work on slopes, and this patented technology has since been used to build other tracks.

   Daytona International’s distinctive design does n’t stop there: From the very beginning, Sir William Frances, the founder of the track, hoped that this new track would not only be an important venue for NASCAR events, but would be able to Become an international model. To attract the world’s top racers to Daytona, it was necessary to host the then-recognized elite motorsport event: a sports car event. Sir Francis conceived an innovative concept, constructing a road racing track in the large field’s infield, used for sports car and motorcycle racing, combining the classic track with a unique oval track with a roll angle For one. It is this innovative approach that has led to the development of the World Endurance Race, including the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours, which is as famous as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 24 At Daytona®) to earn an international reputation for this American circuit. The first event was held in the name of ‘Daytona Continental’ in 1962. Only one year later, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch was launched immediately, and the event was born at the same time as the watch. The fate of the person has never been separated.
Race named after Rolex Watch named after Daytona

   Sir William Frances not only loved the Daytona International Circuit, but also admired Malcolm Campbell and wore Rolex watches like him. Sir Francis appeared in the brand’s early 1960s ad, saying that Rolex was the appointed timepiece for the Daytona International Circuit. Since the first ‘Daytona Continental Race’, in addition to the trophy, the champion driver can also win a Rolex watch. When the cosmograph watch for racers came out, it naturally became a winner. Soon after, to emphasize the brand’s relationship with this American circuit, Rolex specifically named this watch Cosmograph Daytona.
   In 1992, Rolex sponsored the 24 Hours of Daytona, officially establishing a long relationship between the two, and the event has since been renamed the ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours.’ The oldest and most prestigious race in the United States kicked off the international racing season and was referred to simply as ‘The Rolex’. The audience always abandons the stands and sits in the open field to feel the atmosphere. In 2012, this legendary event celebrates its 50th anniversary. This year’s Anniversary Event has a record number of attendees and ended with wonderful results. After 24 hours of fierce competition, and finally accurate measurement of the Rolex clock near the finish line, the winning team won the championship by only 5 seconds. In the end, the winner completed more than 2,673 miles (4,300 kilometers), which is equivalent to the distance from New York across the United States to Los Angeles.

   The Rolex Daytona 24 Hours is exciting and fascinating, but at the same time extremely difficult. It challenges the limits of human and machinery for a full 24 hours. It is believed that it is the only sports car event in the world except the “Le Mans 24 Hours. To this day, many drivers from Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar and Endurance are enthusiastically participating in this race. They all have the same dream: they hope to wear the Daytona wrists that they won in the race. Watch and respected by the world.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Chopin’s Blue Rhapsody Happy Dreams Fresh Goods

Chopard’s classic Happy Diamonds sliding diamond, since 1976, has leapt freely, full of joy and become the brand classic; 40 years later, following the concept of Happy Diamonds, Happy Dreams has an interweaving circle The shape curve, decorated with white mother-of-pearl, presents a three-dimensional effect and a light and shadow effect, presenting a joy like a dream.

   After the white diamonds in the Happy Dreams series, the light and agile sliding diamonds once again cherished the mother-of-pearl with sapphire. The blue tone of the sapphire is shining brightly against the white mother-of-pearl, highlighting the freedom and elegance of the sliding diamond. Beauty.

Happy Dreams necklace, 18K white gold ring, set with claw-set diamonds and 1 claw-set sliding diamond, decorated with white mother-of-pearl at the bottom.

   The Happy Dreams jewelry series includes sapphire necklaces and sapphire rings. Necklace consists of four rings of different sizes interwoven with each other. Each ring is set with sapphires, and three sliding diamonds fly freely. It shines brightly against the background of mother-of-pearl. .

Happy Dreams ring, 18K white gold ring, set with claw-set diamonds and 1 claw-set sliding diamond, decorated with white mother-of-pearl at the bottom.

   The Sapphire ring consists of three intertwined diamond rings, hovering in a claw-set sliding diamond. Against the backdrop of mother-of-pearl, the deep sapphire, with its intellectual elegance, blooms in dazzling blues in luxurious beauty.

Happy Diamonds series watch, 18K white gold round watch, bezel set with claw-set sapphire diamonds, white mother-of-pearl surface contains 15 two different sizes of sliding sapphire diamonds, with a royal blue alligator leather strap.

   The Happy Diamonds series watch, also decorated with mother-of-pearl dial, is decorated with sapphire. The dial is as bright and clean as a bright moon. Around the sapphire, 15 sliding diamonds of different sizes are hovering deliberately, showing a vibrant and full of intellectual beauty.

Rolex Becomes The Official Timekeeper And Official Watch Of The Us Open

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has announced that Rolex will become the official sponsor of the US Open and will serve as the official timekeeper and official watch of the tournament. The multi-year cooperation agreement took effect immediately, and the two sides began preparations for the 2018 US Open.

