Time Walks Because Of Luxury

The manufacturing plant in Le Brassus has introduced a revolutionary new waterproof technology to its Teana Trio Minute Repeater, which makes it amazingly waterproof to 100 meters. This new waterproof Léman Aqua Lung minute repeater (Ref. 2835) combines perfect hearing enjoyment and technical invention in one. Anti-reflective sapphire crystal surface, 40mm diameter case, the case is made of titanium or 5N red gold. Build-Both materials can play a special role in improving the sound performance. Completely self-produced Cal.351 movement, consisting of 360 parts, self-winding.
Equipped with Calibre 6 movement, diamond-cut fluorescent hands for easy identification in the dark. The square dial gives women a handsome and bold first impression, and the small square second dial is cleverly placed at 6 o’clock, echoing the case, and interpreting the unique square design of the Monaco series to the extreme. Through the back cover of anti-wear sapphire crystal glass, you can see the movement adorned with the Geneva ripple pattern and engraved with TAG Heuer’s exclusive carved movement, exquisite clockwork and noble quality at a glance.
Tag Heuer-Monaco Women’s Watch
Model: WW2114.FC6215
Price: ¥ 48,200
FREY WILLE’s decorative art jewelry strongly advocates pure artistic truth. Each set of jewelry series has to undergo a development process of up to two years before production. Each series is derived from the study of art history or inspired by the works of famous artists. The details of the sketches and colors have to be considered repeatedly before design and production. FREY WILLE artists have always adhered to the highest standards of the company’s understanding of art history and detailed research and development. Therefore, each jewelry is unique and precious.
Set unique design concept, 24K pure gold decorative enamel, top quality of art and technology in one, FREY WILLE jewelry quickly won international recognition and appreciation. Since 1993, FREY WILLE’s flagship store has gone beyond Europe, and jewelry from Vienna has settled in countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Tag Heuer-Carrera Automatic Speed ​​Chronograph
Carrera’s ‘Pan American Road Race’ was founded in the 1950s and is an elite race in Formula One. TAG Heuer launched the Carrera chronograph in 1964, which combines excellent sportsmanship and elegant and noble aesthetics, and immediately received infinite praise from the watch industry. The Calera Calibre16 fully automatic chronograph is launched with a new look, recreating the perfect example of the ‘gentleman racer’ era. The watch is equipped with a speedometer on the fixed bezel, which is intended to pay tribute to the great racing legend and ‘gentleman driver’.
Model: CV2013.FC6206
Price: ¥ 23,600
Added a new jewel in its women’s watch series, enriching the ‘Lian’ series product line, with both hot and unique personality and elegant charm.
220 Weselton clarity diamonds are embellished with black dials and radiant guilloché patterns. The specially enlarged and unique Arabic numerals strengthen this ultra-thin ladies’ mechanical diamond watch. The bold avant-garde impression, from the date display window numbers also use the same design fonts, they can be described as the pursuit of excellence.

Cartier Launches Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon Watch

Floating like a balloon and blue as sapphire, the Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch adds a little elegance to the wrists of men and women. The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Carbon watch (model: WSBB0015) is treated with black ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) coating, which looks casual and modern without losing the classic aesthetic code: convex curve case, guilloch dial , Roman numerals, and sword-shaped hands.

   The stainless steel case has a diameter of 42 mm, a thickness of 13 mm, and a water resistance of 30 meters. The black dial is decorated with large white Roman numerals and sword-shaped hour and minute hands with luminous coating. The slender second hand adds a bright color to the black and white dial. As usual, the crown is inlaid with a blue synthetic spinel, and the dial has a circular date display at 3 o’clock.
   It is equipped with Cartier’s self-made Calibre 1847 MC self-winding movement, with hours, minutes, seconds and date display function, and can provide 42 hours power reserve. Comes with an attractive black calfskin strap with an ADLC-coated stainless steel folding clasp.

Casio Oceanus Ocwt-1000 Watch Introduction

CASIO OCEANUS has always focused on pursuing the complete fusion of craftsmanship and technology, and constantly introduces new models to present better models to consumers. Its Smart Access intuitive operating system only requires pressing and pulling the crown. The simple operation of rotation and rotation can perform various operations and switching, not only closer to the needs of the wearer and greatly improving convenience, and its elegant appearance is more acclaimed. In 2011, OCEANUS launched the OCW-T1000E based on the marine concept. The soft and bright shades emit a unique light like the clear blue ocean waves.

