Glasuti Hangzhou Exhibition

The World Expo is the hottest word at the moment. On May 11th, the 2nd floor of Hangzhou Building A’s specially designed exhibition booth with the theme of World Expo was very attractive. Glashütte held a watch exhibition here. There are many classic Glashütte watches. Next, Glashütte will hold a similar VIP exhibition in the Expo Park. The World Expo is indeed a big stage where everyone wants to stand on top, and the Glashütte watch should not be prestigious, it is itself the representative and leader of German watches.
When it comes to watches, people naturally think of Switzerland, and German watches adhering to German-made precision technology, rigorous attitude, and industrial aesthetics are a major genre in the world’s watch industry that cannot be ignored. Glashütte was born in 1845 in the town of Glashütte, Germany. In the 19th century, Germany and Switzerland became paragons of watchmaking. Especially in 1930, Glashütte watchmaker Alfred Helwig created the world’s first floating tourbillon watch, which established its position as a world-renowned precision watch manufacturing brand. The watch exhibited at the Glashütte Watch Exhibition in Hangzhou Tower reflects its connotation from different sides.
General precision watches advertise their accuracy with the Swiss Observatory certification, and a Senator Chronomter in the exhibition is called ‘the first watch with German Observatory certification’, what’s the difference? ‘The Swiss Astronomical Observatory certified the movement, while the German Observatory adopted the entire watch certification, because there may still be errors during the assembly of the movement, so the whole watch certification is more accurate and scientific. ‘This is introduced by Sun Zhitao, the area manager of Glashütte. One of the watches that can see the precise movement of the movement from the front is also very unique. It is called PanoInverse XL. ‘General watch players like to watch the movement through the back of the watch. This watch allows people to watch without turning it over. To the movement. And the double gooseneck trimmer it uses is not just a technologically innovative mechanical machine
System is a visually perfect function device. This is also the watch designer and movement designer of the Glashütte watch factory, striving to show this gorgeous mechanical mechanism to the best of its ability. The most important reason is that the PanoInverse XL watch is shown with a transparent and wonderful craftsmanship. The necessary display of the model is replaced by a small pin circle design in order to make every part of the movement clearly visible directly under the mirror. . & rdquo; In addition to the models that show gorgeous movements like this, there are suspension tourbillon watches, which are different from the common bracket tourbillons. Glashütte makes the tourbillon in the watch very magically suspended. The ultra-simple perpetual calendar watch gets rid of the tedious pointer readings, and displays the readings directly through the window, exuding the excellent texture of men’s simplicity.
Mr. Sun Zhitao also showed on the scene that the Sport evolution Impact panorama date can wear a mechanical watch for golf. When you hit this palm with this watch, you can feel the spring shock effect like a car shock. And through the light, we can see that there is a hollow space between the watch movement and the bezel. & ldquo; Mechanical watches are shock-resistant, which will affect accuracy. The four shock-absorbing bodies made of synthetic rubber can absorb 60% of external force shocks, which can provide the best even in the most severe environments. Reliability and precision. & rdquo; And this watch is full of masculine watch case made of stainless steel, the outer layer is covered with black rubber, very rich in texture.