 During the US Open, Rolex watches and clocks will appear in every corner of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, representing a partnership dedicated to excellence in tennis. The clock on the outside wall of Arthur Ashe Stadium will also be decorated in Rolex’s iconic style.
 In addition, Rolex will sponsor the Cincinnati Southwest Consortium Open, and by sponsoring all nine events, fulfill the brand’s commitment to the ATP Masters. Rolex will also sponsor USTA National Camps, the center of all USTA’s tennis mission-related activities and programs, located in the Nona Lakes area near Orlando, Florida. The brand will also support the USTA Foundation’s project, the official charity of USTA, designed to help young people with limited resources. This partnership reinforces Rolex’s 40-year tradition of sponsoring and supporting the highest levels of tennis.
 ‘Rolex is a true tennis champion and shares our passion for the sport with USTA,’ said Gordon Smith, CEO and executive director of USTA. ‘We are delighted to welcome this as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the US Open. Iconic luxury brand to become a partner, and thank the brand for supporting USTA’s mission to advance tennis. ‘
 ‘For the past 40 years, we have long been committed to supporting the highest level of tennis, and this exciting journey began with our connection to Wimbledon in 1978, and later served as the second Grand Slam tournament to the Australian Open. Sponsors and official timing. ‘Rolex US President and CEO StewartWicht said,’ Today, Rolex has established a partnership with USTA to sponsor and support the Association’s flagship event US Open. The two parties work together to share quality, excellence, precision and Passion for performance. ‘
 From August 27th to September 9th, the 2018 US Open will be held at the Flushing Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the US Open. The National Tennis Center has just completed a $ 600 million expansion and renovation plan. The new Louis Armstrong Stadium will also meet the audience. This is an advanced stadium with 14,000 seats and the final step of the overall expansion plan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

The Founder Of The World’s Top Ten Famous Watches

For many watch enthusiasts, the topic they have been discussing all the time, which watch brands can be called real watches? Which watches are the top watch brands? However, they don’t know the founders behind these famous watches, let’s take everyone to understand the founders of these famous watches! Mr. Antoine Norbert De Patek (left) and Mr. Adricn Philippe (right)
Patek Philippe Founder
     The founder of Patek Philippe, Antoine Norbert de Patek, was originally a revolutionary who opposed the Russian rule in Poland in 1831. After the Polish Revolution failed, he fled to France, settled in Geneva, Switzerland, and started working in the watch industry. In 1839, he opened the Patek Watch Company. In 1844, Anthony Patek and Francois Czapek met at an exhibition in Paris. At that time, Jane Philippe had designed pocket watches with a very thin case, and without the use of traditional spoons for winding and adjustment. This kind of pocket watch was ignored at the exhibition, but Anthony Patek was deeply attracted by its new design. After a conversation, the two immediately reached an intention to cooperate. In this way, Jane Philippe joined Patek.

