Faye Wong, Often Imitated And Never Surpassed

Faye Wong, a well-known name, has many controversies and labels on her, but people seem to pay more attention to her private life than she is just a singer herself. Speaking of her songs, I thought of a lot of words to praise, but felt that there was no suitable word to describe it, as if nothing could explain her nice singing voice. After listening to her own lyrics, she will know that she is very ‘advanced’. In that relatively closed age, she could see and understand many things.

‘This time I was obsessed with wayward indulgence
I don’t care if this is right or wrong
Even if I’m stuck, I’m desperate
Even if I am obsessed, I will never regret
Don’t say I should give up, I should open my eyes
I use my heart to see and feel
How can you understand that you are not me
Even if I am obsessed ~ let me be obsessed. ‘

—— ‘Do not regret being obsessed’
   ‘You are not me, how can you understand’, the happiness and sorrow of others, the onlookers cannot empathize, ask right or wrong, obsessed with love, Faye Wong’s attitude has been reflected in the lyrics. She has a lot of lyrics written by herself and did not expect Faye Wong to be a creative singer.

Faye Wong is also the first Chinese singer to appear on Time Magazine

Be willing for you i be willing for you
I am willing to forget my name for you
Even if it stays in your arms for another second
It’s a pity to lose the world
I am willing for you i am willing for you
I am willing to be exiled for you
As long as you really love and respond to me
Willing to do everything for you
-‘I Will’

   Yao Qian, the lyricist of the widely sung ‘I Will’, said that in 1994, when he saw in the newspaper Faye Wong, who was already the queen of Hong Kong, he gave Dou Wei a night pot picture in a dirty night in Beijing’s dirty courtyard. Shocked, so I wrote this word. The song composer Huang Guolun and Faye Wong said, ‘You just have to think about your lover to sing.’ So Faye Wong only recorded it once in the recording studio, and it was perfect for Huang Guolun to be stunned in the same place, which is what we heard now version.
   She is the quirky Affi in ‘Chongqing Forest’. She has her own independent thoughts and does not pretend to do what she wants. Many people say that this role is Faye Wong’s true character, that girl like an elf, likes a person in her own way.

Stills from the movie ‘Chongqing Forest’
   In ‘Interview with Yang Lan’, Yang Lan asked: ‘You only said three thank yous at the end of the concert.’ Faye Wong replied, ‘I don’t like to pretend. I just want to say thank you. I think the concert will say one more thing. Is superfluous … ‘

   Still so straightforward and honest, some people say that Faye Wong ‘probably others will envy you that you live too much like yourself, then you will be jealous of you.’ Maybe we have all thought about becoming one or the other, and then we find out that being ourselves is the best difficult. But for Faye Wong, it seems that after all these years, she has experienced a lot of things, and she still hasn’t changed.
   The album cover is a self-timer on the weekdays, which can be said to be very casual, but it is really pretty.

   Faye Wong’s style of wearing is also very casual in life. She also said in the interview that she can wear it comfortably. When she first debuted in Hong Kong, she was able to come into contact with the most fashionable and trendy culture.

Wearing barebacktank in AnnDemeulemeester in spring and summer in 1996

Faye Wong attends events and wears everyday

   In 2016, Faye Wong held a concert presentation of Phantom, wearing the Céline early spring series and Tiffany bracelets. The light-colored long dress was very cute, and she said a lot of things this time.

   In the early days, Faye Wong also wore watches. Although the pictures a long time ago were a bit unclear, it was still difficult to cover Faye Wong’s charming personality.

Faye Wong attends the event wearing a Rolex Daytona watch (similar to modern models)
   This is the Rolex Daytona worn by Faye Wong on various occasions around 1999. The iconic three small dials are chic and firm, and they are unique in the hands of girls.
   At the time, the Hong Kong magazine gave a clothing review: ‘To nail Jeans to the flowery nest, the top must be simple. If you nail it again, it will be too bad. HeavyMetal is lagging. The colorful nest nail Jeans, which sells mosquito strips in Joyce, is simply lined with Chloe leopard head Tee, and the accessories only have two fingers and a ground pass watch, which is more nailed than Zhang Sheng (Zhang Guorong) . ‘
   The meaning of the conversion of traditional Chinese characters above may be slightly different from the mainland, but the meaning can still be understood. In short, Faye Wong’s clothes and accessories are well matched.