 The surface of OCEANUS OCWT-1000 is composed of hand-milled sapphire glass. OCW-T1000E flashes a light and elegant blue light, as sparkling in the summer sun, showing the freshness of the ocean, while OCW-T1000D presents a mature and stable feeling with a deep blue ocean. The side crown is engraved with the OCEANUS brand logo, giving the watch its vitality from the ocean. It is matched with the special ザ ラ ツ hand-grinding technology of Japanese handmade expressors. It is carved with smooth, arc, and transparent watches. Multi-level blue tone It shows a delicate and exquisite feeling, and its surface is more concisely presented with the upper and lower symmetrical watch eyes, which not only makes the line design clearer, but also increases the readability of the watch.

 OCEANUS OCW-T1000 is equipped with its original Smart Access, which uses different motors to actuate the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the central axis, respectively, to achieve completely independent hand movements, to achieve smooth practical functions of switching between various modes and displays, only You need to perform simple operations such as pressing, pulling, and rotating the crown to switch between cities in world time, or to set an alarm, etc., to bring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the wearer.

‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement and automatic radio time adjustment bring convenience to life
 Equipped with the ‘TOUGH MOVEMENT’ movement, it can receive 6 radio waves of the world with high sensitivity, including standard radio waves of China, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and North America, and automatically correct the time and date and other information. School time. In addition, the composite mosaic structure can improve the durability of the movement, and the automatic correction function of the hand automatically detects errors at 55 minutes and 00 seconds per hour, and automatically corrects the position of the hour, minute, and second hands, which is never impartial.

Technical data
-SMART ACCESS intuitive operation system
-Receive radio waves from 6 stations in the world
-Solar Power System
-Automatic pointer correction
-Water resistant to 100 meters
-1/20 second stopwatch
-Fully automatic calendar (~ 2099)
– world time
-Titanium alloy strap
-Sapphire glass surface
-Dimensions: 47.4 x 45.1 x 12 mm
-Weight: 100g

Olympics Sweeps The Tide Of Sports, Seiko Launches Drive Diving Watch

With the grand opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, the sports watch series has once again become the focus of the watch industry. At this time, Seiko officially launched the GRAND SEIKO Spring Drive diving watch, bringing SEIKO’s original white watch. The titanium technology is applied to the diving watch. The oversized titanium pointer can still be error-free in the harsh environment of the sea, and it can clearly read the time, and it has absolute safety. The top-level professional technology of the GRAND SEIKO diving watch dispels energy. In addition to meeting professional divers, the simple and rough appearance is suitable for men’s most practical watches in the summer season.

Grand Seiko Diver’s Watch
Material: white titanium (SBGA031), stainless steel (SBGA029)
Movement: 9R65 Spring Drive automatic winding movement, hours, minutes, seconds, date display / power reserve display
Table diameter: 44.2mm
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Water resistance: 200 meters

