Montblanc Jewelry Brand Shines In Ginza Mall

On December 20, the Montblanc brand from Germany landed in the Ginza Mall. As one of the world’s two largest luxury goods groups, the well-known brand MONTBLANC (Montblanc) has developed into a diversified High-end brand.

 The towering spirit of Mont Blanc is a symbol of the purpose of MONTBLANC’s craftsmanship and perfection. It represents the elegant and permanent quality of life, and reflects today’s society’s cultural, quality, design, tradition and excellent craft Pursuit and praise.

 ‘Deacceleration’, reliable writing quality and manual quality, and long-standing requirements for perfection, these insistions make MONTBLANC (Montblanc) in today’s society that emphasizes ‘high-tech’ more prominent Precious.
In people’s minds, MONTBLANC (Montblanc) has become a symbol of the appeal of ‘high feelings’, a choice of quality life.

The ‘inheritance, Encounter And Creation Of Handicrafts’ Forum Opened In Beijing. ‘bo Cui Zhen Yi-chinese And Western Treasure Art Exhibition’ Officially Ended

(November 23, Beijing) An art forum entitled ‘Inheritance, Encounter and Creation of Handicrafts’ was held in the artistically elegant Yuan · Space. This forum was jointly organized by Cartier and ‘Art News / Chinese Edition’, and invited Zhu Zhanqin, the director of the Art Museum of the China Academy of Fine Arts, Hang Jian, a representative of Chinese new music, and ‘the world sees’ the Chinese national culture protection and development goodwill initiative. The traditional roots of Chinese handicrafts, and the kinship between art and decorative arts, discuss the fusion of traditional crafts with contemporary design, and the encounter between the East and the West. The atmosphere of the forum was warm, and the guest audience actively interacted. As one of a series of academic activities, the successful conclusion of the forum also brought a successful conclusion to the “Boshu Zhenyi—Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition”.

博 ‘Brilliant Art-Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition’ The main purpose of Chinese and Western cultural and artistic exchanges is to create opportunities for such academic communication and exchanges. Prior to this forum, another series of academic activities of the exhibition was held in Liaoning Provincial Museum in October. Several domestic cultural experts were invited to the forum to discuss the differences and integration between different cultures around the development of Chinese and Western art. This exhibition is the 26th stop of Cartier Collection’s Universal Art Tour. It will be exhibited at the Liaoning Provincial Museum from September 15th to October 27th. This is the fourth time that the Cartier Collection has visited China. This exhibition takes a new approach and shows the historical style and evolution of Chinese and Western art from 1850-1949 with a new perspective. The three major themes ‘Style Evolution’, ‘Chinese Love’ and ‘Treasures and Treasures’ will bring the audience back to the past through the display of jewellery, clocks and precious artifacts. The Liaobo precious collection and Cartier Collection of Chinese elements treasures on the same display, has become a highlight. During the exhibition period of more than forty days, the exhibition attracted a total of nearly 90,000 visitors, setting a record high number of foreign visitors to the Liaoning Provincial Museum.

Time is running like a shuttle. Since the Cartier Collection was first exhibited at the Petit Palais in Paris in 1989, 26 different exhibitions have been completed in the world’s top museums in 25 years. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum in London, the Moscow Kremlin Museum, the Beijing Palace Museum, the Taipei Palace Museum … The Cartier Collection’s journey of global art is still continuing, and it will usher in one of the grandest to date on December 4, 2013. Exhibition-‘Cartier: Epic Style’. The upcoming exhibition will bring Cartier’s collection back to Paris, France-a city connected to Cartier’s blood.

卡 ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ will be an exhibition about art history. More than 600 pieces of jewelry, utensils, watches, along with dresses, coats, accessories, furniture, paintings, advertising photography, prints and fashion magazines, tell the audience about Cartier’s history from 1847 to the 1970s, its artistic ideas and tastes of the times. And more than 200 hand-drawn manuscripts and countless archive files (inventory books, creative record books, hand-drawn manuscripts related to Heping Street Holy Shop, photos, plaster models …) will lead the audience to explore the story behind Cartier’s works. ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ will provide the audience with a key to interpret Cartier’s ups and downs, let us look forward to it together.