The ‘inheritance, Encounter And Creation Of Handicrafts’ Forum Opened In Beijing. ‘bo Cui Zhen Yi-chinese And Western Treasure Art Exhibition’ Officially Ended

(November 23, Beijing) An art forum entitled ‘Inheritance, Encounter and Creation of Handicrafts’ was held in the artistically elegant Yuan · Space. This forum was jointly organized by Cartier and ‘Art News / Chinese Edition’, and invited Zhu Zhanqin, the director of the Art Museum of the China Academy of Fine Arts, Hang Jian, a representative of Chinese new music, and ‘the world sees’ the Chinese national culture protection and development goodwill initiative. The traditional roots of Chinese handicrafts, and the kinship between art and decorative arts, discuss the fusion of traditional crafts with contemporary design, and the encounter between the East and the West. The atmosphere of the forum was warm, and the guest audience actively interacted. As one of a series of academic activities, the successful conclusion of the forum also brought a successful conclusion to the “Boshu Zhenyi—Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition”.

博 ‘Brilliant Art-Chinese and Western Treasure Art Exhibition’ The main purpose of Chinese and Western cultural and artistic exchanges is to create opportunities for such academic communication and exchanges. Prior to this forum, another series of academic activities of the exhibition was held in Liaoning Provincial Museum in October. Several domestic cultural experts were invited to the forum to discuss the differences and integration between different cultures around the development of Chinese and Western art. This exhibition is the 26th stop of Cartier Collection’s Universal Art Tour. It will be exhibited at the Liaoning Provincial Museum from September 15th to October 27th. This is the fourth time that the Cartier Collection has visited China. This exhibition takes a new approach and shows the historical style and evolution of Chinese and Western art from 1850-1949 with a new perspective. The three major themes ‘Style Evolution’, ‘Chinese Love’ and ‘Treasures and Treasures’ will bring the audience back to the past through the display of jewellery, clocks and precious artifacts. The Liaobo precious collection and Cartier Collection of Chinese elements treasures on the same display, has become a highlight. During the exhibition period of more than forty days, the exhibition attracted a total of nearly 90,000 visitors, setting a record high number of foreign visitors to the Liaoning Provincial Museum.

Time is running like a shuttle. Since the Cartier Collection was first exhibited at the Petit Palais in Paris in 1989, 26 different exhibitions have been completed in the world’s top museums in 25 years. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum in London, the Moscow Kremlin Museum, the Beijing Palace Museum, the Taipei Palace Museum … The Cartier Collection’s journey of global art is still continuing, and it will usher in one of the grandest to date on December 4, 2013. Exhibition-‘Cartier: Epic Style’. The upcoming exhibition will bring Cartier’s collection back to Paris, France-a city connected to Cartier’s blood.

卡 ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ will be an exhibition about art history. More than 600 pieces of jewelry, utensils, watches, along with dresses, coats, accessories, furniture, paintings, advertising photography, prints and fashion magazines, tell the audience about Cartier’s history from 1847 to the 1970s, its artistic ideas and tastes of the times. And more than 200 hand-drawn manuscripts and countless archive files (inventory books, creative record books, hand-drawn manuscripts related to Heping Street Holy Shop, photos, plaster models …) will lead the audience to explore the story behind Cartier’s works. ‘Cartier: Epic Style’ will provide the audience with a key to interpret Cartier’s ups and downs, let us look forward to it together.

Cartier Day And Night Display Moon Phase Watch Real Shot Appreciation

Rotonde de Cartier displays the moon phase watch day and night in an elegant and contrasting style, showing the moon phase and time through a graphic divided in a rigorous aesthetic style. The upper half of the dial shows day and night shifts and time, and the lower half shows moon phases.

Innovative dial design inherited from the brand’s great style

 The moon phase display is a complex feature with a long history in Cartier. Starting from the comet clock created in 1913, it has always been the inspiration for some of the brand’s exquisite masterpieces. Today, the Rotonde de Cartier watch with moon phase display with retrograde hands shows day and night moon phase watches. With a unique two-dimensional dial, it continues the artistic heritage of Cartier.
Time passes between rising and falling moons. Exquisite pictographic sun signs and slightly abstract moon signs alternately indicate the time, and the moon phases are displayed at an elegant rhythm.

