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Franck Muller To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of Crazy Hours, the founder of the brand, Franck Muller, held a grand Crazy Hours 10th anniversary VIP dinner in Hong Kong on September 26. In addition to Zhang Zhilin, the brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region, Famulan also invited Korean superstars Li Bingxian, Li Jiaxin, Zhen Zidan, and his wife Wang Shishi and Wang Xinping to join hands to celebrate the event.

Brand Asia Pacific spokesperson Zhang Zhilin

The dinner was kicked off by the magical singing of Genevieve Marentette, a performance singer from a family of musicians, leading guests to the crazy time country that belongs only to Famouran. Ten years ago, Famulan released the Crazy Hours watch series for the first time. It broke the inherent law of dial display, rearranged the numbers of 12 hours cleverly, and merged watchmaking technology with infinite creativity. A generation of ghosts. Ten years since its debut, Crazy Hours’s unique crazy features have become a long-standing and new classic of Famouran, and it is one of the brand’s successful and highly representative series.

The founder of the brand, Mr. Franck Muller, visited Hong Kong to attend the event, and at the banquet, he met with Mr. Nicholas Rudaz, Director of Famouran Group, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Chairman of Famouran Asia-Pacific, and Mr. Zhu Junhao, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of Famouran Asia Pacific Come to the stage to share the legendary story of Crazy Hours’ subversion of time, determined to fuse the creative spirit into the unique aesthetics of the watch. Attendees witnessed Crazy Hours’ crazy social and financial celebrities for the past ten years including Xu Jinheng, He Yanheng, Cai Zhiming and Cai Li Huili, Cai Jiazan, Xiao Dingyi and Chen Min, Xiang Huaqiang and Chen Lan, Xiang Zuo, Zhao Jinqing, Yang Xiaojuan, Huang Baiming, Huang Yulang, Chen Zhiyi, Yang Chuanliang, Wang Daye, Qiu Yongqi, Tang Haowen, Wang Ruixun and Yang Wanyi, Liang Jiaju and Liang Zheng Xiumin, Liang Huiyan, Liang Huihua, Mao Yuping, Wang Jiaen, Wu Shirong, etc., all of them highly appreciate the unique masterpieces.

Since then, 12 models have exhibited a number of classic brands. Among them, the commemorative limited edition watch specially launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Crazy Hours attracted the most attention. This watch is unveiled in CintrĂ©e Curvex 18K gold. It is set with a 10-character hour marker set with sparkling diamonds and a 10-character commemorative logo under the dial, which highlights the value of the 10th anniversary edition. It is extremely valuable. With the help of live bands and performing singers, the atmosphere of the dinner was even hotter, and the guests at the scene all admired Famouran’s superb watchmaking skills and unique creativity.

During the conference, the guests arranged an exciting New York Broadway-style dance performance. Twelve professional dancers from all over the world danced beautifully and were full of movement, just like the hour jumping hands on the Crazy Hours watch, walking elegantly at 12 Among the numbers, it is like flying on the dial. The wonderful performances of the dancers made every guest happy and excited, and looked forward to the continued development of the concept and characteristics of crazy time.