Persistence Is A Very Important Thing

Cats, FixedGear drivers, regulars in awards in major national competitions. He is a free rider and a stubborn player. The first of each was the beginning of the next, and the pain and failure also became a flavoring agent, and the cat said, ‘I’m not afraid!’. He insisted that when he was 30 years old, he would still be an ‘old urchin’ with his G-SHOCK. On this riding road, the cat went all the way. G-SHOCK NOISE: Hello cat, how did you first get into the sport of FixedGear? What do you think of this sport? What attracts you most?
Mao Tsai: At first, I was exposed to street culture from hip-hop. The deeper my understanding, the more I was attracted to it. Later I became interested in other related sports and wanted to try it out. The first time I saw Fixed was when I went out dancing with friends, someone rode a FixedGear. At that time, I was attracted by the shape and color. After learning about its gameplay and free combination of body, etc. , And even more like it. FixedGear emphasizes the challenge to itself, and like all extreme sports it tells me the spirit of not giving up. What attracts me most is to always remind me to control myself. In the communication with the car, balance, rotation, beating, etc. are constantly repeated exercises, control each body and every joint of the car, and seek the most appropriate balance point. In my opinion, it is more like a meditation practice and learn to focus. These also have a subtle influence on my character and doing things.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Many people think that FixedGear is a dangerous sport. Have you been worried when you first started playing? Seeing that you often get hurt, why keep insisting?
Kitty: All sports are somewhat dangerous, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. There is no absolute freedom, there is a need to be constrained, and to know how to avoid danger. This is the meaning of learning. Even though there may be pain, I still insist, this is an attitude, hard work and hard work to do what you want to do well. Persistence in faith is important.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Is playing FixedGear a self-challenge for you? What kind of relationship or meaning does it have with your life?
Cat: Yes, it is indispensable in life now, because of it, I get too much. From repeated practice, from impossible to possible, I found that I could have a lot of ‘possible’, but if I don’t try, I can only kill them in my imagination. FixdeGear is like a mirror to me, letting me see my truest self, ‘I can!’
G-SHOCK NOISE: This year G-SHOCK also joined its fourth ‘Death Fly Revolution’ with its TOUGH spirit. As a player who played on behalf of G-SHOCK, what is your understanding of TOUGH? What is a TOUGH thing for you?
Cat: Actually, I really appreciate G-SHOCK’s support for FixedGear, an extreme sport. Young people need such a platform for worry-free communication, which makes us feel more confident. And such a brand with clear coordinates and special support for extreme sports, I believe it must have a particularly attractive culture and personality. For TOUGH, my understanding is to be yourself and not to be influenced by others, just like a tough guy who is indestructible. For me, what I do now is a TOUGH thing, and enjoy FixedGear.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Just like this time participating in the ‘Death Flying Revolution’ event, G-SHOCK has always been very happy to interact well with the fields of music, sports, art, and fashion, providing a lot of support for artists and athletes, and encouraging young people. Show yourself, how do you think young people should better show their abilities? What does a good platform mean for young people who want ‘Express Yourself’?
Cat: Strive to seize the opportunity to show your best side, don’t be shy and don’t need to worry. Because being the most authentic one, expressing your own ideas is what young people need now, a solid sense of existence. The platform is important. The location of a platform actually determines a starting point for what you show. However, a good platform is not simply a high level of support. It is more important to be motivated and motivated, to understand and support, and to be consistent in belief. G-SHOCK often gives young people a conviction, telling us fearlessness and persistence. It seems that you can do whatever you want, don’t be afraid, because it is no longer afraid.
G-SHOCK NOISE: This year is the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK. From 1983 to the present, G-SHOCK has become one of the classics of trendy culture. Which of its characteristics and culture do you agree with?
Cat: I think G-SHOCK is very open and inclusive. It does crossover with many fields, exchanges and embraces different cultures. But it is very stubborn, holds its own opinions and does not change its beliefs. It’s interesting, it’s the best balance between change and self. I appreciate and agree with this. Don’t follow the current but always make myself better, all from a clear voice telling myself to keep going in the direction I think.
G-SHOCK NOISE: The 30-year-old G-SHOCK, from youthless and fearless to persistent, has accompanied many people in their journey of striving for dreams. What kind of plot do you have for G-SHOCK? What expectations do you have for it and yourself in the past and future?
Cat: Actually before, I went to google about G-SHOCK brand and learned some history about it. G-SHOCK’s belief in ‘creating a watch that will never break’ makes me feel like being a person, never being defeated by others, strong when strong, not giving up easily, very TOUGH. With such a tough and tough shape, it also contains such a belief that makes me believe that G-SHOCK is more than just a watch. Taking G-SHOCK is like reminding yourself that you are stubborn, be yourself, express yourself, and never give up in the face of setbacks.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Seeing that you are wearing today is a DW-6930A from the red-gold series launched by G-SHOCK this year to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This watch is based on G-SHOCK’s most classic 6900 watch. Bring any memories?
Cat: Remember that my first G-SHOCK was the black gold series GD-100GB-1DR that I always wanted to own, and it was also my first many memories. At that time, I played FixedGear for exactly one year and participated in the first national competition Winning the prize, my father gave me a reward, and it was also his first recognition of playing FixedGear for me, which made sense to me. At that time I brought black gold, now it is red gold, one is a commemorative for the first time, and one is a milestone of spiritual belief. Seeing the ’30’ logo is like giving me a power. TOUGH persists.
G-SHOCK NOISE: Finally, talk to us about your expectations for yourself when you are 30 years old.
Cat: I think that at 30 I will still be an ‘old puck’ who loves FixedGear and extreme street culture, and wanders, sweats, and shares youth with young people. Play old, stick to old. It’s wonderful to think about it. One thing that can persist is to make people feel as happy as faith. At that time, I should have had a child, and I would send him a G-SHOCK, let him take him like me, and tell him that he would not be defeated like this unbreakable watch.

