Watch The Small Features Do Not Despise

For obvious features, any watch enthusiast with a certain experience will not ignore it. However, some changes in details, especially some new ‘small features’, are easy to ignore. Ask the industry, especially the designers and constructors responsible for the development of new products. In fact, the ‘small features’ of watches are always valued by the watch industry, especially in the context of turbulence in the market. Every year, some ‘small functions’ have been launched. The prevalence of ‘small features’
One of the most prominent manifestations of the popularity of ‘small functions’ is the popularity of world time or multi-time zone watches in recent years. Those who like this practical function are pleased to find that from the innovative and quick adjustment of Breguet, the classic gorgeous new of Vacheron Constantin Style, to Blancpain’s annual calendar, long power plus half time zone display, each one takes their brand to be proud of their innovations are applied to these newly developed world time and multi-time zone watches, people feel that it is more practical than practical The addition of the old classic watch has a clear impulse to buy. Similar practical functions, including the previously less noticeable alarm clock, almanac, and the addition of flyback, double-tracking hands, etc. in the context of the increasing popularity of chronographs.
The latter is particularly interesting. In the eyes of people who do n’t know much about the structure of the watch, the double-tracking hand is just a pointer that can be separated and run for the timing, and the flyback is simpler to return the timing hand to the starting point. Continue to run, but watchmaking experts feel that flying back is not easy, the double tracking needle can be regarded as a complex function, and it will take some thought to transform it from an ordinary chronograph movement. In fact, in addition to the difficulty of distinguishing these small functions from the factory’s high pricing, it can be confirmed by the number of similar products. Technically simple, of course, may attract more imitators. Conversely, with more imitators and more similar products, someone will find another way in technology or make it more difficult. The most typical example is from the earliest idea of ​​Athens to use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to make multi-time zone adjustments easy and accurate, to Breguet’s development of the same convenient and quick adjustment system for the traditional world-small functions from The technological innovation that shines in front of people’s eyes, and the use of complex technologies to achieve concise results, promote the progress of the industry.
Here, a question worth exploring is the precise definition of ‘small functions’. Of course, compared with extremely complex movements such as perpetual calendar and three questions, innovations with fewer parts and simple functions can all be classified as small functions. In addition, some long-term power, observatory-grade precision timekeeping, super waterproof watches over 500 meters, professional anti-magnetic watches, and skip seconds (mechanical watches running like electronic quartz watches), etc. are not classified as ‘small functions’ and will not cause people too Big objection. However, are some aesthetic innovations, such as see-through movements, new material cases, and so on, small features? The former often does not hesitate to change the original mechanical structure in order to achieve a more transparent and beautiful visual effect, while the latter requires support in many aspects from high technology to manual decoration to assembly. Furthermore, under modern conditions, various handicrafts such as chamfering and engraving, which cannot be replaced by machines, seem to fall into the category of ‘small functions’ in a broad sense.
I didn’t want to do too much scrutiny on the concept, I just wanted to remind those who can’t afford to buy extremely complicated models for a while, but also want to step into the door of the collection-try to discover a little ‘small features’. Not only is the future popular among them, but ‘small functions’ are often not technically simple, and as an entry-level collection and practical it is most suitable.

Jacques Jeremy Shines At The 72nd Golden Globes, Jeremy Rainer Jr., Donald Reeve, Owen Diane Kruger Wears Jaeger-lecoultre Watch To Appear On The Red Carpet ###- –

On January 11th, the 72nd Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles, including Jeremy Rainer, Robert Downey Jr., Cliff Owen, Diane Crewe Many stars, including Georgia, have chosen Jaeger-LeCoultre watches as a dazzling timepiece to accompany them on the red carpet.

   Diane Kruger made her debut on the red carpet with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s unique Joaillerie 101 Art Deco 101 women’s fine jewelry watch. This fine jewellery watch is a jewel in the watch with both technical connotation and feminine charm. Its 101 movement is the smallest mechanical movement in the world.

