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An excellent watch design must have the ingenious ideas of the designers, as well as advanced and complicated production technology. The outstanding masterpiece represents the highest wisdom of human beings in the microcosm. The several watches I want to introduce to you today are the essence of the brand and also outstanding design results. If you have high requirements for the appearance and performance of the watch, the following recommended watches may be your best select.
  Ebo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1991. Ebo owns a number of independent watch brands including EBOHR, KANA, EBOHR COMPLICATION, etc. It is currently a domestically produced watch. Outstanding.
Ebo Yufei Star Track Watch

Watch Series: Yufei
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel / belt
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: 4280 (60190130) / 3980 (60190239) / 4580 (60190314, 60190413)
Details of the watch: The design of the Ebol Star Trail Watch is in the same line with the design of the sky orbit on the disk: the case is shaped like a flying saucer; the perspective window on the bottom cover is like people exploring the mysteries of the universe through astronomical telescopes. The dial design and multi-layered architecture give people a full three-dimensional space imagination. Its original and clever layout highly complicates the hollow mechanical movement, and at the same time visually shows the heart rhythm of the watch. The 24-hour hands on the dial are vividly designed. ‘Sun’ means day and ‘meniscus’ means night. The Ebol Star Trail watch embodies the inspiration of watch designers, combined with advanced watchmaking technology, to make this outstanding wristwatch.
For more surprises, please explore Ebo Tmall: Ebo flagship store
Breguet Classic 3330BA / 1E / 986 watch

Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 279,300
Watch details: breguet / 21594 /
Watch brief comment: Breguet’s watches are very classic and fascinating. The anthropomorphic moon phase is suspended in the upper part of the dial, and the moon’s facial expression is lively and full of life, as if it will speak in the next second. The eccentric hands and time scales are located at the lower end of the moon phase, like a sun, echoing the moon, and the sun and the moon are shining. Breguet’s iconic decoration on the dial adds retro feel and is a soft and elegant men’s watch.
Piaget Altiplano G0A33112 watch

Watch Series: Altiplano
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Case diameter: 40 mm
Official Store Price: ¥ 147000
Watch details: piaget / 9045 /
Watch brief comment: It is said that the essence of the Altiplano series lies in the art of compact diamonds, but although this GOA33112 does not have diamonds, the platinum dial still makes people feel its low-key luxury. Equipped with its own 838P movement, you can feel the rigor of Piaget’s technology through the back.
Emilion Galaxy 12.1178.G. watch

Watch Series: Galaxy Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, tungsten steel ring
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 11600
Watch details: emile / 33855 /
Watch Reviews: The biggest feature of this Emilon Galaxy series is the combination of the traditional twelve constellation designs on the dark blue dial, and the blue starry sky dial with constellation symbols. Each hour mark represents a constellation . The watch is crafted from a stainless steel case with a tungsten bezel. Starry sky dial with twelve constellation logo hour markers, dreamy and stylish.
In summary: ordinary watches only help people complete simple timekeeping, and when ordinary is perfect, the combination of more high-end design elements is also a kind of creativity and progress.