Dior Dior Launches A New Chinese Red Formal Watch

Red is a traditional Chinese color, which is closely related to the Lunar New Year and symbolizes joy and good luck. On February 16, 2018, China will enter the Year of the Dog. Dior chooses the most popular red in China to launch three new formal watches.

La Mini D de Dior Rose des Vents watch, stainless steel case, red lacquered dial, diamond-set crown, black satin strap, priced at 3,500 pounds (about 30,700 yuan)

La D de Dior Satine watch, stainless steel rose gold-plated case, red lacquered dial, diamond-set, price 6,200 pounds (about 55,500 yuan)

Dior Grand Bal Fête du Printemps watch, stainless steel gold-plated case, diamond, ruby ​​and mother-of-pearl, bright red crocodile leather strap, priced at 23,600 pounds

Iwc Launches New Geneva Timepieces In Geneva

IWC Schaffhausen has continuously written the successful evolutionary history of its diver’s watches. In 2014, the Ocean Timepiece series debuted with its creative technical features, more self-made movements and the patented IWC bracelet quick-change system. The perpetual calendar with a large digital date display is the first time this horological complex has appeared in this watch family. For the first time, bronze has also been used as a case material. IWC also launched four special edition watches to support the Darwin Foundation and the Cousteau Society.

 2014 New SIHH IWC New Marine Timepiece Series Ocean Timepiece 2000 Automatic (IW358002) The IWC Diver Series introduces for the first time a sophisticated horological complex: the perpetual calendar. The marine timepiece perpetual calendar digital date and month watch (model IW379401) shows its true nature from two aspects. The first is the 89901-type self-made movement that carries a large digital date and month and displays a perpetual calendar, following the tradition of the Pallweber system from 1884. In addition, the new marine timepiece series has a limited edition of only 50 pieces of this flagship watch, which is very precious. Its large dial of 49 mm is very eye-catching.

For this reason, the Marine Time Perpetual Calendar Digital Date and Month watch has become the second largest watch in the history of IWC – its size is only second to the large pilot watch produced in 1940. Titanium Ocean Timepiece Deep Sea III (model IW355701) is the third generation IWC diver’s watch following the GST Deep Sea One watch produced in 1999 and the Ocean Time Deep Sea II watch in 2009. Mechanical depth gauge. Whether it is a depth gauge or a rotating bezel system, it has been refined since its introduction and has been continuously improved. When diving, the blue depth gauge hand of the Oceantime Deep Sea Watch III shows the current diving depth, while the red maximum depth hand stays at the maximum depth of the dive (50 meters deepest), which can provide a complete backup system for the dive computer. The Marine Time 2000 Automatic Watch (model IW358002) with a water resistance of 200 bar is designed for extreme deep diving adventures.

腕表 This watch continues IWC’s tradition of creating super-compressive timepieces for diving enthusiasts and professional divers. Its titanium case and simple design are reminiscent of a classic watch from IWC-the Ocean 2000 watch designed by designer Ferdinand Alexandre Porsche (Ferdinand A. Porsche) in 1982. The Marine Timepiece 2000 automatic watch is equipped with a sturdy 80110 homemade movement, equipped with a Pellaton winding system. Marine Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition (Model IW379504) is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. It is the IWC’s 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Research Institute-the Darwin Research Station . A special edition Galapagos Islands (model IW379502) marine chronograph with the same structure expresses IWC’s commitment to save this increasingly threatened archipelago.

Both of these watches are equipped with 89365 homemade movement, with beautiful black rubber coating. IWC also launched a special edition of the Darwin Adventure Timepiece (model IW379503), which recalls Darwin’s famous natural scientist’s adventures in the Galapagos Islands. It was here that Darwin collected evidence that later built his famous theory of species origin. To commemorate this great event, IWC introduced bronze for the first time to the case material: at that time, the metal alloy of bronze was widely used in the shipbuilding industry. This special edition watch is also equipped with the 89365 homemade movement.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Yang Lin)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Witness The Moment And Stay Forever. Le Méridien Announces New Brand Image Ambassador

On July 23, 2014, Maurice Lacroix (Amy), a well-known Swiss watch brand under DKSH Group, presented a ‘Witness Moment • Eternity’ at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing. The theme press conference announced that Mr. Zhang Dongjian, the movie star of the Korean Blue Dragon Awards, became his brand ambassador.
   As a talented and talented Asian filmmaker, Mr. Zhang Dongjian has been steadily going all the way. With his unremitting art accumulation and rich life experience, he has achieved extraordinary achievements today. And Le Méridien was able to speak out of the brand spirit of the Swiss high-end watchmaking industry: calm, innovation and full commitment, which is also vividly reflected in Zhang Dongjian’s character.