   Cliff Owen was nominated for Best Actor in a TV Series for his role in the TV series Nick Hospital. He chose the Grand Tourbillon 43 43mm classic Grand Tourbillon watch, which highlights his charming image of a gentleman.

   Hollywood superstars Jeremy Rainer and Robert Downey Jr. wore Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin watches and Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire 40.5 mm biplane moon phase calendar watches attended the Golden Globe Awards Awards ceremony.

Diane Kruger wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Art Dec 101 Women’s Fine Jewelry Watch

Clive Owen wears Jaeger-LeCoultre Tourbillon Masterpiece 43mm

Jeremy Renner wears the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Ultra Thin —

Swiss Plum Watch’s 95th Anniversary Celebration And New Seascoper Ocean Discovery Series Dive Watch Release

This year, the Swiss Plum Watch is proudly entering its 95th anniversary. To celebrate its grand event, TITONI invited Chen Minzhi, the star of the film and television industry, as a guest of honor to witness the important milestone of Swiss Plum Watch together. Mr. Chen Minzhi also co-hosted the launching ceremony for the new generation of Seascoper marine exploration series diving watches with Mr. Daniel Schluep.
  Chen Minzhi, who loves outdoor sports, thinks that the ideal diving watch must have a large dial for easy reading. She especially appreciates the small bezel of the Seascoper watch, which indirectly enlarges the surface, making the reading clear and stylish.
   Mr. Daniel Schluep, CEO of TITONI Swiss Plum Watch Co., Ltd. at the same venue said: ‘The new Seascoper Ocean Discovery series watch is 200 meters water-resistant and stylish in appearance. It is a reliable companion for underwater activities and daily wear; The thin bezel makes the watch soft and soft, breaking the tradition of diving watches. ‘
  As the brand celebrates its 95th anniversary, looking back at the company’s second-generation helm Bruno Schluep, in order to open the Asian market, named the company’s brand with a plum symbol of China, which has contributed to the rise of the TITONI plum watch, and has launched countless classic watches over the years . Under the light and shadow wheel of time, since 1995, it has adhered to the concept of ‘affordable luxury’, allowing more users to enjoy high-quality Swiss watches at reasonable prices. At present, Swiss plum watch is managed by Daniel Schluep, the third-generation successor of the Schluep family. Adhering to the tradition, the Swiss plum watch is actively moving towards the future with a unique plum trademark.

200 Timeless Breguet Watch

Al Breguet was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1747. He lived in Paris most of the time, and created countless great inventions in his life, such as the improvement of automatic watches and the invention of the bell spring And suspension, but the biggest impact on the watch industry is the tourbillon.

For a long time, people have deliberately sought to find out how the machinery can synchronize with the rotating stars to obtain the same operating time. But Breguet saw the effects of the reaction. The gravity of the earth generated during the rotation of the earth makes the swing of the balance wheel inconsistent, and it needs another opposite force to control it. The advent of the tourbillon made this ideal a reality.

This device, which generates a reaction force by rotation, was patented in France in 1801. For the next few years, Breguet continued to improve his technology, and it was not until 1805 that he completed one of his tourbillon watches. By the time of his death in 1823, he had made about 35 tourbillon watches. These watches have become treasures in collectibles today.

玑 Breguet was later acquired by the Swatch Group. The year 2000 is the 200th anniversary of the tourbillon. The group decided to open the Breguet store and museum in Paris’s Van Dang Square, and held the 200th anniversary celebration of the tourbillon.

In 1762, when A.L. Breguet was only 15 years old, he immigrated to Paris and began his apprenticeship. Later, Breguet was familiar to the court of Louis XV and made friends with the young Louis XVI, who made an automatic remote questioning watch for the latter’s queen. He often went in and out of the Palace of Versailles where the King lived, and met many nobles, who became his loyal customers.