Time panorama

 The Rotonde de Cartier day and night moon phase watch is driven by the 9912 MC automatic mechanical movement, which shows the passage of time in a comprehensive and clear way. This guiding time reading method allows the wearer to distinguish between day and night time and moon phase changes at the same time.

Cartier strives to innovate, with an unprecedented large-diameter display window, let the timeless day and night display function shine.

 The universe is condensed between the square inches of the watch. Cartier sublimates the elegance and symbolic art with a meniscus-shaped retrograde hand indicating the change of the moon phase.

Rotonde de Cartier day and night moon phase watch
Equipped with 9912 MC movement, day and night display, retrograde hand indicating moon phase
Case: 18K rose gold
Diameter: 43.5 mm
Crown: 18K rose gold beaded crown set with a convex round sapphire
Table mirror: sapphire crystal
Case back: sapphire crystal case back
Dial: white dial, black transfer Roman numerals
Bezel: 18K rose gold bezel
Hands: Apple-shaped blue steel hands
Case diameter: 43.5 mm
Case thickness: 12.77 mm
Strap: Brown alligator strap
Buckle: 18K rose gold folding buckle
Water resistance: 30 meters / 3 bar / 100 feet
Movement: Cartier 9912 MC workshop refined mechanical movement with automatic winding, day and night display, retrograde hands to indicate the moon phase
Movement diameter: 11½ legal minutes, that is, 25.6 mm
Total movement diameter: 30 mm
Thickness: 6.44 mm
Number of ruby ​​bearings: 44
Number of movement parts: 290
Balance frequency: 28,800 times per hour
Power reserve: about 48 hours

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Yang Lin)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

At First Sight The Charm Of The New Tissot Yiting Watch

The barrel-shaped contour derives flowing contour lines, which perfectly defines the century-old watchmaking brand Tissot, the delicate aesthetic pursuit in the field of women’s watches. No matter whether you are in the shape design or the concept expression, the Yi Ting series has given the watch the ultimate all-round interpretation in terms of aesthetics and connotation. With such a beautiful time curve, how can it not be loved by beautiful women?

At first sight the streamlined design
 The Yiting series adopts a streamlined design. Two soft arcs extend from the sides of the barrel-shaped case, smoothly completing the transition from the case, the lug to the strap, making the watch like a bracelet, and women are elegant on the wrist. Perfectly displayed. Every Tissot Itiner watch contains high-tech materials and sophisticated grinding technology, and Swiss-made movements guarantee precise operation, which is your favorite at first sight. The Diamond Supreme watch is set with 14 top Wesselton diamonds. These 14 top Wesselton diamonds are slightly larger in the middle and smaller in both ends. They are designed to echo the lines and reflect the bright light.

The mellow and long-lasting quality is more than tangible
 Re-examining the Tissot Iting watch from a metaphysical perspective, carrying Tissot’s century-old watchmaking technology, superb technology, and profound connotation. One watch contains thousands of words. Behind the watch design is Tissot’s profound blessings to consumers. . Streamlined design, “T” lugs, mother-of-pearl dial and polished strap, both the black dial and white dial models highlight the delicate design of Tissot watches, and the gold style adds more high-end to this series. Charm. Among them, the Yiting Series Diamond Extreme Watch has omitted other scales except 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock; while the ordinary model takes the diamond on the diamond Supreme case as the original shape to create the whole-point scale in other positions. Tissot designers want to tell the most sincere blessings in the simplest way. I wish every woman can meet the loved one, taste the mellow and happy wine together on the long journey of life, and perform a long sweet song together.

