Citizen New Area Strategy Bright Sword Super Sky Eagle Swings Elite Color

Recently, Citizen, the world’s leading watch brand, held the ‘Citizen New Field-Super Air Eagle Launch Conference’ in Beijing, announcing the implementation of the ‘Citizen New Field’ strategy in China, and also released the strategy The first high-end solar-powered watch-Super Sky Eagle. Citizen Super Sky Eagle specially invited stars, the famous film star Hu Jun was also invited to the conference site.

    Citizen is a comprehensive watch manufacturer. It integrates product research and development, production and marketing. The various departments work together to respond to market demand as quickly as possible. Since its establishment, Citizen has continued to develop and persist in innovation. This spirit of challenge and transcendence has also kept Citizen in a leading position in the international watch industry. Photokinetic energy is the core technology of Citizen. In 2008, Citizen has basically realized 80% of its products worldwide as photokinetic energy products. At the same time, Citizen Corporation proposed a new strategy-‘Citizen New Field.’ ‘Citizen New Field’ reflects the vision of Citizen Corporation-‘Creating Value’, which will be the long-term development goal of Citizen. Citizen will make full use of its accumulated technical expertise and product research and development advantages over the years to develop Citizen’s unique products. With its comprehensive comprehensive strength in the field of watch manufacturing, it will provide more high-end light kinetic energy with high added value. Watch.
    With the development of China’s economy and the change of people’s lifestyle, the consumption of watches also shows a trend of personalization and fashion. In response to the changing market environment, Citizen adjusted its strategy in China in a timely manner to develop into the high-end market. The implementation of ‘Citizen New Field’ in China is a continuation and further improvement of Citizen’s brand transformation strategy in the Chinese market. Under the ‘Citizen New Field’ strategy, more high-end products will be introduced into the Chinese market.
    The super-eagle Eagle light kinetic energy wave watch released this time is listed on the world simultaneously, and it can receive radio signals in multiple stations (USA, Europe, China and Japan), with world time function (43 cities). When traveling across time zones, the wearer only needs to select the name of the city where the watch is located, and the watch will automatically receive the local standard time signal and adjust to the local time. . Famous movie star Mr. Hu Jun became the first Chinese user of Super Sky Eagle.
    ‘As a movie star, Hu Jun has been making progress in his acting career, moving towards success one after another, and he has a strong and masculine temperament, and has an elegant and friendly temperament,’ said Ryufu Sumikawa, general manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. , Which fits perfectly with the design of this Super Air Eagle product. ‘
    Citizen has been in China for more than 50 years. It has always attached importance to the common development with Chinese society, and strived to carry out business activities that can contribute to the local society. It has always adhered to its social responsibility as a corporate citizen. For many years, it has actively sponsored sports events, funded public welfare undertakings, and committed to To spread the concept of environmental protection.
    After the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. immediately donated RMB 1,000,000 in cash and medical equipment worth RMB 336,064 (Citizen Electronic Thermometer) to the Red Cross Society of China, and established it on the official website. In the disaster relief auction area, employees were donated. Citizen Timepieces Co., Ltd. also donated RMB 1,000,000 for earthquake relief work.