Faye Wong wears the LADIES’COLLECTION collection

Highly recognizable Panerai crown bridge (similar)

The Cartier watch worn by Faye Wong should be a time-lapse, dark-colored dial. Some people have found similar models.

Faye Wong wears Casio series transparent watch (similar)

Wearing a Michael Kors watch

   These are the photos of Faye Wong a long time ago. After so many years, it seems that they are still the same as before, and they still maintain their honesty and self. Some people say, ‘All the evaluations of Faye Wong in the world are quite affectionate. This woman has seen everything for a long time, and her life is like a miracle. I wish you all happy.’

   Summary: When writing Faye Wong, I would feel that there are no words that can describe her well. I know that there will be different voices coming from all directions. It’s better to use the final song of Faye Wong’s Phantom to answer “When people gather I just do n’t get together and it’s great. Time is up. Do n’t bother. What’s the big deal … ”

Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Fan Bingbing Gracefully Debuted At The Opening Ceremony Of The 71st Cannes Film Festival

(May 9, 2018, Cannes, France) Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Fan Bingbing wears a Montblanc Bohème calendar self-winding watch with a new film ‘355’ at the opening ceremony of the 71st Cannes Film Festival. The blanket shows elegance and confidence.

Montblanc Bohème Calendar Automatic
(28mm diameter, 18K rose gold case, 18K rose gold diamond bezel, mother-of-pearl guilloché dial, black alligator leather strap)

   Fan Bingbing has always been internationally renowned for his many outstanding film and television achievements, perfectly echoing Montblanc’s spirit of forging ahead and pursuing excellence, and has recently officially become Montblanc’s global brand ambassador. On the red carpet of the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, confident and independent, exquisite and charming, she chose a Montblanc Bohème calendar automatic watch, which vividly interpreted the Montblanc ‘Bao Xi spirit’.

Hengjili Xiyi Dongyun Famous Watch Exhibition That Communicates Eastern And Western Culture

The watch industry in 2014 is about to usher in the Geneva watch exhibition event. When the industry and the media traveled to Western Switzerland, the watch technology exhibition brought the latest technological frontier and aesthetic shock to the watch industry. Some ‘sages and gentlemen’ noticed that in the homeland of the East, a watch exhibition that also brings together many high-end and well-known watch brands has been meeting with domestic watch collectors and watch lovers every year since 2011. What is even more surprising is that the form presented by this famous watch exhibition is permeated with oriental aesthetic philosophy, which makes people feel that the famous watch has a seamless dialogue with the oriental civilization.

2013 “Hanging Time Museum”

Yuan Yuan blends to lay foundation for contemporary dialogue

In the vast and vast history, the history of timepieces is only a small branch of it. Since the modern times, the clock and watch manufacturing industry represented by Switzerland and Germany has accumulated a lot, and flowers are blooming, each leading the way. In the contemporary East, while still recording the flow of time calmly and traditionally, people also continuously accepted and improved the advanced technology from the West. Timing tools. Watches and clocks talk about exchanges and stories of different cultures and traditions. The fusion of Eastern and Western civilizations, even if only a short paragraph from the exchange of horological history, have endless stories and unforgettable memories.

‘Twelve Music Rhythm’ window of Hengli Xiyi Dongyun 2011

2011 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Twelve Music Rhythm’ Plain Time Wall

Because of this, showing and sharing this monumental and happening thing to people can become a reality. Holding similar exhibitions not only requires a deep understanding of the development of the industry while taking root in China, the pursuit and precipitation of cultural spirit has also become a more important inherent requirement. As the domestically used unified trade name, the world’s most widely-established luxury watch chain business brand Henry Geely World Famous Watch Center relies on its corporate culture as a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures and its deep understanding of the watch industry, naturally becoming candidates for similar exhibitions. Hengli is also willing to hold a theme exhibition for people in this era of rapid development of material civilization and rapid changes in information and information, so that everyone can stop hurriedly and calmly appreciate and appreciate watch art. At the same time, think and feel the wisdom of human civilization, Art and emotion.

