Experience The Ethnic Heritage Process Visiting Beijing Watch Factory Successfully Held

On July 4, 2014, the “Beijing Watch 2014 Shenzhen Exhibition New Product Release Appreciation Conference” event jointly organized by the Watch House Forum and Beijing Watch Factory was successfully held. The event was held at the Beijing Watch Factory on Dongguan Road, Changping. The watch factory sits north to the south and stands beside the mountains and the water. The quiet location provides an excellent environment for watchmaking. The bricks and tiles here seem to be nimble and elegant because they have been bathed by the watchmaker.

The main entrance of Beijing Watch Factory

  A group of a dozen of us drove to the Beijing Watch Factory. Although the weather was hot, the enthusiasm of watch friends for visiting the watch factory was not diminished. Upon arrival, the tall and dignified red factory building of Beijing Watch Factory, the white gate with the words ‘Serving the People’ and the red wall form the beautiful scenery. From here we came to the high-end exhibition hall of Beijing Watch, where Mr. Sun Wei, the marketing director of Beijing Watch Factory explained and introduced the watch factory’s brief and history video to watch friends. Then, under the leadership of the staff, we walked into the production workshop of Beijing Watch Factory. For the first time, we experienced the watchmaking process and complex crafts so closely and truly.

Entering the Beijing Watch Advanced Exhibition Hall Listening to Mr. Sun Wei explaining the history of the watch factory

  As the leader of China’s high-end watches, Beijing Watch Factory has been pragmatic and innovative as its corporate culture since its establishment in 1958. It has continuously pursued the development and production of watches. In recent years, it has been regarded as China’s high-end watches. The benchmark is even more soaring in terms of complex watches. This event made us feel the high-end watchmaking technology of Beijing Watch and the history and culture of the brand. Next, please follow the edited footage to appreciate the true style of Beijing Watch Factory:

Under the leadership of the factory, netizens walked into the production workshop of Beijing Watch Factory


Workers in a busy job


  Numerous CNC machine tools in the watch factory’s workshop are constantly running at high speeds, from the main board of the movement to the small screws, all produced by the factory itself. Workers meticulously hand-made clocks, day after day. We also witnessed the assembly process of the watchmaker’s dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon movement with hundreds of parts, all of which were completed by hand. The master told us that it takes about a month to complete such a movement. The patience of the producer, this visit made us truly experience the exquisite craftsmanship of Beijing watches.

Beijing Watch Advanced Exhibition Hall

  After visiting the production workshop, the staff continued to take everyone to the watch exhibition area to appreciate the art of finished products. The exhibition hall displays the essence of multi-series and multi-style wristwatches of Beijing watches, including the first-type watch, the second-type watch, the fifth-type watch, the first-generation system watch, the first tourbillon, and the first dual-axis. Three-dimensional tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, limited edition red gold tourbillon, 2008 enamel tourbillon, Athena handmade gold sculpture and many other representative watches, let us once again feel the historical heritage and high-end skills of Beijing watches.

  At the end of the event, the staff took you to taste the new watches exhibited at the Beijing Watch 2014 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. Among them were the ‘North Sea’ series, which was widely watched by watch lovers, and also used embroidery, painting enamel and many others. Artistic methods, luxury handmade high-end watches that push the limits of imagination, and other high-profile new products. The tablemates tried on and published their personal feelings, and the atmosphere was very warm.
Summary: This event not only enjoyed a wide range of high-end Beijing watches, tried on many new 2014 products on the spot, also visited the production workshop of Beijing Watch Factory, experienced the watch production process and technology, and experienced the history of Beijing Watch Factory Culture and heritage. On behalf of the entire staff of the Watch House, the editor would like to thank the watch friends for their active participation and the Beijing Watch Factory for providing us with such a valuable visit opportunity.