Breitling Chronomat Gmt Real Travel Chronograph

When you arrive at a new place, you can instantly adjust to the local time and still know the time at home accurately to the minute. This is undoubtedly the dream of every traveler. This dream is now realized with the arrival of the Breitling Chronomat GMT timepiece. It is equipped with Breitling’s new Caliber 04 movement, which is entirely designed and produced by the brand itself.

The first mechanical device
    To ensure the perfection of the watch, Breitling watchmakers and engineers have developed a completely different system from the past-patented-to change the time zone and separate the local hour hand from the gear. This operation avoids the impact on the accuracy and timing of the watch.

Unparalleled practicality.
    The new Chronomat GMT has two central hour hands. One paired with the minute hand and walked on the 12-hour circle, while the second hand with the red triangle at the top was running in the 24-hour mode. When the user is located in their home country, the two hour hands will be fully synchronized.

Chronomat GMT © Breitling