Blancpain Releases X Fathoms Diving Watch

Blancpain released its latest diving watch X Fathoms in the world’s largest aquarium, Aquarium & Underwater Zoo located in Dubai Mall. This watch uses the classic look of the Blancpain diving watch from 1953, but it is the most advanced diving watch to date.
 Fathoms is a unit of depth. One Fathoms stands for 6 feet, about 1.829 meters. And this X Fachoms watch is the latest model of Blancpain Fifty Fathoms diving watch series, the name of X represents many innovations of this watch. The dial shows a 5 minute countdown at 10-11 o’clock to measure decompression time. The dial’s outer ring is a high-precision 0-15 meter depth indicator with a full-scale error within +/- 30cm. The inner circle of the dial is a depth indicator of 0-90 meters, of which the yellow arrow pointer is used to display the current depth, and the red pointer is used to indicate the deepest depth record.

 The button at 10 o’clock in the case is used to reset the 5-minute countdown timer, while the button at 8 o’clock with a protective bridge is used to reset the dive depth record. Crown at 3 o’clock. Inside the surrounding honeycomb grid is the watch valve regulator mechanism. Three honeycomb water inlets are used at the bottom of the case to direct water into the watch’s depth gauge to measure depth. The unidirectional rotating bezel still appears on the X Fathoms as a signature part of the diving watch. The watch strap has 14 movable joints, which make it fit on the wrist. At the same time, it can ensure the contact of the watch depth meter with water to ensure the accuracy of depth measurement.

 In addition, the watch uses a liquid metal depth gauge. As is known to all, the depth gauge generally measures the pressure applied to the drum by measuring the deformation of the pressure drum, and then converts the current depth by the pressure. The X Fachoms watch’s pressure-drum tympanum is made of liquid metal. This material is a good material for making depth notes because it can maintain good elasticity under long-term pressure. Compared with the traditional steel pressure measuring drum, the thickness of the eardrum is reduced by half, and at the same time, the maximum accuracy can be obtained. In addition, the cracking of solid materials due to long-term deformation is effectively avoided. However, due to the non-linear relationship between the pressure on the liquid metal and its deformation, it is difficult to accurately indicate the magnitude of the pressure through the degree of deformation. Blancpain has solved this non-linear characteristic through a set of asymmetric gear mechanism. (See below)

 The watch is equipped with a 9918B automatic movement based on the Blancpain 1315 movement. Consists of 385 parts and 44 gem bearings. The thickness is 13mm and the diameter is 36mm. It uses anti-magnetic silicon hairspring and has 3 barrels at the same time, providing 5 days power reserve. The case is made of satin-brushed titanium alloy with a diameter of 55.65mm and a thickness of 24mm. Water-resistant to 300m.

Exquisite Masterpiece Tasting Breguet Limited New Product-‘tsar’s Trouble Watch’

Through the long river of history, Baodi has owned Gideon for 100 years. It represents not only a watch brand, but also the longing of countless people. Perhaps the rise of new watch brands now continues to impact the old brands, but Breguet continues to show vitality and create more amazing new products.

  The Breguet watch not only reflects the essence of its value philosophy, but also contains outstanding technical achievements. It has a long history with the royal family. The watch below is an exquisite masterpiece, known as the ‘tsar’s troublemaker’. Official model: 5707ER / 29 / 9V6

  The Le Réveildu Tsar in the LesExclusifsdeBreguet series ‘Tsar’s troubled watch’, the design continues the tradition of Breguet’s watchmaking, but also incorporates modern elements. Steady and classical, yet full of fashion, its exhibition attracted much attention.


  At 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock on the circular dial, there are two ‘intra-disks’ of different sizes, which respectively display the time zone indications of the two places and the ringing alarm time indication that can be set to the minute. When you set the time, the watch will make a crisp sound.

  At 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock, there is a fan arc with a different shape, which is the indicator display area of ​​the second hand and alarm power reserve; the center axis is online, and there are two circular and square windows on the top and bottom. The circular display of the alarm On and off, the square is to display the date. Although the dial is complex in function, the design is very clever and makes people feel at a glance.

  When adjusting the time zone between the two places, this watch only needs to open the crown at 2 o’clock to rotate. The minute and second hands will not stop moving, only the hour is adjusted, and the calendar will also retrograde when adjusting. . Multi-functional, yet easy to operate, ideal for gentlemen who often handle international business.

