Show Your Personality Frank Muller 8880 Ch Col Drm Watch Appreciation

In 1991, the small town of Geneva, near Geneva, was officially established. The trumpet-shaped exterior design has set off a retro wave around the world, making Famouran’s fame, and the exaggerated digital scale on the dial has become a classic symbol of Famouran. Today’s Franck Muller has become a very vibrant and future brand with outstanding creativity and several patents. Today we come to appreciate this Franck Muller CRAZY HOURS series 8880 CH COL DRM watch.
 I have to say that this French Mulan CRAZY HOURS series 8880 CH COL DRM watch does have its uniqueness in appearance. The exaggerated digital time scales and the barrel shape make it a classic. And the difference between this watch is the arrangement of its time scales. Generally, the watches are arranged clockwise. It lacks, and the 12 numbers representing time are arranged in an disorderly manner. Here the editor has to lament the French Mulan The unruly ideas of watchmakers and superb watchmaking craftsmanship. And reading the time is also very interesting. As shown in the above figure, the position of the hour hand is 10 and the minute hand is 6. However, the actual time is 10:10. When the minute hand passes 8, the hour hand jumps automatically. Turning to the position in Figure 11 above, it is 11 o’clock. Does it have a chaotic and orderly feel, and the material of this watch is also very particular, using an 18k white gold case, the dial is also silver, there are disorderly colorful digital timescales, crocodile leather watch Soft and comfortable.

 Such a chaotic time scale distribution is naturally inseparable from the internal movement support. Such a movement is 50% more expensive than an ordinary movement, and it is also much more difficult to manufacture. However, it is hard to fail the professional watchmaker of FM 2001. FM 2001 HF came into being. The self-winding movement has a total of 186 parts, 23 gems, and vibrates 28,800 times per hour. This is only a hardware condition. The movement also has Geneva ripples, and the corners are polished very carefully. The camel is made of 950 platinum. Platinum is one of the rarest decorative metals. After all, the CRAZY HOURS series is a proud work of Fa Moulin, and it is natural to take more care of it.
 This French Mulan CRAZY HOURS series 8880 CH COL DRM watch has the most special function. Although it is just an alternative embodiment of the retrograde function, it must be said that Mulan’s wild imagination and original watchmaking that day Craftsmanship is the perfect combination of the two, which gave birth to the classic series CRAZY HOURS. Although the disk looks a bit messy, the reading time is really effortless. Moreover, Famulan has used this 20-year history to make his brand the best. In the eyes of Europeans, it has become one of the top 10 most popular brands. Of course, it has something to do with its good business operation. But it is its excellent watchmaking technology that lays a solid foundation.
This French Mulan CRAZY HOURS series 8880 CH COL DRM watch tells everyone that the way of arranging numbers in a clockwise direction is not impossible to change, and it is making time crazy with its personality.
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