Do You Remember That Night-glossy Bol Watch?

BALL Boer watch, a long-established independent watch brand born in 1891. In the early years, Boer watch was a timing tool for American railway production. Boer time was set as the standard time and became famous. In harsh environments, accuracy is still the credo of Bolt. 904L stainless steel energy storage pioneer series, certified by COSC Observatory, equipped with Mu-metal alloy antimagnetic protective cover, antimagnetic up to 80,000A / m, priced at 21,500 yuan Skywalker series, certified by COSC Observatory, luminous three time zone display, sale The price of 23980 yuan and luminous materials have become the two synonyms of this year. This year’s slogan for Boer is ‘Making tough steel watches for harsh environments’. The two newly launched Pioneer Pioneer and Energy Storage Pioneer models made of 904L stainless steel are Boer’s first use of 904L stainless steel. Different from general stainless steel, it is more difficult to build. 904L stainless steel with additional chromium and copper materials has better corrosion resistance, is less prone to rust, and has a more lustrous visual appearance. The radon glow of Bol watches appears very bright in the dark. This is a major feature of Bol watches. The radon glow of Bol watches is also a highlight of the brand. The luminous coatings used by other brands on the market after absorbing light You can maintain the brightness for a period of time, but it will continue to decay over time. The scale of the Bol table uses the form of radon night lights. Krypton gas is a self-luminous gas, its brightness is 100 times that of conventional luminous coatings on the market, and it can emit light for 25 years, ensuring that the wearer can easily read the time in the dark. Travelers wave by wave of rivers returning to the sea talked about challenging harsh environments, and explorers naturally have the most right to speak. In recent years, Boer Watch has also cooperated with explorers around the world. At the conference last week, ‘BALL Watch ‘Explorers’ Association’ signed explorer Ash Dykes, as well as Chinese explorer and scientific researcher Yang Yong also came to the scene to share their adventures. Ash Dykes is a British young explorer. His experience can be said to be legendary. He has also been praised many times by Bey, calling him ‘the legendary man’. He once dragged a 120-pound trailer through the Mongolian desert alone, crossing Madagascar on foot, but unfortunately became infected with the most dangerous malaria virus in the middle, but eventually turned to safety and completed his challenge. He has set a number of world firsts. Just two days before the press conference, he just completed his latest challenge, the Yangtze River Trekking Challenge in China. He walked from the source of the Yangtze River to the finish line in Shanghai and became the first to complete it. Explorer on the Yangtze River. Chinese explorer Yang Yong and another explorer Yang Yong have been associated with the Yangtze River for a long time. He was a participant in the sensational Yangtze River rafting in the last century. Relying on primitive equipment, they created the world’s first unpowered Yangtze River. The miracle of drifting all the way. After completing this feat, Yang Yong became a folk science examiner. Since then, he has traveled all over China’s rivers and glaciers and put forward rigorous reflections and reports for the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. Bol watch, with the brave and explorers. The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media, which is founded by Bai Yingze, a watch culture expert of ‘Watches and Clocks’, who knows watch information. Add WeChat: watchtraveler to follow the watch and watch at any time Sina Weibo: @ 钟表 游 WatchTraveler 钟表 游 Today’s headline: Watch and Watch