Exquisite Masterpiece Tasting Breguet Limited New Product-‘tsar’s Trouble Watch’

Through the long river of history, Baodi has owned Gideon for 100 years. It represents not only a watch brand, but also the longing of countless people. Perhaps the rise of new watch brands now continues to impact the old brands, but Breguet continues to show vitality and create more amazing new products.

  The Breguet watch not only reflects the essence of its value philosophy, but also contains outstanding technical achievements. It has a long history with the royal family. The watch below is an exquisite masterpiece, known as the ‘tsar’s troublemaker’. Official model: 5707ER / 29 / 9V6

  The Le Réveildu Tsar in the LesExclusifsdeBreguet series ‘Tsar’s troubled watch’, the design continues the tradition of Breguet’s watchmaking, but also incorporates modern elements. Steady and classical, yet full of fashion, its exhibition attracted much attention.


  At 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the circular dial, there are two ‘intra-disks’ of different sizes, which respectively display the time zone indications of the two places and the ringing alarm time indication that can be set to the minute. When you set the time, the watch will make a crisp sound.

  At 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock, there is a fan arc with a different shape, which is the indicator display area of ​​the second hand and alarm power reserve; the center axis is online, and there are two circular and square windows on the top and bottom. The circular display of the alarm On and off, the square is to display the date. Although the dial is complex in function, the design is very clever and makes people feel at a glance.

  When adjusting the time zone between the two places, this watch only needs to open the crown at 2 o’clock to rotate. The minute and second hands will not stop moving, only the hour is adjusted, and the calendar will also retrograde when adjusting. . Multi-functional, yet easy to operate, ideal for gentlemen who often handle international business.

  The case is carefully crafted in 18K rose gold, demonstrating the luxury of a royal aristocracy. The coin pattern on the outside of the case has always been a unique feature of Breguet, showing unique and subtle decorative details.

  The strap is a brown belt. Compared with stainless steel, the belt is lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear, and it is less prone to slipping. It is a favorite choice for many business people.

  This watch uses a folding buckle. From the picture, you can clearly see that the 18K rose gold is very polished and smooth, and it is more shiny under the light.

  The movement 519F of this watch is a new type of movement independently developed by combining the wisdom of the Breguet expert team. After 4 years of research and development, it has a perfect automatic winding system that can simultaneously indicate time and alarm. Powered by two bell barrels.

  Summary: Breguet’s ‘Tsar’s Watch’, whether it is the design of fish-eye hands, delicate coin patterns or artificially polished movements, follows the classic design style of Breguet from the inside to the outside. The distinctive charm is everywhere. In addition, the comprehensive functional design adds a bit of mystery to this ‘tsar’s troubled watch’. Although just seeing pictures instead of real objects, this perfect structure has long made countless watch lovers endless. Official model: 5707ER / 29 / 9V6; Reference Price: None (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

More watch details: breguet / 32250 /

Louis Vuitton’s First Watch And Jewelry Store In Beijing Was Grandly Opened

On October 29th, the French classic brand Louis Vuitton unveiled the first watch and jewelry store in China in Beijing Yintai Center, bringing the French tradition represented by Louis Vuitton to Chinese consumers. And luxury experience, this is also Louis Vuitton’s second watch and jewelry store worldwide. Since 1992, Louis Vuitton opened its first exclusive store in Beijing’s Wangfu Peninsula Hotel. In the 20 years since then, it has developed into 43 exclusive stores in 31 cities in China, bringing top craftsmanship and shopping experience to Chinese consumers.

  The Beijing Watch & Jewelry Store carefully designed by the Paris design department perfectly combines tradition and innovation, bringing a series of watches and jewelry boutiques that show Louis Vuitton’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design.
  On the opening day, Mr. Huo Li, President of Louis Vuitton China, Benoit Vuitton, the sixth-generation successor of the Louis Vuitton family, and the famous actor Gao Yixiang both came to the scene to celebrate the opening of the store. In addition, the Louis Vuitton Tambour time and minute repeater watch was also brought to Beijing from Paris, and a professional watchmaker from Switzerland performed a complex assembly of watch movements at the scene, highlighting Louis Vuitton’s presence in the watch. Leading skills and innovative design in professional fields. By Liu Boxue reporter Ren Fengtao

