Luxury Jewellery Watch Series With Superb Craftsmanship And Innovative Technology

Louis-Ulysse Chopard should be very proud to see the remarkable achievements of the brand he created. The Chopard spirit, which brings together superb craftsmanship and innovative technology, has led the brand through its 150th anniversary and into 2011. From the Chopard family who created the brand to the Karl Scheufele family who bought the Chopard company in 1963, they have always insisted on creating extraordinary taste, pursuing excellent quality, continuing to innovate, being independent, and respecting basic human rights. These spirits have grown in the brand Middle all the way. From obscurity at first, to the 19th century Chopard has become a leader in precision watchmaking. But then, the stars faded. It wasn’t until Karl Scheufele’s acquisition of Chopard in 1963 that the system was a star. With his wife, Karin, and his two children, Karl-Friedrich and Caroline, Chopard reached the pinnacle of glory: from the first Happy Diamonds collection Watches to the recent high-end jewellery series launched by Caroline, to the LUC series by Karl-Friedrich, Chopard has gained worldwide reputation, and everyone wants to own Chopard’s product. To this day, when looking back on these classic design elements and classic series of Chopard, the first thing that comes to mind is the Happy Diamonds series. Chopard’s ‘Happy Diamonds’ Happy Diamonds series launched in 1967 put expensive diamonds into snowflakes, hearts and other shapes in clocks and jewellery. When they follow your posture, they act as urchins on the watch mirror. When chasing and sliding, the wearer can’t help but feel happy and relaxed. This ingenious and unique design not only opened another window of jewelry watch design, changed the way that gems can only be statically set on the surface, but also made people a little more fun when watching jewelry watches. This bold and unique creation has achieved great success. It won the 1976 German Baden Golden Rose Award, a watch award with the highest honor in the world. With this happy and creative design, Chopard has won a high status in the top jewelry watch industry. It can be said that Happy Diamonds has made Chopard watches a legend, and has become the iconic series of Chopard watches.
Happy Diamonds Collection: Free and Active Diamonds
Happy Diamonds
    In 1976. A novel and peculiarly shaped watch revolutionized the horological world. Chopard’s Happy Diamonds collection showcases the unexpected look of diamond-set watches. It is said that Chopard’s decorator and designer Ronald Kurowski was fascinated by a waterfall while walking in the German Black Forest: splashing water droplets reflected the sun’s rays, shining like a rainbow Color. This spectacle inspired his creative inspiration: if the diamond is freed from the shackles of the setting and slides freely, it can shine thousands of rays.
Free, so happy

Happy Diamonds
Happy Diamonds
    The first Happy Diamonds watches were men’s watches with onyx dials. Looking at these watches, Karin Scheufele commented: ‘These diamonds are happier because they are free.’ This watch was named Happy Diamonds, a name destined to become world-renowned.
    The dial of the Happy Diamonds watch is equipped with two layers of sapphire crystal, and free diamonds are jumping between the two layers of mirrors. When the watch is shaken, these diamonds move freely, reflecting an unexpectedly glamorous brilliance. The Happy Diamonds collection is an unparalleled masterpiece. White, black or pink diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds shine in the crystal mirror.
The clown series: The blockbuster girl

    Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele started designing jewelry in her teenage years. In 1985, the first work she designed was born: a clown with movable legs and a belly filled with colorful diamonds and gems. This design is full of humor and injects youthful vitality into Chopard. This work was an immediate success and became the brand’s mascot: the daughter of the boss successfully entered the jewelry industry! After the success of the clown style, Caroline designed a series of jewelry — Happy Diamonds series, which attracted young consumer groups.
Bold elegance: Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele

Happy Diamonds jewelry
    The pendant is from the Happy Diamonds collection. The large 18 K white gold heart pattern is decorated with three rows of diamonds (2.2 calories) and 10 active diamonds.

Happy Diamonds jewelry
    The pendant is from the Happy Diamonds collection. The large 18 K white gold heart pattern is decorated with three rows of diamonds (2.2 calories) and 10 active diamonds. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele devotes all her energy and enthusiasm to creation, store operation and jewelry design. A few years have passed and she has demonstrated her talent through successful works. While promoting the development of the jewelry business, Caroline revitalized the family’s ancient tradition: Chopard, once famous for its timepieces, can now create jewellery that is as delicate and luxurious as clockwork. Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele loves diamonds as much as her father, and she uses them in her most beautiful designs. Whether it is her redesigned Happy Diamonds series or the stunning Red Carpet high jewelry series, she has always been an outstanding designer and confident working woman. In the face of fierce competition, she knows how to pass the superstar or various Big event to promote your brand.