Emotional Tones Glashütte Original Pavonina Spirit Watch

At the Basel Show this year, Glashütte Originals once again launched the new spirit sparrow series, with a variety of impressive colors, and showed the new trend coming out in the next fashion season: sensual colors The harmonious fusion of shiny metal and multiple elegant dials makes the watch look more confident and pure.

   The Spirit Sparrow series pays tribute to the pioneer women who are both modern and internal. Not only elegant and unique in appearance, but also unparalleled in quality, it comes in a 31 x 31 mm ‘pillow’ case and is available in stainless steel, red gold and refined gold. The side of the case is equipped with flexible lugs to ensure wearing comfort, while the surface is set with delicate diamonds, which also adds to the value of jewelry collection.

   The Lingque series makes full use of the contrast effect, and the exquisite design of the details is breathtaking. Each watch component, dial, case, lug, bracelet and buckle, are exquisitely crafted in an independent style. Compared with the previous models, the new watch chooses to display Roman numerals on the fluorescent natural mother-of-pearl dial, and the font is exclusively designed for the Lingque series: charcoal black, slightly rounded, giving the stable and serious Roman numerals a little soft and fashionable temperament.

   Equipped with a 03-02 quartz movement independently developed, providing precise and reliable power. The movement is specially built to meet the needs of daily life, providing triple magnetic protection to ensure that it can safely resist the effects of electronic equipment. In the pursuit of superior performance, we must not forget to sculpt the beauty in every detail: the soleplate of the movement is decorated with unique Glashütte columnar patterns, and the gold logo is engraved on a silver background.