  The case is carefully crafted in 18K rose gold, demonstrating the luxury of a royal aristocracy. The coin pattern on the outside of the case has always been a unique feature of Breguet, showing unique and subtle decorative details.

  The strap is a brown belt. Compared with stainless steel, the belt is lighter, softer and more comfortable to wear, and it is less prone to slipping. It is a favorite choice for many business people.

  This watch uses a folding buckle. From the picture, you can clearly see that the 18K rose gold is very polished and smooth, and it is more shiny under the light.

  The movement 519F of this watch is a new type of movement independently developed by combining the wisdom of the Breguet expert team. After 4 years of research and development, it has a perfect automatic winding system that can simultaneously indicate time and alarm. Powered by two bell barrels.

  Summary: Breguet’s ‘Tsar’s Watch’, whether it is the design of fish-eye hands, delicate coin patterns or artificially polished movements, follows the classic design style of Breguet from the inside to the outside. The distinctive charm is everywhere. In addition, the comprehensive functional design adds a bit of mystery to this ‘tsar’s troubled watch’. Although just seeing pictures instead of real objects, this perfect structure has long made countless watch lovers endless. Official model: 5707ER / 29 / 9V6; Reference Price: None (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

More watch details: breguet / 32250 /

Louis Vuitton’s First Watch And Jewelry Store In Beijing Was Grandly Opened

On October 29th, the French classic brand Louis Vuitton unveiled the first watch and jewelry store in China in Beijing Yintai Center, bringing the French tradition represented by Louis Vuitton to Chinese consumers. And luxury experience, this is also Louis Vuitton’s second watch and jewelry store worldwide. Since 1992, Louis Vuitton opened its first exclusive store in Beijing’s Wangfu Peninsula Hotel. In the 20 years since then, it has developed into 43 exclusive stores in 31 cities in China, bringing top craftsmanship and shopping experience to Chinese consumers.

  The Beijing Watch & Jewelry Store carefully designed by the Paris design department perfectly combines tradition and innovation, bringing a series of watches and jewelry boutiques that show Louis Vuitton’s exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design.
  On the opening day, Mr. Huo Li, President of Louis Vuitton China, Benoit Vuitton, the sixth-generation successor of the Louis Vuitton family, and the famous actor Gao Yixiang both came to the scene to celebrate the opening of the store. In addition, the Louis Vuitton Tambour time and minute repeater watch was also brought to Beijing from Paris, and a professional watchmaker from Switzerland performed a complex assembly of watch movements at the scene, highlighting Louis Vuitton’s presence in the watch. Leading skills and innovative design in professional fields. By Liu Boxue reporter Ren Fengtao

Classic Freshman Baselworld 2017 Blancpain New Product Summary

Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show is the only annual event that brings the entire watch and jewellery industry together. Professionals from all over the world come together to touch the pulse of the industry, from the trend-leading innovation and creativity. Get inspired and discover new trends. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2017, Blancpain focused on the classic series and the Fifty Fathoms series, launching elaborate timepieces.
Blancpain Classic Weekly Calendar Double Window Large Calendar Watch

   The new Villeret classic series weekly calendar double-window large calendar watch combines the week number, the day of the week, and the date in one, and a number of complicated functions are superimposed with exquisite aesthetics to achieve Blancpain-like complexity. In order to maintain a harmonious and unified aesthetic style, the dial on the dial and the Blancpain logo are drawn using enamel technology. This decoration process requires continuous firing at a high temperature of 800 degrees or more to complete. It is equipped with a 3738G2 self-winding movement, equipped with three main barrels, and has a power reserve of up to 8 days. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, you can admire the two-tone winding oscillating weight and exquisite hand-finished finish.
For more details, please click: This is the first time for the classic series to usher in the complex function of ‘day-date’ dual calendar display. The watch’s white matte dial is decorated with cutout willow hands, a small seconds indicator at 6 o’clock, and the day and date display at 3 o’clock. The day of the week can be changed instantaneously, while the date is displayed semi-instantly. Combining practicality and elegance, the wearer can easily read all the information on the dial with a single glance.
For more details, please click: The albumen dial features a willow-shaped hand, a pointer-type date display, and a moon phase display made of sapphire crystal. The moon phase display mechanism is realized by a 59-tooth moon phase wheel, and its corresponding time span is equivalent to two moon profit and loss cycles (each cycle is 29.5 days)-for this reason, the moon phase display connected to the moon phase wheel is printed on the There are two moon faces. Equipped with a new self-winding 913QL movement. The movement is equipped with a beryllium-bronze alloy balance wheel, and is equipped with inertia fine-adjustment screws and antimagnetic silicon hairspring. Through the sapphire crystal on the case back, you can admire the precision movement of the movement, and the gold rotor with snail-shaped bevels, polished corners, bars and ring-shaped Geneva waves.