纪念 To commemorate this event, Breguet has introduced a new tourbillon watch. The surface of white porcelain has a transparent bottom and a carved cover. The cover is engraved with a separate number and the words ‘Breguer a Verdaillea’. The semi-detached cover is controlled by a push button coaxial with the crown. It is available in 18K red gold and white gold, each made in 28 pieces, and has been sold in specialty stores in Paris.

玑 In 1823, Baodi died, and his descendants also have masterpieces. In modern times, the fifth generation of Breguet’s grandson made watches with a flyback timing function in the 1950s. Scientist Einstein and writer Tchaikovsky were loyal users of Breguet. Many people call Breguet the ‘watch king’, saying Breguet is ‘the father of modern watchmaking.’

World historical celebrities such as King Louis XVI, Queen Anthony, Queen Anthony, Tsar Alexander I, Queen Victoria, British Prime Minister Churchill, William Prussia, and U.S. Secretary of State Dulles, etc. The common point is that they are all beloved of Breguet watches.

Emotional Tones Glashütte Original Pavonina Spirit Watch

At the Basel Show this year, Glashütte Originals once again launched the new spirit sparrow series, with a variety of impressive colors, and showed the new trend coming out in the next fashion season: sensual colors The harmonious fusion of shiny metal and multiple elegant dials makes the watch look more confident and pure.

   The Spirit Sparrow series pays tribute to the pioneer women who are both modern and internal. Not only elegant and unique in appearance, but also unparalleled in quality, it comes in a 31 x 31 mm ‘pillow’ case and is available in stainless steel, red gold and refined gold. The side of the case is equipped with flexible lugs to ensure wearing comfort, while the surface is set with delicate diamonds, which also adds to the value of jewelry collection.

   The Lingque series makes full use of the contrast effect, and the exquisite design of the details is breathtaking. Each watch component, dial, case, lug, bracelet and buckle, are exquisitely crafted in an independent style. Compared with the previous models, the new watch chooses to display Roman numerals on the fluorescent natural mother-of-pearl dial, and the font is exclusively designed for the Lingque series: charcoal black, slightly rounded, giving the stable and serious Roman numerals a little soft and fashionable temperament.

   Equipped with a 03-02 quartz movement independently developed, providing precise and reliable power. The movement is specially built to meet the needs of daily life, providing triple magnetic protection to ensure that it can safely resist the effects of electronic equipment. In the pursuit of superior performance, we must not forget to sculpt the beauty in every detail: the soleplate of the movement is decorated with unique Glashütte columnar patterns, and the gold logo is engraved on a silver background.

Rolex’s Long

It is not too late to get to the topic. Now everyone on Rolex in the market is very familiar with it, apart from talking about changes in the market, there is nothing to talk about. Therefore, here I will show you some rare Rolexes, everyone can grow their knowledge and increase fun together. Of course, in addition to Rolex, when I encounter other special watches, I will share them with you in time. What I want to show you today is Rolex’s ‘Dragon’ watch.

Rolex 6085 enamel dragon watch
   Although today, Rolex only produces simple function watches, not involved in complex watches and various processes. But Rolex is still very versatile in history. Although Rolex has not produced any complicated watches, the most complicated watch is the historical full-calendar moon phase and the current annual calendar Skywalker. But Rolex produced some enamel watches. I think Rolex’s enamel watch is special. Because you take a look, other brands of enamel watches use very thin and exquisite formal case. Only Rolex is made of enamel on the oyster case with a sports style. ‘Tiger sniffing roses’ feeling.

Rolex 6085
   This Rolex 6085 enamel watch is called a ‘dragon’, because the surface is a dragon with filigree enamel. Like other Rolex enamel watches, the dial of this Rolex Dragon is ordered from the dial factory of Stern. The person who painted the dragon is also Ms. Nelly Richard who mentioned in my Rolex and Omega enamel watch article. She is an expert in enamel. She makes enamel plates for many brands. Unfortunately, she died early.

