Casio Oceanus Ocwt-1000 Watch Introduction

CASIO OCEANUS has always focused on pursuing the complete fusion of craftsmanship and technology, and constantly introduces new models to present better models to consumers. Its Smart Access intuitive operating system only requires pressing and pulling the crown. The simple operation of rotation and rotation can perform various operations and switching, not only closer to the needs of the wearer and greatly improving convenience, and its elegant appearance is more acclaimed. In 2011, OCEANUS launched the OCW-T1000E based on the marine concept. The soft and bright shades emit a unique light like the clear blue ocean waves.

 The surface of OCEANUS OCWT-1000 is composed of hand-milled sapphire glass. OCW-T1000E flashes a light and elegant blue light, as sparkling in the summer sun, showing the freshness of the ocean, while OCW-T1000D presents a mature and stable feeling with a deep blue ocean. The side crown is engraved with the OCEANUS brand logo, giving the watch its vitality from the ocean. It is matched with the special ザ ラ ツ hand-grinding technology of Japanese handmade expressors. It is carved with smooth, arc, and transparent watches. Multi-level blue tone It shows a delicate and exquisite feeling, and its surface is more concisely presented with the upper and lower symmetrical watch eyes, which not only makes the line design clearer, but also increases the readability of the watch.

 OCEANUS OCW-T1000 is equipped with its original Smart Access, which uses different motors to actuate the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the central axis, respectively, to achieve completely independent hand movements, to achieve smooth practical functions of switching between various modes and displays, only You need to perform simple operations such as pressing, pulling, and rotating the crown to switch between cities in world time, or to set an alarm, etc., to bring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the wearer.

‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement and automatic radio time adjustment bring convenience to life
 Equipped with the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement, it can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard radio waves of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. School time. In addition, the composite mosaic structure can improve the durability of the movement, and the automatic correction function of the hand automatically detects errors at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, and automatically corrects the position of the hour, minute, and second hands, which is never impartial.

Technical data
-SMART ACCESS intuitive operation system
-Receive radio waves from 6 stations in the world
-Solar Power System
-Automatic pointer correction
-Water resistant to 100 meters
-1/20 second stopwatch
-Fully automatic calendar (~ 2099)
– world time
-Titanium alloy strap
-Sapphire glass surface
-Dimensions: 47.4 x 45.1 x 12 mm
-Weight: 100g