For more details, please click: The new 45mm Titanium Fifty Fathoms watch case has a diameter of 45mm and is made of titanium. This material has a light texture that allows Fifty Fatty to maintain a 45mm calm and atmospheric size. The previous anti-magnetic inner case reduced the weight of the case and improved the wearing comfort. The theme of the entire watch is blue, and the bezel, graduated ring and inner dial are layered. The dial is equipped with fluorescent hour markers and hour and minute hands to ensure perfect reading even in dark environments. The date display window is set between 4 and 5 o’clock. It is equipped with 1315 movement and adopts a bottom design. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, you can appreciate the movement’s precise operation and exquisite finishing.
For more details, please click: One-way rotating bezel protects diving safety. At the beginning of the dive, turn the zero scale of the rotating bezel to the position indicated by the minute hand; this way, after entering the water, the diver can follow the table indicated by the minute hand. Circle scale, directly read the duration of entering the water. The crown is engraved with the ‘JB’ brand logo. It features a pit pattern for easy adjustment and is equipped with shoulder pads. One of the highlights of this watch is the circular humidity indicator at 6 o’clock on the dial. If moisture penetrates the watch, the small disc will change from white to red to alert the wearer.
For more details, please click: The surface of the plate is ‘Paper blue’, which is reminiscent of the deep ocean. The overall outline is clear and clear. The pointer also uses the original traditional retro design. There is a small date display window between 4 and 5 o’clock. Equipped with Cal. 1150, the best ultra-thin watch movement at the Geneva Watch Awards Watch movement accuracy is a major technological innovation.
For more details, please click: The dial presents the shocking ‘Double Cow Fighting King’ pattern, while adding another big Swiss landmark symbol: the famous Matterhorn. The ‘Double Cow Fighting King’ pattern is first made of red gold material, and then fixed on the red copper dial with miniature feet. The Blancpain logo and Matterhorn on the dial are hand-engraved on the red copper craft dial by Blancpain sculptors using extremely fine tools. The collars on the cow’s neck are made of gold, and they are set in red gold using a Damascus gold setting process.
For more details, please click: In addition to the Shuang Niu Jing Wang watch, at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, Blancpain also exhibited a number of ‘Master of Arts’ extraordinary craft watches, showing the brand in gold sculpture, enamel, Damascus Mastery in traditional and complex craftsmanship such as gold inlaid and copper.

   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports. Everyone pays attention.
2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show Coverage

The City Of Birth Of Rolex Daytona The Speed ​​city Of The World – Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach in Florida has a history in the name of the world’s speed capital. Since 1903, many racing events have been held here, and many world land speed records are also set here. The most noticeable one is the record speed of nearly 450 kilometers per hour in 1935. To date, Daytona Beach has been hailed as the ‘World Racing Center’ in the United States. The International Speedway Corporation, headquartered in Daytona, manages 13 tracks in the United States, including the legendary Daytona International Speedway. The headquarters of the National Sports Car Racing Association (NASCAR) and the American Automobile Racing Association (GRAND-AM) are also located in Daytona.

King of Speed
   1903–1935 From 1903 to 1935, Daytona’s hard-sandy beaches became an ideal place to break the speed record on land, and has since become known internationally. More than 80 official records were born here, of which 14 are even more The world’s fastest speed record. At that time, long distance markings on the sand used to calculate racing speed * recorded several brilliant racing achievements, including WK ​​Vanderbilt’s Dayton at 92 mph (148 km) in 1904 Take the first world record; Barney Oldfield drove the ‘LightningBenz’ to a record-breaking speed of 131 miles (210 kilometers) per hour in 1910, and became the throne of the King of Speed. Later, Orfield declared that his record was ‘near the absolute limit of human driving speed.’