   At the entrance of the site, a giant ice sculpture is placed. Inside the ice sculpture, a square wheel model representing Le Méridien’s spirit of excellence and innovation is inlaid. Visually transparent, ice mist, time seems to freeze.

   Obviously, time cannot be truly frozen. The water that has been dripping symbolizes the passage of time. This delicately-conceived installation art has achieved the excellent footnote of “Witnessing the Moment • Eternal Eternity”.

In order to be able to meet Amy’s new brand ambassador earlier, various media have already arrived early.

   The football at the scene is not just to remember the World Cup that has just ended, but to tell us that Le Méridien solemnly announced that it has signed a three-year contract with the La Liga giants Barcelona club, officially becoming the designated official watch partner of Barcelona. Guests at the scene can join the ‘Minecraft Wave’ interactive game through holographic interactive imaging technology. The atmosphere was warm and beautiful, just like the passion and vitality in the core of Le Méridien.

   The magnificent stage is splendid and colorful decorated with various lights, and the five huge LED displays also bring guests a sense of layered visual enjoyment.

After an extremely exciting watch video, the press conference officially began.

   Since the launch of its first wristwatch in 1975, Le Méridien has been unique in the Swiss high-end watchmaking field with a brand image of superb craftsmanship, innovative ingenuity and excellent design. It has achieved outstanding results and has won the respect of professionals and watch lovers. With recognition.

   Mr. Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Le Méridien, said: ‘Over the years, Le Méridien has dedicated itself to the development of self-made movements and complex parts of mechanical movements, constantly challenging the pinnacle of technology. Experienced watchmaking at Le Méridien The Master loves to create each precious mechanical watch, and strives for perfection and perfection. Its iconic Masterpiece, Pontos and Les Classiques have their own endowments. One of the few high-end watchmaking brands, Le Méridien not only deserves its historical heritage and wins the essence of Swiss watchmaking; it also strives for innovation and breakthrough in its design. Its extraordinary works have won the red dot design award in the prestigious international product competition Has won many awards and registered several patents and trademarks. ‘

   On the day of the event, Mr. Francis Phua, General Manager of DKSH Greater China, said that Le Méridien’s outstanding strength, both internally and externally, has developed steadily around the world, creating a glorious journey of determination. At present, the sales network has a good reputation in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. As one of the most important overseas markets in the global layout of Le Méridien, the Chinese market has achieved remarkable results under the operation of DKSH Group, and has continued to become a brand strategic high ground due to its huge potential.

At this moment, a masked male paper appeared on the stage. Is he the brand ambassador of Amy?

   Just as we were guessing, a familiar figure appeared on the big screen. As the first actor in the Korean Blue Dragon Awards, Zhang Dongjian successfully shaped many unforgettable roles and established his personal reputation in the international film scene. He appeared in the MBC TV series ‘Our Heaven’ in 1993 and made his debut on the screen. In 2005, he participated in starring in the film ‘Wuji’ directed by Chen Kaige, which is more well known to Chinese fans. He has witnessed countless wonderful moments with his brilliant acting skills, courage to innovate, and deep personality charm. His quality image has been fixed in the hearts of movie fans for a long time, and has also won the appreciation of Le Meridien.

Is he Zhang Dongjian?

   At this time on the stage, a bunch of fixed-point lights lit up on the back of this male paper; in the background music, the beautiful piano song ‘Memory’ flowed leisurely. Guests at the scene took the time tunnel, followed his inner monologue, and revisited the journey of the stars. From the beginning of the youthful time, growing all the way, and then bravely meeting the challenge and running up to the gorgeous bloom, Zhang Dongjian used his ups and downs and never give up his life experience as a script, detailing the traces of time in his life.

