Billerton Automatic Winding Review Of Iwc Classic Portuguese Seven Days Chain Watch

I think Portugal is one of the most classic series of IWC. Among them, the Portuguese seven-day chain is the most famous. Since its launch in 2004, the Portuguese automatic watch with date display has become a watch from Schaffhausen. One of the most successful watches in the Portuguese collection. Today, the Watch House brings you a brief review of a Portuguese seven-day chain watch. The official model of this watch is: IW500109.

 The first Portuguese watch launched in 1939 laid the foundation for an important watch family of IWC. For more than 70 years, its precision performance, large size and precise mechanical structure have been talked about by watch lovers. IWC Portuguese watches echo the glorious days of the past. They combine the tradition of nautical instruments with contemporary design and cutting-edge mechanical technology.


Portugal’s real success lies in its grand launch of the 5000-calibre 5,000 movement developed in the past five years. The Portuguese automatic watch equipped with the 5000-calibre perfectly combines traditional craftsmanship and IWC cutting-edge technology. Its atmospheric IWC pocket watch-size movement has many features, including the integration of the Pellaton two-way winding system, and the balance with a Breguet balance spring for the highest accuracy. The newly designed seven-day power reserve movement (with power reserve indicator) is a great technological leap in the history of automatic movements.


This Portuguese seven-day chain watch introduced to you today is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 42.3 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. Because it is equipped with a cal.51011 self-winding movement produced by IWC, its thickness is thicker than that of Portugal.


In 1993, to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the brand, the IWC watch factory in Schaffhausen will bring the world-renowned Portuguese watch to the market again in a special limited edition 50 years after its launch. For the first time, the wearer can see it through the sapphire glass case back.


The watch is equipped with a folding buckle made of stainless steel, which is convenient and safe to wear. And the classic IWC logo is engraved on the buckle.


The watch is equipped with IWC’s self-made cal.51011 self-winding movement, which combines all the most sophisticated functions in one. Adopting the highly efficient Pellaton winding system with a seven-day power reserve. I think the movement of this watch is the biggest highlight of the watch, the Pellaton winding system.


Classic elements such as the watch’s balanced dial design, embedded Arabic numerals, rail-shaped minute ring, and slender leaf-shaped hands perfectly inherit the iconic features of this legendary watch family from the 1930s.


The Pellerton automatic winding system, the mechanism modeling and the action of working are very similar to woodpeckers, and are more widely called ‘woodpecker’ automatic winding systems. For more detailed information on the Pellerton automatic winding system, you can read the ‘Tuofei Watch Lecture Hall-Analysis of IWC Classic Pellerton Automatic Winding System’ previously released by the Watch House.

Summary: The biggest highlight of the watch is that it is equipped with IWC’s self-produced cal.51011 automatic winding movement, which greatly enhances the value of the watch. This is also the best choice for many friends to give up the Portuguese chronograph watch and choose the Portuguese seven-day chain watch. main reason. However, according to reliable news, IWC is already preparing for a new plant, and will fully realize the supply of self-produced movements. It is believed that in the next few years, all IWC watches will be equipped with the movements developed by IWC. This is definitely a message for the movement control. The domestic price of this watch recommended to you today is 98,000 yuan, but according to forum netizens, the prices of Henry and Henry have been reduced, and friends who like it should not miss it.

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