Jul Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, founders of Audemars Piguet
UdeAudemars Piguet, founder of Audemars Piguet
In 1875, two young talented watchmakers, Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet, were determined to work together to develop the precision watch industry in the Swiss watch resort Jura, and formally founded the Audemars Piguet Watch Factory; and in December 1881, On 17th, Audemars, Piguet Cie is established in Le Brassus.
The Audemars Piguet table is made up of the first letters A and P of their last names. The two were trained in the Jurassic Valley to become professional sanders, and were committed to developing the most sophisticated parts of watchmaking. At the beginning of the watch factory, the two forward-looking Audemars Piguet watchmakers have decided not to be part suppliers of the watch factory, and took the lead in developing complete watches; in 1882, the first bag equipped with a perpetual calendar device was created. The installation of watches fully reflects their aggressiveness and wit. With their entrepreneurial spirit, they focus on manufacturing Audemars Piguet’s complex watches and carry out a series of strategic marketing, making Audemars Piguet watches the brand with the most invented records of complex watches in the world today.
创始人 Founder of Earl Piaget
In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget started with movement manufacturing. In 1940, Piaget’s grandson opened up the international market for the development of Piaget. In 1956 Piaget introduced an ultra-thin movement. Since the 1960s, Piaget has devoted itself to the research of complex movements while developing the design of top jewelry. From designing and making wax models to setting gems, Piaget has always adhered to the principle of excellence. Its cuff watches and coin watches are exceptionally designed and are treasures of Piaget. Currently under the Swiss Richemont Group. Count Earl and Earl entered the Fine Jewelry Hall more than 50 years ago. Since then the earl is not just a surname, but a synonym for in-depth professional knowledge. The fascinating watches and accessories are carefully crafted artworks that took hundreds of hours of craftsmanship, and probably only in this way can they live up to the reputation of PIAGET. Whenever we look back on the count’s more than 130 years of history, there is a kind of enthusiasm condensed in jewellery and time, that breath is moving.
创始人 Jaeger-LeCoultre founder
The LeCoultre family gave birth to a boy, Antoine, in 1803. He started as an apprentice in his father’s smithy, and devoted himself to gear manufacturing technology and metallurgy. In 1833, he founded a craft workshop in the town of Le Sentier and left the family business. By 1860, his company had reached more than 100 people, specializing in the production of precision watches and clocks, and launched hundreds of watch movements, thus establishing his position in the Swiss watch industry. In 1903, when Antoine was 100 years old (of course he did not live that time, but he did receive one of the best birthday gifts), his grandson Jacob David and Jaeger-LeCoultre (Edmon Jaeger) co-founded today’s Jaeger LeCoultre factory.
创始人 Vacheron Constantin, founder of Vacheron Constantin
Under these circumstances, Jean-Marc Vacheron, the founder of Minjiang Stanton, started his watch apprenticeship. Jean-MarcVacheron was born in Geneva in 1731. His childhood dream was to become an outstanding watchmaker. In 1755, after Jean-MarcVacheron entered the school for ten years, he finally became a qualified watchmaker. The Prophet’s insightful and extreme watchmaking craftsmanship eventually led to the establishment of the Cabinotier Workshop in Switzerland, a watch and clock kingdom that is full of humanities and talents, and founded Vacheron Constantin, which is famous for its emphasis on the humanistic spirit and historical heritage.
Founder of Rolex (Switzerland, 1908)
Rolex is a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis, and was run by a German Hans Wilsdof and a British Alfred Davis in London in 1905. Registered in 1908 by Hans Wilsdof in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and renamed ROLEX.
In 1905, he founded his own company, Wilsdorf and Davis, a company mainly selling watches, but he also developed his own watches. At 8 am on July 2, 1908, the Rolex trademark was officially registered. The first Rolex watches were immediately valued for their superb technical quality. A small Rolex was awarded a Class A certificate from the KewObservatory in 1914, which is the highest evaluation ever issued by a well-known observatory in the UK. Its accuracy has been recognized, which is a major event worldwide, which has doubled the value of watches in Europe and the United States. Since then, Rolex’s quality has stood for precision.
创始人 Cartier founder (Paris, France, 1847)
The Cartier legend began in 1847. 29-year-old Louis-Francois Cartier (1819 1904) took over from master Adolphe Picard in Paris 29, Rue Montorgueil. In 1846, Louis-Francois registered a diamond-shaped logo surrounded by a heart shape with the initials L and C of his name. Cartier Company, which means the official birth of Cartier, this heart-shaped logo symbolizes the beginning of a legendary love story and luxury kingdom.
Paris at the time, after some turmoil for the throne, restored the glorious past of Huadu, which greatly promoted the prosperity of the Paris jewelry industry. Cartier was fortunate to be recommended by Princess Mathilde, Napoleon III’s young cousin, and the business was growing. In 1902, Cartier’s store opened from Paris to London and New York, and New York gradually became the headquarters of Cartier Kingdom. According to legend, only two generations, Cartier has become the king of jewelry in the world.
Founder of IWC (Switzerland, 1868)
The founder of IWC is Florentine A. Jones, an engineer based in Boston, USA. He founded the earliest mechanical watchmaking factory in Switzerland in the factory on the Rhine, realizing his novel idea-replacing some manual manufacturing with machinery To produce more precise parts, and then assembled by first-class watchmakers into superb watches.
的 The founder of Schaffhausen IWC in Switzerland is a pioneering American. Since 1868, this Swiss watch factory has been leading the development of watchmaking technology, constantly setting new standards for the extremely complex and precise watchmaking industry. IWC is known as a high-end watch engineer, specializing in manufacturing men’s watches. Classic styles combined with clever design, elegant and delicate, extremely easy to operate-this is the famous IWC.
IWC watch engineers have great enthusiasm for innovations, technological innovations and major developments in the watch industry, and have become the driving force for IWC. In 1885, the only watch factory in eastern Switzerland developed the first pocket watch with a digital display, which caused a worldwide sensation. In 1889, watchmakers from all over the world started fierce competition to create the first watch worn on their hands. During this period, IWC stood out and became the world’s leading watch manufacturer. Based on Schaffhausen, looking at the world is the tenet of IWC. Although IWC is located in a small town far from the center of watchmaking, it still firmly occupies a leading position. Specializing in the manufacture of special timepieces to meet special needs has always been a challenge that the Schaffhausen team is most willing to accept. The special timepieces developed by divers have earned IWC the reputation of an innovative inventor.
创始人 IRARD-PERREGAUX Founder of Girard Perregaux (Geneva, Switzerland, 1791)
芝 Girard Perregaux, one of the top ten watches in the world; Girard Perregaux’s two founders, Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard, are recognized as original watchmakers. At the end of the 18th century, Bautte launched an ultra-thin watch, combining amazingly small and complex parts. Constant is more focused on technological advancement. He continues to design more sophisticated timing mechanisms, and also digs into more complex movements, making the famous Sanjinqiao Tourbillon available.
十 The world famous watch brand ten, Girard-Perregaux ([2] Girard-Perregaux) The founder of Girard-Perregaux J. F. Bautte produced his first watch in 1791. In 1854, the name Girard-Perregaux was officially born. By the beginning of the 20th century, Girard Perregaux continued to grow in popularity. In 1930, when watch sales exceeded pocket watch sales for the first time, Girard Perregaux’s strategy for developing watches 50 years ago proved to be correct. In 1998, Girard Perregaux established a branch in Japan and a watch was selected as the best watch of the year in Japan. In 2000, Girard Perregaux established branches in the United States.
创始人 OMEGA founder
Omega is an internationally renowned watchmaking company and brand. The English name omega represents the symbol. Founded by Louis Brandt in 1848. In 1848, the birth of the Swiss Confederation, Louis Brandt and La Chaux-de-Fonds began watch assembly work. In 1880, Louis Brand’s sons Louis-Paul and Csar relocated the plant to the area of ​​Biel, which is abundant in manpower, rich in resources and convenient in transportation. Since then, mechanized production, unified specifications of parts, and the introduction of a new division of labor system for assembly work, to make precise and accurate, high quality and reasonable price models. omega classical watch The world-famous Omega 19 made the movement not only became its symbol of excellence after the advent of the movement in 1894, the company was therefore named Omega. Since then, Omega has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry for more than 150 years with its advanced watchmaking technology.