   One of the outstanding racers at the time, Ralph DePalma, drove a powerful 12-cylinder Packard sports car, setting a new world record at 149 mph (240 km) in 1919, a record of more than 10 Years long. In the days that followed, it was the speed of conquering two difficult competitors in history: Malcolm Campbell and Henry Segrave. Since the 1920s, these two wealthy Britons have been able to compete on the Brooklands circuit in England, the world’s first dedicated racing circuit built in 1907. The latter two set a speed record and won King George V. George V) title. When the concrete elliptical track in Brookland was not enough to handle their more powerful high-speed sports cars, they turned to the beaches, starting with Pendine Sands and Southport in England, and finally inevitable. Came to Daytona. Their secretly built sports car exceeded 200 miles per hour (321 kilometers), and at the time only airplanes could reach such high speeds.

   Their sports cars are equipped with aircraft engines and are built for sprinting straight on the beach. Seagrave drove the Sunbeam Mystery S at a speed of 203 miles per hour (328 km) in the first Daytona duel in 1927. This victory was the first record verified by international standards. The distance is measured at the same distance but in the opposite direction, and the average value is calculated through calculation to offset the wind effect. Campbell drove the Bluebird (named after all his tanks) the following year, breaking records at 207 miles per hour (333 kilometers). In 1929, Henry Seagrave led the new sports car Golden Arrow, again leading the record at 231 miles (372 kilometers) per hour, a world record that earned him the jazz title and appeared in the New York Times ( New York Times). However, he unfortunately died unexpectedly the following year when he tried to break the speed record on the water.
   Since then, Campbell has been driving more powerful ‘Bluebird’ chariots year after year, breaking the world record he set in Daytona and becoming the true king of speed. Each of his pioneering efforts has attracted thousands of audiences and media around the world to Daytona Beach. In March 1935, he set a goal of 300 miles (482 kilometers) per hour and reached 330 miles (531 kilometers) an hour on his first sprint, setting a record for Daytona’s highest speed ever. However, when he was driving in the opposite direction, his average speed was reduced to 276 miles (445 kilometers) per hour, which was his last record at Daytona. This failure prompted Campbell to test the new site, Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. In September of the same year, he successfully completed the challenge, setting a final official record at 301 miles per hour (485 kilometers). Since 1930, Campbell has achieved great feats with Rolex Oyster watches. He witnessed the extraordinary shock resistance of the Rolex Oyster in his advertisement at the time. It can be seen that Rolex’s first spokesperson in the motorsport industry has long been inextricably bound with Dayton.
Unique sand track for the whole ball
   Although the onshore track record was moved to Utah, Daytona has a close relationship with motorsport. Since 1936, Daytona has hosted many unique world races, helping to establish its extraordinary position in the racing world. Soon after, the golden age of elliptical track racing arrived, with half of the track on the beach and the other half of the narrow coastal road. From 1937, this unique track has become the 200-mile American Motorcycle Championship, and this event has become a classic car under the name ‘Daytona 200’. The competitions on the beach are very exciting, attracting hundreds of spectators. Soon, some wooden stands were set up along the turn in the sand. This turn prevented some cars from being manually bombed or straight into the sea.

