Hamilton Launches New Style Of Military Style Khaki Deep Sea Monster Series

It is about to be the July day when the sun is shining again. I believe that the active factor in everyone’s minds is beginning to faint; the large-diameter diving watch with full personality and tension can be called the first eye-catching summer accessory. First choice, as the emperor of the American military watch, Hamilton (Hamilton), launched a classic watch with a new personality, to give consumers who love a strong personality style.

 Hamilton Khaki Navy Belowzero

 Hamilton Khaki Navy Belowzero, the military khaki deep-sea monster series launched by Hamilton this time, still boldly plays the brand’s most proud military element. For the task of waterproofing beyond the ordinary commercially available watches, it must be waterproof. Features and structure make great efforts, especially for watches equipped with chronograph movements, high-performance water resistance is a big challenge, and Hamilton military style khaki | deep sea monster automatic chronograph series, in order to challenge diving chronograph watches The performance of the case is based on the deep sea mission helmet of the World War II diving sergeant. The design is based on a 46mm diameter case, and the case structure is rounded in the square. Four recessed octagonal screws are used. , Strengthen the surface’s impact-resistant support and waterproofness, the internal rotation faucet and the excellent timing start and zero button, which greatly improve the wearer’s wrist mobility, while avoiding unnecessary movements and mistakes Touch the handle; the superior performance and unique shape of the deep sea monster, can be called the absolute king of the same price diving watch; Hamilton is good at operating military wind energy, and the case is electroplated Gray with rose gold bronze bezel, and the key points of the bezel are always ‘convex’ treated with three-dimensional geometric squares, so that wearers can still rotate the bezel while wearing diving clothing, and decompress gold for professional divers 4, 8 , 12, 15 points, specially etched digital processing, faithfully retain the DNA of professional diving watches, the face plate uses charming and rare ‘bright face’ chocolate brown, the 12 hour mark on the face plate is white Arabic numerals with fine frame gold rims, Increase the delicate details of the dial. At three o’clock, there are a day and date window and a double chronograph circle at six and nine o’clock, which echoes the golden composition of the triangular composition. This is a rare work. In order to match the huge case of the deep sea monster, the Hamilton team uses a high-toughness crocodile leather strap to greatly enhance the wearing comfort and texture of the watch; the strap accessories still retain Hamilton Signature double rivets, this new Belowzero is upgraded with octagonal recessed rivets, which makes the overall level of the watch even higher. Belowzero faithfully continues the traditional World War II army. Authentic, and add more rugged upright modern professional diving watch style.