Cartier Day And Night Display Moon Phase Watch Real Shot Appreciation

Rotonde de Cartier displays the moon phase watch day and night in an elegant and contrasting style, showing the moon phase and time through a graphic divided in a rigorous aesthetic style. The upper half of the dial shows day and night shifts and time, and the lower half shows moon phases.

Innovative dial design inherited from the brand’s great style

 The moon phase display is a complex feature with a long history in Cartier. Starting from the comet clock created in 1913, it has always been the inspiration for some of the brand’s exquisite masterpieces. Today, the Rotonde de Cartier watch with moon phase display with retrograde hands shows day and night moon phase watches. With a unique two-dimensional dial, it continues the artistic heritage of Cartier.
Time passes between rising and falling moons. Exquisite pictographic sun signs and slightly abstract moon signs alternately indicate the time, and the moon phases are displayed at an elegant rhythm.

Time panorama

 The Rotonde de Cartier day and night moon phase watch is driven by the 9912 MC automatic mechanical movement, which shows the passage of time in a comprehensive and clear way. This guiding time reading method allows the wearer to distinguish between day and night time and moon phase changes at the same time.

Cartier strives to innovate, with an unprecedented large-diameter display window, let the timeless day and night display function shine.

 The universe is condensed between the square inches of the watch. Cartier sublimates the elegance and symbolic art with a meniscus-shaped retrograde hand indicating the change of the moon phase.

Rotonde de Cartier day and night moon phase watch
Equipped with 9912 MC movement, day and night display, retrograde hand indicating moon phase
Case: 18K rose gold
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Crown: 18K rose gold beaded crown set with a convex round sapphire
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Case back: sapphire crystal case back
Dial: white dial, black transfer Roman numerals
Bezel: 18K rose gold bezel
Hands: Apple-shaped blue steel hands
Case diameter: 43.5 mm
Case thickness: 12.77 mm
Strap: Brown alligator strap
Buckle: 18K rose gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 30 meters / 3 bar / 100 feet
Movement: Cartier 9912 MC workshop refined mechanical movement with automatic winding, day and night display, retrograde hands to indicate the moon phase
Movement diameter: 11½ legal minutes, that is, 25.6 mm
Total movement diameter: 30 mm
Thickness: 6.44 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 44
Number of movement parts: 290
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours

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Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

At First Sight The Charm Of The New Tissot Yiting Watch

The barrel-shaped contour derives flowing contour lines, which perfectly defines the century-old watchmaking brand Tissot, the delicate aesthetic pursuit in the field of women’s watches. No matter whether you are in the shape design or the concept expression, the Yi Ting series has given the watch the ultimate all-round interpretation in terms of aesthetics and connotation. With such a beautiful time curve, how can it not be loved by beautiful women?

At first sight the streamlined design
 The Yiting series adopts a streamlined design. Two soft arcs extend from the sides of the barrel-shaped case, smoothly completing the transition from the case, the lug to the strap, making the watch like a bracelet, and women are elegant on the wrist. Perfectly displayed. Every Tissot Itiner watch contains high-tech materials and sophisticated grinding technology, and Swiss-made movements guarantee precise operation, which is your favorite at first sight. The Diamond Supreme watch is set with 14 top Wesselton diamonds. These 14 top Wesselton diamonds are slightly larger in the middle and smaller in both ends. They are designed to echo the lines and reflect the bright light.

The mellow and long-lasting quality is more than tangible
 Re-examining the Tissot Iting watch from a metaphysical perspective, carrying Tissot’s century-old watchmaking technology, superb technology, and profound connotation. One watch contains thousands of words. Behind the watch design is Tissot’s profound blessings to consumers. . Streamlined design, “T” lugs, mother-of-pearl dial and polished strap, both the black dial and white dial models highlight the delicate design of Tissot watches, and the gold style adds more high-end to this series. Charm. Among them, the Yiting Series Diamond Extreme Watch has omitted other scales except 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock; while the ordinary model takes the diamond on the diamond Supreme case as the original shape to create the whole-point scale in other positions. Tissot designers want to tell the most sincere blessings in the simplest way. I wish every woman can meet the loved one, taste the mellow and happy wine together on the long journey of life, and perform a long sweet song together.

Blancpain Releases X Fathoms Diving Watch

Blancpain released its latest diving watch X Fathoms in the world’s largest aquarium, Aquarium & Underwater Zoo located in Dubai Mall. This watch uses the classic look of the Blancpain diving watch from 1953, but it is the most advanced diving watch to date.
 Fathoms is a unit of depth. One Fathoms stands for 6 feet, about 1.829 meters. And this X Fachoms watch is the latest model of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch series, the name of X represents many innovations of this watch. The dial shows a 5 minute countdown at 10-11 o’clock to measure decompression time. The dial’s outer ring is a high-precision 0-15 meter depth indicator with a full-scale error within +/- 30cm. The inner circle of the dial is a depth indicator of 0-90 meters, of which the yellow arrow pointer is used to display the current depth, and the red pointer is used to indicate the deepest depth record.

 The button at 10 o’clock in the case is used to reset the 5-minute countdown timer, while the button at 8 o’clock with a protective bridge is used to reset the dive depth record. Crown at 3 o’clock. Inside the surrounding honeycomb grid is the watch valve regulator mechanism. Three honeycomb water inlets are used at the bottom of the case to direct water into the watch’s depth gauge to measure depth. The unidirectional rotating bezel still appears on the X Fathoms as a signature part of the diving watch. The watch strap has 14 movable joints, which make it fit on the wrist. At the same time, it can ensure the contact of the watch depth meter with water to ensure the accuracy of depth measurement.

 In addition, the watch uses a liquid metal depth gauge. As is known to all, the depth gauge generally measures the pressure applied to the drum by measuring the deformation of the pressure drum, and then converts the current depth by the pressure. The X Fachoms watch’s pressure-drum tympanum is made of liquid metal. This material is a good material for making depth notes because it can maintain good elasticity under long-term pressure. Compared with the traditional steel pressure measuring drum, the thickness of the eardrum is reduced by half, and at the same time, the maximum accuracy can be obtained. In addition, the cracking of solid materials due to long-term deformation is effectively avoided. However, due to the non-linear relationship between the pressure on the liquid metal and its deformation, it is difficult to accurately indicate the magnitude of the pressure through the degree of deformation. Blancpain has solved this non-linear characteristic through a set of asymmetric gear mechanism. (See below)

 The watch is equipped with a 9918B automatic movement based on the Blancpain 1315 movement. Consists of 385 parts and 44 gem bearings. The thickness is 13mm and the diameter is 36mm. It uses anti-magnetic silicon hairspring and has 3 barrels at the same time, providing 5 days power reserve. The case is made of satin-brushed titanium alloy with a diameter of 55.65mm and a thickness of 24mm. Water-resistant to 300m.