   Subsequently, the National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) was established in Daytona in 1948. NASCAR races are now held in four different locations throughout the United States and have become a popular racing category among American audiences. In the same year, Daytona’s Speed ​​Weeks car race, which was held in the early 20th century, was reconvened, and the two-week event is usually held in February. Under the sun in Florida, Daytona Beach is once again the center of American motorsport. The speed measuring distance on the beach allows the speed racing to be carried out again. Major American car brands and top European sports cars have joined the battlefield to promote the brand’s latest models.
   After a few kilometers of sprinting, the car’s impulse is strengthened, so that it can reach the speed range at the highest speed. These races are open to the public: each driver can drive his own car to set an officially certified speed record. The famous Daytona Beach-Road Course is located between the road and the low tide beach. The exciting motorcycle and car races are the focus of the ‘Speed ​​Week’ car race. It is said that many top drivers have smuggled distilled spirits of the Appalachian Mountains in the southeastern United States (especially Georgia and South and North Carolina), and have been trained to escape the pursuit of federal agents from time to time. So has a wealth of racing experience.
   In the mid-1950s, urban development and sand degradation gradually threatened races on the beach. With that in mind, Sir William France Sr., Chairman and Founder of NASCAR, has launched an extremely aggressive plan to build a permanent hard-faced track for top speed events: the Daytona International Circuit. The circuit opened in 1959, inheriting Daytona’s unique heritage and promoting its international reputation.
Racing car hall

   When the Daytona International Circuit opened in 1959, it was not only the fastest track in the United States, but also one of the world’s ‘super tracks.’ This 2.5-mile (4 km) three-ellipse circuit still impresses every spectator. The track is uniquely designed for speed, with a 31-degree inclination and a maximum point of 10 meters. The high inclination allows the car to corner at high speed without sliding off the runway under the influence of centrifugal force. At the same time, the audience can see the event at a glance no matter where they are in the stands. However, construction work is an extremely difficult engineering challenge, among which the pavement is even more important. Project engineer Charles Moneypenny developed a unique technique for applying asphalt on slope bends. The pavers are connected to the bulldozers just above the bends to facilitate work on slopes, and this patented technology has since been used to build other tracks.

   Daytona International’s distinctive design does n’t stop there: From the very beginning, Sir William Frances, the founder of the track, hoped that this new track would not only be an important venue for NASCAR events, but would be able to Become an international model. To attract the world’s top racers to Daytona, it was necessary to host the then-recognized elite motorsport event: a sports car event. Sir Francis conceived an innovative concept, constructing a road racing track in the large field’s infield, used for sports car and motorcycle racing, combining the classic track with a unique oval track with a roll angle For one. It is this innovative approach that has led to the development of the World Endurance Race, including the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours, which is as famous as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 24 At Daytona®) to earn an international reputation for this American circuit. The first event was held in the name of ‘Daytona Continental’ in 1962. Only one year later, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch was launched immediately, and the event was born at the same time as the watch. The fate of the person has never been separated.
Race named after Rolex Watch named after Daytona

   Sir William Frances not only loved the Daytona International Circuit, but also admired Malcolm Campbell and wore Rolex watches like him. Sir Francis appeared in the brand’s early 1960s ad, saying that Rolex was the appointed timepiece for the Daytona International Circuit. Since the first ‘Daytona Continental Race’, in addition to the trophy, the champion driver can also win a Rolex watch. When the cosmograph watch for racers came out, it naturally became a winner. Soon after, to emphasize the brand’s relationship with this American circuit, Rolex specifically named this watch Cosmograph Daytona.
   In 1992, Rolex sponsored the 24 Hours of Daytona, officially establishing a long relationship between the two, and the event has since been renamed the ‘Rolex Daytona 24 Hours.’ The oldest and most prestigious race in the United States kicked off the international racing season and was referred to simply as ‘The Rolex’. The audience always abandons the stands and sits in the open field to feel the atmosphere. In 2012, this legendary event celebrates its 50th anniversary. This year’s Anniversary Event has a record number of attendees and ended with wonderful results. After 24 hours of fierce competition, and finally accurate measurement of the Rolex clock near the finish line, the winning team won the championship by only 5 seconds. In the end, the winner completed more than 2,673 miles (4,300 kilometers), which is equivalent to the distance from New York across the United States to Los Angeles.