Front view of Hengli Xiyi Dongyun 2011

2011 The Twelve Music Rhythm of Henglixi Art East Rhyme-Dragon Watch

Harmonious combination of watchmaking masterpieces and oriental culture

Since 2011, the annual ‘Western Arts and East Rhyme’ watch culture exhibition has arrived on schedule. The exhibition combines the brilliance of western watch culture with the rich civilization of the east, and presents, shares and spreads the beauty of watch culture, timepiece civilization and art in an aesthetic form rich in oriental charm.

2012 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’ koi playing in water

In 2011, Xiyi Dongyun performed melodious music, carved screens, mahogany windows, zither, lute, erhu, and yangqin … a gorgeous drama with Chinese elements was staged. In 2011, Xiyi Dongyun took the ancient Chinese ‘twelve rhythms’ and ‘five tones’ as inspiration sources, creatively combined traditional Chinese musical instruments and watches, and the twelve ancient rhythms of ‘Yellow Bell Daluo’ and the twelve scales on the dial Combined with wonderful harmony, it creates an elegant and meaningful wall of time, playing the beauty of western timepieces with oriental rhythms.

2012 Henry’s Western Art East Rhyme ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’-Kowloon Wall

In 2012, the Western Art East Rhyme was led by the blue and white, the green tire was sketched, the color was simple, but the strokes were mysterious. ‘Ten Scenic Scenery of Gusu’, ‘Wealthy Blossoms’ and ‘Dragon and Phoenix Show’, the masterpieces of Jingdezhen celadon masterpieces are elegantly displayed in the exhibition hall; heaven and earth landscape, dragon and Phoenix flowers and birds, outline the spiritual charm of all things like a dial The same, between the square inch, but the passage of time and the vicissitudes of the sea. In 2012, Xiyi Dongyun took the theme of “blue and white ancient rhyme”. The ancient blue and white flowers complement each other with exquisite and exquisite watches, and the profound connotations of watches and porcelain are vividly exquisite.

2012 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Blue and White Ancient Charm’ watch display

Compared with the explicit display methods of the previous two years, the 2013 Western Arts and East Rhyme is more restrained and full of philosophy. In 2013, Hengli Xiyi Dongyun took the concept of ‘flowing time museum’ and divided the exhibition area into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Time’ and ‘Time Station’. Especially worth mentioning is the setting of the core landscape ‘time drifting sand’. The device drives and releases fine sand in a specific time interval through the circulating driving equipment of the dark cloth. Quicksand flows slowly from the gap of the inverted pyramid into the tripod of the exhibition area, presenting the eternal and time-changing eternity, allowing the visitors to experience the sensory experience of ‘time passing through the gap like a white horse’. Although Fang Ding continued to suffer years of ‘corrosion’, he was always rock-solid and did not abandon himself because of changes in time and space. This is also a tribute and eulogy to the eternal truth.

Interior view of the “Western Blues and Ancients” exhibition hall of 2012 Western Art East Rhyme

Masterpieces of cultural exchanges between East and West

An exhibition brings together masterpieces of Western watchmaking craftsmanship, condenses the essence of Eastern civilization, and builds a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. She narrates the beauty of timepiece art from different angles, allowing viewers to hold their breath while listening to the pace of time, lamenting the eternity of time and space and the small individual life, and devoutly exploring historical culture, artistic aesthetics and even life philosophy. ‘Western Art and East Rhyme’, a famous watch culture exhibition featuring the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship each year, undoubtedly establishes a communication for the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures in this subdivision of watches Bridges, whether for watch brands, watch collectors, watch lovers, or more people who love love and beauty, are the perfect moment to appreciate ‘owning a watch, owning a world’. For Hengli, this is the best choice to show that he is different from other watch dealers, and to enrich the connotation and depth of the Hengli brand with the help of the “Western East Rhythm” tour.