   Then a stage play was staged. The masked man was not Zhang Dongjian, but was involved in three mime segments as time messengers.

At the moment of time freezing, he gave roses to the couple in dispute.

Build bridges between mothers and daughters who lack communication.

The white-haired mother put on her shawl to wait for her family to return from the snow …

   The time messenger uses magic to stop the years, instantly transforming the hard into warmth, the ultimate meaning of time to fate is self-evident. In those moments in our daily lives that pass by us, if we change our mind and cherish the beauty in them, perhaps we have witnessed eternity in a smarter way.

   Just as everyone was moved by this stage play, Mr. Zhang Dongjian, the brand ambassador of Le Méridien, stepped onto the stage, and the audience screamed with enthusiasm and cheers!

  This time Zhang Dongjian accepted the invitation and became the brand’s brand new ambassador. At the press conference, he performed the theme of “Witnessing the Moment • Eternal Eternity” with outstanding performance of weightlessness. In a nutshell, this sincere cooperation between the two sides will lead more successful people to review their lives, to show their self, and to understand the motto of Le Méridien, ‘At this moment, forever.’

I have to admit, Zhang Dongjian is really handsome!

Zhang Dongjian said that Le Meridien’s superb craftsmanship, innovative ingenuity and excellent design deeply impressed him.

A modest smile appeared on his face when he heard Mr. Stephane Waser, Managing Director of Le Méridien, praise him.

  Inviting public figures who resonate with image traits and brand DNA to become image ambassadors and promote brand ideas is a consistent communication strategy of Le Méridien. The cooperation between Le Méridien and Mr. Zhang Dongjian reflects the brand’s high recognition of its career achievements, and also locks in the coincidence of the characters of both parties, expressing the warm feelings about time and life.

Do you think it is his leg length or Lee Min Ho’s leg length?

Zhang Dongjian showed his elegant temperament with every move.

  As soon as the ingenious series square wheel watch was launched, it immediately caused a sensation in the watchmaking industry with its innovative time display method. The hollow square wheel that rotates continuously indicates the time value, unique style, clear and recognizable, accurate and reliable. The reciprocating watch parts create a dreamlike effect, expressing time in an ingenious and fun way, winning countless fans. The ingenious series square wheel watch has a simple and elegant appearance and has become the iconic model of the ingenious family. The patented design square wheel series is still the only watch with a functional square wheel mechanism.

   Gravity treats everyone equally, on the same order of magnitude. It is a phenomenon in which two objects interact with each other and is the reason why all objects are directed to the surface of the earth. Ingenious Gravity Watches are thought-provoking and challenge the old rules. This timepiece made with cutting-edge technology and full of contemporary atmosphere does not simply convey time information, but uses an extremely creative expression to form emotional interaction with the wearer. The oscillating weight and escapement of the watch are located on the dial side. The swinging back and forth of the pendulum and the non-stop operation of the pallet fork are like a wonderful show, full of fun and irritating.

   Powerful engines have extraordinary appeal and are irresistible for those who seek excitement. An engine equipped with a mechanical supercharging device can inject oxygen-filled air under pressure to accelerate fuel combustion and reach a more extreme speed. The potential power of the supercharging device is exactly the same as that of the surging Amy Bento series S SUPERCHARGED chronograph. But in the face of this untamed beast, can you control it well?
   Finally, let us review the Le Méridien motto ‘YOUR TIME IS NOW’ and explore the rustic definition of life and time itself.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Heritage Memorial Table

2011 coincides with the arrival of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet in a new era. In order to cope with this long-term and friendly relationship, the two have cooperated to develop a Royal Oak Offshore Heritage Arnold Heritage Watch for the benefit of watch fans, and several Royal Oak Offshore Arnold series launched in the past. Like watches, Audemars Piguet works closely with Arnold and draws inspiration from the well-known roles played by Arnold and their basic values.
    Since the establishment of the partnership between Arno and Audemars Piguet in 1999, millions of dollars in charitable donations have been raised through the sale of Arno’s series of commemorative watches, which has also made the ‘Tomorrow Star’ (After-School) All-Stars) Foundation is more prestigious. The foundation aims to provide young people with after-school activities to help them realize their potential, build self-confidence, and cultivate their independence and independence through intensive academic counseling, sports activities and art activities. These activities are mainly conducted between 3-6pm to prevent children from going astray by doing nothing after school. So far, charitable donations raised for the foundation by selling commemorative watches have reached nearly 10 million US dollars.
    The limited edition of Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Heritage Watch is limited to 1500. The case back is engraved with the words ‘Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy’. The new watch inherits the characteristics of the Royal Oak Offshore Arno Tomorrow Star Chronograph. Its bezel and 48 mm case middle ring are entirely made of ceramic. The watch is fitted with an anthracite woven aramid strap and comes with a black hand-stitched square large scale crocodile leather strap.