Rolex 6085 details
   This Rolex dragon is a European-style dragon. This dragon is very delicate and delicate. If we take a closer look at the color of the dragon, we will find that the color of the dragon’s body and tail varies from light to dark. Surrounding the dragon are hour markers consisting of numbers, diamond-shaped scales, and a 12-point Rolex crown. So far, Rolex has only 5 dragon-patterned enamel watches through expert research. The dragons on each watch are different, because the enamel cannot burn the exact same pattern. So every watch is an orphan. In addition, this watch uses an 18K gold chain.

Rolex 6085 details
   The Rolex dragon was valued at 500,000 to 1 million Swiss francs at the time, and was eventually sold for 670,000 Swiss francs for about RMB 4.65 million.

Explore The Mysteries Of Watches And Clocks

An excellent watch design must have the ingenious ideas of the designers, as well as advanced and complicated production technology. The outstanding masterpiece represents the highest wisdom of human beings in the microcosm. The several watches I want to introduce to you today are the essence of the brand and also outstanding design results. If you have high requirements for the appearance and performance of the watch, the following recommended watches may be your best select.
  Ebo was founded in Shenzhen, China in 1991. Ebo owns a number of independent watch brands including EBOHR, KANA, EBOHR COMPLICATION, etc. It is currently a domestically produced watch. Outstanding.
Ebo Yufei Star Track Watch

Watch Series: Yufei
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel / belt
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: 4280 (60190130) / 3980 (60190239) / 4580 (60190314, 60190413)
Details of the watch: The design of the Ebol Star Trail Watch is in the same line with the design of the sky orbit on the disk: the case is shaped like a flying saucer; the perspective window on the bottom cover is like people exploring the mysteries of the universe through astronomical telescopes. The dial design and multi-layered architecture give people a full three-dimensional space imagination. Its original and clever layout highly complicates the hollow mechanical movement, and at the same time visually shows the heart rhythm of the watch. The 24-hour hands on the dial are vividly designed. ‘Sun’ means day and ‘meniscus’ means night. The Ebol Star Trail watch embodies the inspiration of watch designers, combined with advanced watchmaking technology, to make this outstanding wristwatch.
For more surprises, please explore Ebo Tmall: Ebo flagship store
Breguet Classic 3330BA / 1E / 986 watch

Watch Series: Classic
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k yellow gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 35 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 279,300
Watch details: breguet / 21594 /
Watch brief comment: Breguet’s watches are very classic and fascinating. The anthropomorphic moon phase is suspended in the upper part of the dial, and the moon’s facial expression is lively and full of life, as if it will speak in the next second. The eccentric hands and time scales are located at the lower end of the moon phase, like a sun, echoing the moon, and the sun and the moon are shining. Breguet’s iconic decoration on the dial adds retro feel and is a soft and elegant men’s watch.
Piaget Altiplano G0A33112 watch

Watch Series: Altiplano
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: 18k white gold
Case diameter: 40 mm
Official Store Price: ¥ 147000
Watch details: piaget / 9045 /
Watch brief comment: It is said that the essence of the Altiplano series lies in the art of compact diamonds, but although this GOA33112 does not have diamonds, the platinum dial still makes people feel its low-key luxury. Equipped with its own 838P movement, you can feel the rigor of Piaget’s technology through the back.
Emilion Galaxy 12.1178.G. watch

Watch Series: Galaxy Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, tungsten steel ring
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 11600
Watch details: emile / 33855 /
Watch Reviews: The biggest feature of this Emilon Galaxy series is the combination of the traditional twelve constellation designs on the dark blue dial, and the blue starry sky dial with constellation symbols. Each hour mark represents a constellation . The watch is crafted from a stainless steel case with a tungsten bezel. Starry sky dial with twelve constellation logo hour markers, dreamy and stylish.
In summary: ordinary watches only help people complete simple timekeeping, and when ordinary is perfect, the combination of more high-end design elements is also a kind of creativity and progress.