2013 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun’s ‘Music of Time’-‘Timing of Time’ & ‘Journey of Civilization’

2013 Hangi Li Xiyi Dongyun ‘Mobile Time Museum’-‘Time Station’ rest negotiation area

2013 Hengli Xiyi Dongyun ‘Flowing Time Museum’-‘Exploration Road’ light and shadow effects & ‘Journey of Civilization’

Oriental Double Lion Three-eye Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch Introduction

ORIENT Oriental Double Lions Three Eyes Chronograph Quartz Men’s Watch CTD0B001W0
    Three-eye chronograph quartz watch, stainless solid stainless steel strap with stainless steel case, calendar (calendar with a magnifying glass on the dial), 100 meters waterproof, fluorescent pointer scale, 12 o’clock for chronograph minutes, and 6 o’clock for second time zone, The long second hand is a chronograph second hand. The 9 o’clock position is the walking second hand. Under normal conditions, the second hand is moving at the 9 o’clock position, and the screw-type crown must be rotated out before use. When timing, press the upper right key to start timing, and then press stop, press the lower right key to return to zero. If the long second hand does not return to zero: pull out the crown to the second space (adjust the time), press the upper right key until 12 o’clock and then push the crown. If you receive a white card seedling on the crown of the watch (to save battery consumption), take it out and use it normally.
Basic Information
· Place of Origin: Japan
· Movement: Japanese quartz
· Table material: glass
Dial diameter: 4 cm
Dial thickness: 0.9 cm
· Dial Material: Steel
Dial color: white
· Band length: 250 mm
· Bandwidth: 1.8 cm
· Band Material: Steel
· Band color: white
· Buckle: Folding
Water resistance: 100 meters
· Ring material: stainless steel
· Length: 14.00 cm
· Width: 11.99 cm
· Height: 7.01 cm

Oris Dives Into The Deep Sea With Carlos Coste

The cooperation between Swiss watch brand Oris Oris and free diving champion Carlos Coste originated in 2006. Both parties have great passion and enthusiasm for diving. Since the date of cooperation, Oris and Carlos have launched a number of world-class high-quality diving watches. At present, both parties are looking forward to further in-depth cooperation to develop more new diving watches to meet the ardent expectations of watch lovers and diving lovers.

As a tribute to Carlos’s feat in 2010, Oris has introduced the Carlos Coste Limited Watch Cenote Series-an excellent diving accessory. Oris also previously introduced the Carlos Coste Diving Limited Edition 2006 and 2007 models. The close collaboration between Oris and Carlos also includes testing and verifying the performance range of dive watches.
Mr. Ulrich W. Herzog, President of Oris, said: ‘We are very honored to be working with Carlos Coste. He shared our philosophy and philosophy: maintaining the highest professional standards of work and dedication to diving. He is fully in line with us Mission of the company: real watches for real people. ‘
Carlos Coste added: ‘I have full confidence in the future cooperation with Oris. The Oris brand has always been at the forefront of technology, efficient and precise with its own unique style. It can continue to be a diving lover It is essential to provide high-performance, high-quality diving watches. I look forward to exploring more new areas with Oris in the coming years. ‘

Hubot Big Bang 38mm Mechanical Watch Valentine’s Day Recommendation

The richness and boldness of Hublot’s Big Bang series are amazing. Hublot BIG BANG series is currently divided into 48mm, 44mm, 41mm, 38mm four sub-categories, which respectively include 14, 66, 61, 47 models, that is, the BIG BANG series has a total of 188 watches. This 188 watch uses black ceramic, carbon fiber, steel, titanium and gemstones of various colors to match a colorful BIG BANG world.
 The latest member of this huge family is the Valentine’s Day model for Valentine’s Day 2011. At the same time, this is the fourth BIG BANG 38mm watch with a mechanical movement.
 According to Hublot’s description of the BIG BANG 38mm series mechanical watch, ‘more and more women are beginning to appreciate the complex and mysterious of mechanical watches’, but in my opinion, compared to the complex and mysterious of mechanical movements, This watch can impress her customers more visually.

 Forty-eight red spinels are inlaid around the dial, and six signature H-shaped titanium screws still appear at the even-o’clock position. The rhodium pointer of the red fluorescent layer can release red charm light at night. A classic alligator leather wristband lined with natural rubber, but this time it turned red. The dial is engraved with ‘Automatic’, with an intarsia scale every five minutes and a date window at 3 o’clock.
 This watch is equipped with a movement similar to other watches in the 38 mm mechanical Big Bang series. It is a mechanical automatic winding movement HUB1110. Based on the widely used classic ETA-2892-A2 movement, it guarantees the watch’s Precision and reliability.

It Is Hard To Find A Swiss Diving Watch Around 5,000 Yuan.