Arnold: A model of success beyond reality
    The biggest thing Arnold and Royal Oak series have in common is the courage to challenge the limits. Even though today’s Arnold is an outstanding political figure, fans still remember his image of indomitable tough guy in the film. Whether it’s Conan the Barbarian, a mechanical killer in Terminator, or a construction worker in a whimsical world in Total Recall, it has become a classic Hollywood legend. However, Arnold is not just a fictional hero. In real life, he is an iron man with determination, perseverance and extraordinary charm. From a lone Austrian boy to being elected governor of California, he has completely realized the ‘American Dream.’ . Since coming to the United States in the late 1960s, in order to give back to the American society that fully embraced him, in addition to performing his duties as governor, he also cooperated with Audemars Piguet to organize various charitable activities and exert the spirit of doing good deeds.
Powerful faction with the details
    Royal Oak Offshore combines the advantages of innovative materials and precious materials, and is decorated with exquisite craftsmanship, reflecting Audemars Piguet’s meticulous care for every detail. The exquisite design also makes this series of watches a beautiful showcase of excellent watchmaking technology.
    In order to make the Royal Oak offshore Arnold commemorative watch, Audemars Piguet’s watch factory for the first time uses a case ring and bezel made entirely of black ceramic. Although ceramic materials are commonplace in the watch industry today, there are only a handful of watch factories that truly polish them. Extremely hard ceramics must use diamond powder as an abrasive, and use a grinding wheel to polish the ceramic surface with the same delicate decoration as stainless steel. This requires time-consuming and time-consuming, repeated polishing, and its hard and time-consuming analogy is ‘iron pestle grinding into embroidery needles’. Diamond-polished ceramics create contrast and reflect the beautiful luster unique to high-tech materials. The straight matte finish of the case’s middle ring is contrasted with the sandblasted matte finish of the upper and lower recesses of the case, which not only makes the lugs exceptionally outstanding, but also creates a three-dimensional impression. The ceramic bezel is polished with a straight grained matte finish, which contrasts with the bright polished finish of the inclined surface.
    The sandblasted and matte-treated titanium has an anthracite color, which together with black ceramics create a harmonious aesthetic. The parts made of titanium include screws for fixing the octagonal bezel, button guards, decorative accessories on the left side of the case, case back and standard buckle.
    Rose gold adds a gorgeous touch to the watch. The digital hour markers on the dial and the hour markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock are made of rose gold with polished diamonds; the top of the rose gold button is decorated with a non-slip ‘Tapisserie’ , Echoes the classic checkered decoration of the Royal Oak offshore type. The crown is decorated with rose gold. In terms of complex shapes, what is particularly noticeable is the double-layered button bridge: the first layer is covered with rubber, the second layer is made of titanium with sandblasted and matte surface, and fixed with an exposed screw .
   The left side of the case has the same decorative accessories as other Royal Oak offshore models, showing its sporty style. With an anthracite-colored artificial fiber (aramid) woven strap for a more technical sense.
   The movement inside the case is not idle: the self-winding movement with manual assembly and precision decoration is equipped with a chronograph with excellent performance, which can time high-speed and amazing power sports such as the 100-meter race. The Royal Oak offshore Arnold heritage watch has a 48mm oversized case and a strong appearance. It is equipped with a precise chronograph movement inside and outside.