Tag Heuer Carrera Movement, Models And Pictures Tag Heuer Movement Information

What movement does the TAG Heuer Carrera series use? What are the TAG Heuer Carlisle movements? How is the TAG Heuer Carrera movement? What is TAG Heuer was 2111.fc6293? What kind of TAG Heuer Carrera 2115 is used? What is TAG Heuer wv1415.ba0793? Today, the editor will introduce the TAG Heuer Carrera movement, watches and pictures.
TAG Heuer was2111.fc6293

 Tag Heuer TAG Heuer-Carrera series WAS2111.FC6293 men’s mechanical watch is equipped with automatic mechanical movement Cal.6, three hands display, independent small seconds, date display, waterproof 100 meters, silver dial with blue rigid hands and Arabic scales, wrist The details of the table highlight the confident elegance and extraordinary noble taste of the owner.
 Related watch information: TAG Heuer Carrera 2115

 The movement adopted by TAG Heuer Carrera 2115 is an automatic movement Cal.7, with dual time zone, date display and water-resistant 50 meters. Calera series WV2115.BA0787 and WV2115.FC6180 two men’s mechanical watches use Cal.7.
 Related watch information:
 TAG Heuer TAG Heuer-Carlisle series WV1415.BA0793 Ladies quartz watch with smart design, a must-have style for women in the workplace. It adopts Swiss quartz movement, with accurate travel time, big three needles, date display, and water resistance of 50 meters, which fully meets the daily needs of white-collar women.
 Relevant watch information: The TAG Heuer Carrera series watches are highly appreciated in the industry for their transcendence in design and simplicity, outstanding features without being restrained and elegant, and they are also very popular with watch and racing enthusiasts.

Bucherer Participated In The Arnold Schwarzenegger Charity Auction And Donated Three Chronographs To Plavi 4x

Last weekend, the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger held an annual fund-raising charity auction for the After-School All-Stars charity organization attended by many celebrities in a private estate in Los Angeles. Swiss luxury watchmaking brand Carl F. Bucherer donated a special 4X special chronograph timepiece from Belavi as a lot, and was finally photographed by Leonardo Miguel Fernandez. This charity auction raised a total of $ 5.32 million, more than twice the original target. For many years, Bucherer has been actively participating in social activities and cooperating with other sectors, including charitable organizations, sports, film and music.

Leonardo Miguel Fernandez and Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Charity Dinner

Patravi Three Time Chronograph 4X (Patravi TravelTec 4X)
   The Bucherer Plavi 3X time chronograph is made of four precious materials: palladium, titanium, high-tech ceramics and rubber. The precision watchmaking process creates three time zone displays, exuding unique personality and witnessing the time of the new era. Travel now!

   Bellevue Three Places Chronograph 4X Technical Specifications

Model: 00.10620.21.93.01
Movement: CFB 1901.01 automatic movement
Functions: chronograph, time zone, date, hour, minute, small second
Case: 950 palladium, ceramic bezel, hollow dial, screw-in crown and rubber buttons, titanium single button, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back, water-resistant to 50 meters, diameter 46.6 mm, 15.5 mm thick
Dial: Double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Strap: Rubber strap, titanium discount

Nomos Presents Two New Aqua Neomatik Siren Watches

German watch brand NOMOS has launched two new timepieces to further enrich the AquaNeomatikSiren series. Based on the Club and Ahoi models, the new watch is equipped with a DUW3001 self-winding movement and is water-resistant to 200 meters.

 Among them, AhoiNeomatikSiren watch diameter 36 mm, ClubNeomatikSiren watch diameter 37 mm. The dials of both watches are white, with red Arabic numerals and time markers, which are striking. The hour and minute hands are coated with Superluminova fluorescent material to ensure that the time can be read clearly in the dark.
 The watch’s DUW3001 movement is only 3.2 mm thick and uses the NOMOSswingsystem escapement. It is extremely thin and precise. Like the other models in the collection, the new watch comes with a special light gray fabric strap. The strap was designed by NOMOS and woven in France to exact specifications. It is reported that two new watches will be on sale in July this year. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)