In 1959, Certina introduced the DS series. Then in 1968, the second generation DS-2 of the DS was also born. There are two versions of the DS-2. 200 meters and 500 meters, and successfully completed two underwater tests. The DSPH200M in this series was first produced in 1967, at the time it was a diving watch. This year coincides with the 130th anniversary of Certina’s birth. Taking this opportunity, the brand aimed at watch fans who love replica diving watches, and launched the DSPH200M replica watches to pay tribute to this history. Let’s enjoy this new replica dive watch together. (Watch model: C036.407.16.050.00)

Retro Timepiece

   On the overall model, the brand has not made a major change. From the overall design of the dial, the hands, the bezel and even the crown look almost the same as the previous model, making the charm of the original model, It’s just that the size of the new model has become larger in comparison. The new model is similar to the previous model in that it also uses the original DS double insurance technology of the 1960s and is loyal to the original model.

   At the same time, Certina also rejuvenated this timepiece: it uses a round box synthetic crystal watch, instead of the commonly used sapphire glass, and is equipped with a separate assembly ring with a NEX Scratchguard anti-scratch coating. Double security guarantee. The freshman not only floats on the surface, but also transforms the heart. It is equipped with a new Powermatic80 movement, which improves the performance of the watch.

Watch real shot

   The case diameter is 42.8 mm, made of stainless steel, and equipped with a black unidirectional rotating bezel with graduations. The case is polished by a brushing process to create an exclusive metal texture.

   The stainless steel crown is engraved with the brand’s logo and the non-slip texture design surrounds it, which not only highlights the brand’s exclusive aesthetic style, but also facilitates time adjustment.

   Although this new watch is a replica, the brand also incorporates modern elements, so it will not deliberately imitate the aging dial of the previous generation. The dial is black lacquered with a red cross hair in the middle, and the seconds hand is also eye-catching red. The hands and hour markers are coated with white Super-LumiNova, which shows the time clearly in the dark. A date window at 3 o’clock adds a useful feature to the watch.

   The watch is paired with a more formal brown calfskin strap, which complements the overall retro design and adds charm. A grey NATO fabric strap is also available.

   Considering the waterproof performance of the watch, the watch is not back-treated, but the embossed sea turtle relief is engraved on the bottom of the watch. This turtle is not only a classic logo of Certina, but also symbolizes this one. Timepieces are indestructible. The watch is equipped with the Powermatic80 movement, which gives up the fast and slow needles. It uses a common cardless hairspring structure for high-end watches with a power reserve of 80 hours, which is in line with the current long-term power trend in watchmaking.

Summary: This replica diving watch is now a popular model of Certina. On the one hand, as far as Certina’s DSPH200M is concerned, the price is not high, both in terms of value and performance. So it is difficult to get started. On the other hand, the first batch of DSPH200M in China is very small, scattered in stores in various cities, so it also leads to a situation that is difficult to find. If you like this watch, you may wish to try your luck in your city. Reference price: ¥ 5350 (Wu Fengqi, the home of the picture / text watch)

Omega Invites Bastian Baker To Celebrate The Omega European Masters

On September 6, 2014, Omega invited brand celebrity ambassador, Swiss singer and composer Bastian Baker in the Alps, Chetzeron of Crans-Montana for The guests presented a wonderful private concert.

Bastian Baker went to the stage with a guitar accompaniment and performed some private tracks, including some of his most popular original songs, such as: FollowtheWind, ‘TomorrowMayNotBeBetter’, ‘I’dSingForYou’ and ‘ 79ClintonStreet ‘and so on. He also performed LeonardCohen’s’ Hallelujah ‘with a moving singing voice.

There were three former Swiss ladies: Melanie Winiger, JenniferAnnGerber and WhitneyToyloy, Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann, television host Florence Jacquinot, top Swiss model NadineStrittmatter, and novelist Joël Dicker (the author of ‘TheTruthAboutTheHarry.

At the end of the concert, Bastian Baker surprised all the guests with an oasis band ‘The Lost Wall’. The guests sang with him enthusiastically. The enthusiasm of the audience forced him to increase the number of performances. It includes a lively American School.