Chronology of Audemars Piguet cooperation with Arnold:
1998 – Arnold visits the headquarters of Audemars Piguet in Brassus, Switzerland
1999 – The Royal Oak Offshore Devil’s Limited Edition is released
2000 – First Audemars Piguet Time to Give charity fair in Christie’s, New York to raise funds for the Star of Tomorrow Foundation
2001-Launch of the Jules Audemars double X chronograph for the film ‘The Sixth Day’
2003-Anuo hosts the opening ceremony of Audemars Piguet’s flagship store in New York
Bazaar souvenirs and commemorative watches to raise funds for the Star of Tomorrow Foundation
2003-Royal Oak offshore ‘Terminator 3’ chronograph launched
2004 – Launch of Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Chronograph
2006 – Launch of the Jules Audemars Dual Time Reserve Time Watch
2007 – Jules Audemars launches the Perpetual Calendar chronograph
2008 – The Royal Oak Offshore Ano Tomorrow Star chronograph is launched
2009 – ‘High Roller’ Poker Contest
2010-Tomorrow Star Foundation Charity Gala hosted by François-Henry Bennahmias, CEO of Audemars Piguet North America in New York
2011 – Royal Oak offshore Arnold heritage commemorative watch pushes cooperation to the peak
‘After-School All-Stars’ Foundation
    Arnold founded the Star of Tomorrow Foundation in 1992 to provide primary and secondary school students throughout the United States with comprehensive after-school activities throughout the year to help them learn the skills and experience needed to become a 21st-century citizen. In addition to personal academic tutoring, a variety of activities and sports activities that help increase awareness are provided free of charge. The Foundation’s mission is to protect children and to help them succeed in school and society. In 453 schools across 12 regions of the United States, 81,000 children from underprivileged families participate in the after-school activities of the Tomorrow Star Foundation daily. For more information, please visit the foundation’s website: www.afterschoolallstars.org
Technical Information
Royal Oak offshore Arnold limited edition commemorative watch
Model 26378IO.OO.A001KE.01
Limited edition of 1500
Cal. 2326/2840 automatic movement
Total diameter: 29.92 mm (131/4 legal minutes)
Movement without assembly outer ring diameter: 26 mm
Thickness: 6.2 mm
50 rubies
370 components
Maximum power reserve of 38 hours
Swing frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Adjustable weight balance and flat balance spring
Three-step winding movement
Seiko decoration: all components are decorated and polished; the plate is polished with rhodium plating, chamfering and pearl dots; the bridge is decorated with Geneva wave decoration
Black ceramic case, bezel and crown; sandblasted and matte-treated titanium screws; sandblasted and matte-treated titanium on the left
Rubber and sandblasted matte titanium button bridge
18K rose gold button with checkered top
Black ceramic crown with rose gold trim
Diameter: 48 mm
Thickness: 14.1 mm
Sandblasted and matte-finished titanium case back with ‘Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy’ inscription, steel screws
Water resistance: 100 meters
Black dial with Audemars Piguet exclusive “Méga Tapisserie”
Diamond polished diamond gold hour markers and graduations
Gold fluorescent hour and minute hands
Anthracite woven aramid braided strap, sandblasted and matte-finished titanium standard buckle. Comes with a black hand-stitched large scale alligator strap.
Hour and minute display
Small second hand display
Chronograph with central seconds hand, 30-minute timer (9 o’clock position) and 12-hour timer (6 o’clock position)
Speedometer attached to outer ring
Date display

Classic Tour Omega Cosmic Moon Phase Watch

The combination of the three calendar display and the moon phase is very unique. For antique watches, this dial configuration can give it a different charm. In the past, some of these watches were well known in the industry, including the Omega Cosmic.

   Today, many different watches in the Omega line carry the ‘Cosmic’ name. But for a long time, this is only a patent for some specific models of the hippocampus. In addition, some people may remember the museum series rectangular limited edition watch released by Omega, which is also a combination of three calendars and moon phases. ‘Cosmic’ has been around since the 1940s and has been a traditional round watch.

   This special watch was produced in 1948 and is well-preserved. Arabic numerals, hands, and moon phases have faded to yellow, but the date numbers and date hands remain vivid blue. Combined with a stainless steel case that is also excellent in maintenance, this watch is like a time capsule, which makes people curious and wonder how much time it has experienced and witnessed. The watch’s case and movement are both original, but they are not numbered, proving that this is actually a prototype or trial watch.

   This watch is 34 mm in diameter and small in size, but it is of the same age. The bezel is narrow, so the dial looks wider than it actually is. The watch is equipped with a 27DLPC manual-winding movement and was unveiled last year at the auction house of Filis, with an estimated value of 4,000 to 6,000 Swiss francs. However, in the end, the auction price of this watch reached 21,250 Swiss francs, indicating that the market price of antique Omega watches is rising. Of course, good preservation conditions and the origin of prototype watches or trial watches may also help.