   The Rolex Daytona 24 Hours is exciting and fascinating, but at the same time extremely difficult. It challenges the limits of human and machinery for a full 24 hours. It is believed that it is the only sports car event in the world except the “Le Mans 24 Hours. To this day, many drivers from Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar and Endurance are enthusiastically participating in this race. They all have the same dream: they hope to wear the Daytona wrists that they won in the race. Watch and respected by the world.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Chopin’s Blue Rhapsody Happy Dreams Fresh Goods

Chopard’s classic Happy Diamonds sliding diamond, since 1976, has leapt freely, full of joy and become the brand classic; 40 years later, following the concept of Happy Diamonds, Happy Dreams has an interweaving circle The shape curve, decorated with white mother-of-pearl, presents a three-dimensional effect and a light and shadow effect, presenting a joy like a dream.

   After the white diamonds in the Happy Dreams series, the light and agile sliding diamonds once again cherished the mother-of-pearl with sapphire. The blue tone of the sapphire is shining brightly against the white mother-of-pearl, highlighting the freedom and elegance of the sliding diamond. Beauty.

Happy Dreams necklace, 18K white gold ring, set with claw-set diamonds and 1 claw-set sliding diamond, decorated with white mother-of-pearl at the bottom.

   The Happy Dreams jewelry series includes sapphire necklaces and sapphire rings. Necklace consists of four rings of different sizes interwoven with each other. Each ring is set with sapphires, and three sliding diamonds fly freely. It shines brightly against the background of mother-of-pearl. .

Happy Dreams ring, 18K white gold ring, set with claw-set diamonds and 1 claw-set sliding diamond, decorated with white mother-of-pearl at the bottom.

   The Sapphire ring consists of three intertwined diamond rings, hovering in a claw-set sliding diamond. Against the backdrop of mother-of-pearl, the deep sapphire, with its intellectual elegance, blooms in dazzling blues in luxurious beauty.

Happy Diamonds series watch, 18K white gold round watch, bezel set with claw-set sapphire diamonds, white mother-of-pearl surface contains 15 two different sizes of sliding sapphire diamonds, with a royal blue alligator leather strap.

   The Happy Diamonds series watch, also decorated with mother-of-pearl dial, is decorated with sapphire. The dial is as bright and clean as a bright moon. Around the sapphire, 15 sliding diamonds of different sizes are hovering deliberately, showing a vibrant and full of intellectual beauty.

Rolex Becomes The Official Timekeeper And Official Watch Of The Us Open

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has announced that Rolex will become the official sponsor of the US Open and will serve as the official timekeeper and official watch of the tournament. The multi-year cooperation agreement took effect immediately, and the two sides began preparations for the 2018 US Open.

 During the US Open, Rolex watches and clocks will appear in every corner of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, representing a partnership dedicated to excellence in tennis. The clock on the outside wall of Arthur Ashe Stadium will also be decorated in Rolex’s iconic style.
 In addition, Rolex will sponsor the Cincinnati Southwest Consortium Open, and by sponsoring all nine events, fulfill the brand’s commitment to the ATP Masters. Rolex will also sponsor USTA National Camps, the center of all USTA’s tennis mission-related activities and programs, located in the Nona Lakes area near Orlando, Florida. The brand will also support the USTA Foundation’s project, the official charity of USTA, designed to help young people with limited resources. This partnership reinforces Rolex’s 40-year tradition of sponsoring and supporting the highest levels of tennis.
 ‘Rolex is a true tennis champion and shares our passion for the sport with USTA,’ said Gordon Smith, CEO and executive director of USTA. ‘We are delighted to welcome this as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the US Open. Iconic luxury brand to become a partner, and thank the brand for supporting USTA’s mission to advance tennis. ‘
 ‘For the past 40 years, we have long been committed to supporting the highest level of tennis, and this exciting journey began with our connection to Wimbledon in 1978, and later served as the second Grand Slam tournament to the Australian Open. Sponsors and official timing. ‘Rolex US President and CEO StewartWicht said,’ Today, Rolex has established a partnership with USTA to sponsor and support the Association’s flagship event US Open. The two parties work together to share quality, excellence, precision and Passion for performance. ‘
 From August 27th to September 9th, the 2018 US Open will be held at the Flushing Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the US Open. The National Tennis Center has just completed a $ 600 million expansion and renovation plan. The new Louis Armstrong Stadium will also meet the audience. This is an advanced stadium with 14,000 seats and the final step of the overall expansion plan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)