Although only Baker was performing on the stage, the changing background on the large screen behind him was a live performance created by the famous sand painter Cedric Cassimo. Cassimo, on a light table next to the stage, accompanied each song, created stunning sand paintings to express the content of the lyrics, and projected on the large screen behind Baker. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Tissot Touch Series Watch Introduction

Touch Navigator Series

The Touch Navigator series is a veritable world time zone watch. As long as you touch it on the touch-screen mirror, you can choose the time display in the second time zone from 150 countries or cities, and it is loved by people who often travel around the world. The second time zone displays the time of the village or city, which can be customized according to the place where they live to understand the feeling of homesickness. Automatically adjusts winter and summer time until 2099. Diversified functions that meet the needs of the wearer will surely become a classic that transcends time.
T-Touch Expert Pilot Series

The Tissot T-Touch Expert Pilot model features a cockpit instrument-shaped dial and a compass-shaped bezel to inspire flight design inspiration. Touch the crown and the anti-wear crystal glass surface to control 11 functions, including the altimeter, Altimeter gauges, barometers and countdown timers are perfect watches for active athletes interested in high altitude and land sports.
T-Touch Expert Series

The T-Touch Expert series, launched in 2008, is designed for people who love outdoor adventure activities. The dial and compass bezel of the cockpit instrumentation perfectly show the inspiration of flight design. The T-Touch series combines superb technology and fashion style. From the case, dial to the strap, it is made of fashionable and top-quality materials. In addition to the classic stainless steel case, the case is also available in titanium, 18K gold or platinum. In addition to the typical sports metal strap and black rubber strap, the strap is bolder with orange and white rubber, which makes people’s eyes shine. The dial with white mother-of-pearl or black carbon fiber, with exquisite case and strap, is fashionable and innovative, highlighting the leading position of the Swiss Tissot watch.
Sea-Touch Series

推出 The SEA-Touch series launched in 2009 fully meets the European Norm (EN) requirements for diving equipment: brightness, shock resistance, anti-magnetic, comfort, integrated time control device. Just like a tactile diving timepiece, you can grasp all the information with the touch of a fingertip. The sea floor is always full of countless surprises that attract divers to take risks, and Sea-Touch is the most trusted partner of divers.

G-shock Sets Off A Trend Of Fashionable And Dazzling Blue

Sports, leisure, and fashion are the perfect combination of street fashion. In this warm spring day, all eyes are warm colors, but you must know that blue / green is definitely the coolest choice for sportsmen this spring! Trendy brand G-SHOCK has launched a number of new SNEAKER COLORS series watches this season. The blue tone is the main focus, covering the popular Jason G-001SN, 5600 classic DW-5600SN, and the large dial GA-110SN series. The unique design, exaggerated personality, powerful shockproof, and street color matching are the best tools for the watch of this season’s trend. During the “May 1st” period, it will be sold first in Hangzhou Yintai Department Store. Friends who like it must check in advance.
    The Jason model G-001SN-2, which has made G-SHOCK fans crazy, was first sold in China. It has functions such as 200 meters waterproof, countdown, multi-function alarm, fully automatic calendar, 12 / 24-hour timekeeping, seconds and other functions. Continuing the DW-001 replica design that was popular with young people when it was launched in 1994, the round and simple appearance is the biggest feature of the Jason series. The case back and the case are covered with rubber material, and the case body is matte. The connection design of the strap is special, allowing shock-absorbing materials to achieve shock-proof characteristics. The bright blue color of the entire table highlights the stylish personality and can bring ultra-popular matching options to the trendy wrist.
    Create a new single product DW-5600SN-1 with classic models, take DW-5600 as the prototype and incorporate the SNEAKER COLORS theme blue. The strap is presented in a concise and basic all-black style, with a matte-treated body. The blue dial is The all-black watch body is extremely eye-catching, and its ease of use is undoubtedly high. With electronic fluorescent lighting, shockproof, 200 meters waterproof, stopwatch (accurate to 1 / 100th of a second), countdown and other functions, it is best known as the most IN single product, and anyone who sees it can hardly resist its charm.
    With the mood, you can change the tide on your wrist at any time. A series can match your own street style. The eye-catching GA-110SN with large dial has white and green colors, and matte processing body, making this watch full of sports vitality. Combination of pointer and number, dual display, with automatic LED backlight, intermittent alarm, world time, alarm and other functions. Among them, the anti-vibration and anti-magnetic function make the best partner for those who love street sports. Color matching, friends who like it must remember to prepare one!