Montblanc Has Raised 1.5 Million Us Dollars In ‘in Love’

On International Literacy Day, Montblanc, an internationally renowned luxury brand, announced that Montblanc’s ‘Love as a Charity’ charity event was officially launched in March 2013. After 7 months, it has become a UN child as scheduled. The Foundation (UNICEF) has raised $ 1.5 million in donations.

 Montblanc, which has been committed to culture and education, successfully launched its first charity event with love in 2009 and continues to this day. This year, Montblanc specially created the Montblanc Meisterstuck series of special collections such as writing instruments, jewelry accessories and leather goods for this event, and donated part of the sales proceeds to support UNICEF’s education program for UN children. The foundation builds schools in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to help vulnerable children be educated.

 Montblanc’s ‘Make Love’ series not only fully reflects the elegant, sophisticated and ingenious European craftsmanship of the Montblanc brand; it also makes the entire series unique because of the charitable intentions behind it. The hexagonal white star on the top of the writing instrument cap symbolizes the snow peak of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe, and it reflects Montblanc’s ambition to create a world-class writing instrument. The blue gem on the cap is inspired by the UNICEF blue logo, which represents improving the living environment of children. Other collections include leather wallets, card cases, pencil cases and notebooks, all printed with a blue logo, symbolizing unremitting support for UNICEF. The stainless steel cufflinks are set with agate, while the bracelet and keychain are also paired with blue stones.

 Montblanc and UNICEF are always working to build a better future for vulnerable children. In order to achieve this great goal, in addition to raising charitable funds, it is also necessary to gradually realize it by constructing appropriate education projects, training qualified teachers, and building schools to build a wider stage for children to dream.

 Montblanc has always believed that even in the most difficult times, every child deserves a bright future, and every adult should contribute to this goal to the best of its ability to end the illiteracy left over from history. Therefore, every writing instrument, leather goods and jewellery in Montblanc’s ‘Making Love’ series are engraved with unique numbers, symbolizing the bricks and tiles of children’s schools. It also shows that the owner of each treasure contributes to the children’s bright future. With this number at, holders of Montblanc’s ‘Love as a Inscription’ collection can always follow the latest progress of the event and stay informed of the various initiatives of the UNICEF Education Assistance Program.

 Montblanc International Group President Jérôme Lambert said: ‘All children have the right to acquire knowledge and skills to stimulate their inner potential, so as to create a better future for themselves and society. On the International Literacy Day, we announced that we have completed a $ 1.5 million project funding plan. We are grateful to many enthusiastic and kind people for helping Montblanc and UNICEF to raise funds to improve the lives and education of many children around the world. We will continue our efforts, Keep surpassing established goals and working to raise more charitable funds. ‘

 About UNICEF: UNICEF has worked in more than 150 countries and regions around the world to help children survive and grow up from childhood to adulthood. As the world’s largest vaccine provider in developing countries, UNICEF is committed to supporting child health and nutrition, drinking water and sanitation, quality basic education for every boy and girl, and protecting children from violence, exploitation and AIDS Threat. UNICEF’s fundraising comes purely from voluntary contributions from individuals, businesses, other foundations, and governments.