Master’s 2011 New Hampton Watch Series

We still remember that there was a good time in watch design: modern design, novelty and passion-it was a crazy time. But the good days are always over. Today, everything is improving, and we have learned a lot: Do n’t try to improve watch designs or create new things. No one wants to buy them. What people really want are classic watches. Yes, those ‘new’ classic watches. Let us tell you what kind of watch is the most novel design of the moment-there are no innovations that disturb people’s eyes, only classic fashion, ‘old fashion’.
Here we are proud to introduce you to Baume & Mercier’s ‘new’ Hampton watch collection. This is a Capeland watch dating back to the late 90s-it was famous for its modern design at the time, and today’s Capeland watches are fortunate to maintain their pre-WWII style.
Baume & Mercier’s Hampton style is derived from a watch collected in the Baume et Mercier Museum in 1940. This exquisite watch uses sophisticated Swiss watch craftsmanship, and its classic design is mixed with ‘careful luxury ‘New York Hampton Lifestyle. This series will be available in 20 different styles, including men’s and women’s models, as well as a variety of movements to choose from. The best part about Baume & Mercier is its additional event-New Product Launch. The conference is rich in content, like a refreshing cup of coffee in the morning, or a gigantic course. Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has designed many high-quality watches, which have been enduring because of their timeless and classic appearance. Praise. For 180 years, men’s and women’s watches have a common heritage—sometimes classic and sometimes novel, but they have always been committed to the same principle: ‘Swiss Maison d’Horlogerie has the ability to record those milestones in life Moment. ‘
Here, we will introduce two old Hampton watches for your reference, so you can see the innovation or degradation of its design. In the 2011 new model, the men’s watch is a three-hand automatic watch, a chronograph stopwatch and a three-hand 18k rose gold manual watch. The size of each watch is slightly different (because the size of the movement is different). The automatic men’s Hampton watch uses the Swiss ETA 2895 movement and has an auxiliary second dial to display the date. Its sword-shaped hands are close-fitting, with a diameter of 32mm, a length of 45mm, and a thickness of 10.85mm.
In addition to the hands, dial design, and hour markers indicated by Arabic numerals, it is also delightful. Sometimes, the dial is beautifully curved, and behind the dial is a cyan display window to show the movement of the movement. The dial of this watch is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Because the Swiss ETA 2894 automatic movement is used, the size of the Hampton chronograph is slightly larger. Baume & Mercier removes the 12-hour chronograph and uses a dual-window layout on the dial. This watch has a diameter of 34.3mm and a length of 48.4mm. The thickness of the watch is slightly thick, reaching 12.85mm. Notice the small red dots and UV polish on the dial? Each watch comes with an alligator leather strap (black or brown, folding clasp) and a variety of dial colors to choose from.

18The design of this 18K gold watch is based on the prototype of all Hampton watches-the collection of the Baume & Mercier Museum. The design of this watch looks very formal, using a manual La Joux-Perret movement (calibre number 736-3). All in all, this watch has a very retro look, but is more compact, with a diameter of 29mm, a length of 45.5mm, and a thickness of 10.65mm.女士 For ladies, a selection of quartz movement watches is available. The quartz watch has a diameter of 27mm, a length of 40mm, and has two very elegant hands. Most of the dials are rectangular, except for some randomly scattered diamonds. Another great feature of this watch is that the women’s steel bracelet bracelet looks very beautiful. It can’t help but wonder, what would a men’s watch look like?
UmeBaume & Mercier’s new Hampton collection is exquisitely shaped and sells well. This is exactly what Baume & Mercier pursues. Aiming at the Asian market and Longines, Longest’s biggest competitor, Baume & Mercier will continue to follow the vintage style. But for a once avant-garde watch, sticking to tradition or ‘safe’ does not seem to be its pursuit.