Hermès Launches A Small-sized ‘local Fan’ Watch Low-key Luxury

French luxury brand Hermès has launched the classic New Ladies Faubourg watch series. This is the smallest watch in the brand’s history. Its design is low-key and luxurious, with a strong Parisian style.

 Hermès small size ‘local fan’

 The Hermes New Ladies Faubourg watch continues the brand’s style, with a strong Parisian style and elegant style. Its understated luxury design is 1.55 mm in diameter and features a quartz movement. White lacquered dial with diamonds, stylish and elegant. This series includes three styles of rose, white gold or gold, with gold bracelet, leather and silk satin straps to choose from.

 It is reported that the Hermès New Ladies Faubourg watch will be available in May this year, when it can be purchased at Hermès stores around the world.