Dewitt: The Official Opening In Geneva Was An Important Step Towards Fine Watchmaking

Montres DeWitt has been fully expressing a passion for fine watchmaking since its inception, so he has always insisted on the direction of innovation and progress.
This month, Jérôme de Witt, the brand’s founder and image ambassador, and Nathalie Veysset, CEO of Montres DeWitt, hosted a number of VIP guests in Geneva for the official opening ceremony. Meyrin-Satigny established a new base and was the opening ceremony of his own museum, which is based on the history of the development of watchmaking. The new museum showcases JÉrÔme de Witt’s innate passion for mechanical watchmaking.

Jerome DeWitt, founder of Montres DeWitt
It was also a great opportunity to visit DeWitt’s watchmaker’s workshop, where guests could see the brand’s latest and most luxurious watches: the Nebula GMT Nebula Perpetual Calendar WX1 and The Academia Tourbillon Force Constante À ChaÎne.
Source: Luxeco