Classic Freshman Baselworld 2017 Blancpain New Product Summary

Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show is the only annual event that brings the entire watch and jewellery industry together. Professionals from all over the world come together to touch the pulse of the industry, from the trend-leading innovation and creativity. Get inspired and discover new trends. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2017, Blancpain focused on the classic series and the Fifty Fathoms series, launching elaborate timepieces.
Blancpain Classic Weekly Calendar Double Window Large Calendar Watch

   The new Villeret classic series weekly calendar double-window large calendar watch combines the week number, the day of the week, and the date in one, and a number of complicated functions are superimposed with exquisite aesthetics to achieve Blancpain-like complexity. In order to maintain a harmonious and unified aesthetic style, the dial on the dial and the Blancpain logo are drawn using enamel technology. This decoration process requires continuous firing at a high temperature of 800 degrees or more to complete. It is equipped with a 3738G2 self-winding movement, equipped with three main barrels, and has a power reserve of up to 8 days. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, you can admire the two-tone winding oscillating weight and exquisite hand-finished finish.
For more details, please click: This is the first time for the classic series to usher in the complex function of ‘day-date’ dual calendar display. The watch’s white matte dial is decorated with cutout willow hands, a small seconds indicator at 6 o’clock, and the day and date display at 3 o’clock. The day of the week can be changed instantaneously, while the date is displayed semi-instantly. Combining practicality and elegance, the wearer can easily read all the information on the dial with a single glance.
For more details, please click: The albumen dial features a willow-shaped hand, a pointer-type date display, and a moon phase display made of sapphire crystal. The moon phase display mechanism is realized by a 59-tooth moon phase wheel, and its corresponding time span is equivalent to two moon profit and loss cycles (each cycle is 29.5 days)-for this reason, the moon phase display connected to the moon phase wheel is printed on the There are two moon faces. Equipped with a new self-winding 913QL movement. The movement is equipped with a beryllium-bronze alloy balance wheel, and is equipped with inertia fine-adjustment screws and antimagnetic silicon hairspring. Through the sapphire crystal on the case back, you can admire the precision movement of the movement, and the gold rotor with snail-shaped bevels, polished corners, bars and ring-shaped Geneva waves.


For more details, please click: The new 45mm Titanium Fifty Fathoms watch case has a diameter of 45mm and is made of titanium. This material has a light texture that allows Fifty Fatty to maintain a 45mm calm and atmospheric size. The previous anti-magnetic inner case reduced the weight of the case and improved the wearing comfort. The theme of the entire watch is blue, and the bezel, graduated ring and inner dial are layered. The dial is equipped with fluorescent hour markers and hour and minute hands to ensure perfect reading even in dark environments. The date display window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock. It is equipped with 1315 movement and adopts a bottom design. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, you can appreciate the movement’s precise operation and exquisite finishing.
For more details, please click: One-way rotating bezel protects diving safety. At the beginning of the dive, turn the zero scale of the rotating bezel to the position indicated by the minute hand; this way, after entering the water, the diver can follow the table indicated by the minute hand. Circle scale, directly read the duration of entering the water. The crown is engraved with the ‘JB’ brand logo. It features a pit pattern for easy adjustment and is equipped with shoulder pads. One of the highlights of this watch is the circular humidity indicator at 6 o’clock on the dial. If moisture penetrates the watch, the small disc will change from white to red to alert the wearer.
For more details, please click: The surface of the plate is ‘Paper blue’, which is reminiscent of the deep ocean. The overall outline is clear and clear. The pointer also uses the original traditional retro design. There is a small date display window between 4 and 5 o’clock. Equipped with Cal. 1150, the best ultra-thin watch movement at the Geneva Watch Awards Watch movement accuracy is a major technological innovation.
For more details, please click: The dial presents the shocking ‘Double Cow Fighting King’ pattern, while adding another big Swiss landmark symbol: the famous Matterhorn. The ‘Double Cow Fighting King’ pattern is first made of red gold material, and then fixed on the red copper dial with miniature feet. The Blancpain logo and Matterhorn on the dial are hand-engraved on the red copper craft dial by Blancpain sculptors using extremely fine tools. The collars on the cow’s neck are made of gold, and they are set in red gold using a Damascus gold setting process.
For more details, please click: In addition to the Shuang Niu Jing Wang watch, at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Blancpain also exhibited a number of ‘Master of Arts’ extraordinary craft watches, showing the brand in gold sculpture, enamel, Damascus Mastery in traditional and complex craftsmanship such as gold inlaid and copper.

   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Everyone pays attention.
2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Coverage