Transportation Machine How Blancpain Turns The Sky For You

In the new year, people often pray for the opportunity of transshipment, so that the next year will be smooth, and the fortune will rise. Today we will introduce a watch called the ‘Transfer Machine’-Blancpain Villeret Classic Series Reverse Movement Snowflake Diamond Watch 6616. The models are really auspicious!

   Usually, if a watch is not penetrated, you can only know that the movement exists in the case, but it is hard to see the beauty. Even if you have back-to-back, you must take off your watch to appreciate it. The reversing movement is above the dial, showing you the beauty of the movement hidden at the bottom of the watch directly. Of course, the ‘transportation machine’ is just a vivid metaphor for the reversing movement. But it reverses the ‘core’ plot of the world, and rare watches can match it.
Shocking Reverse ‘Core’ Story
   This Cal.152B reversing movement can be described as an astonishing reversal, unprecedented. It was born in 2012 and is based on the well-known Cal.15 movement, with a completely reversed design.

   Compared with Cal.15 movement, the positions of all barrels, balance wheels and splints have not changed, as if Blancpain watchmaker changed the Cal.15 movement surface into Cal.152B dial surface. But this is a difficult turn to reverse the changes. Otherwise, how could there not be a true reverse movement before that?
   A quantified indicator can prove that the number of Cal.15 movement parts is 117, while the number of Cal.152B movement parts is as high as 170. It seems that the number of parts has increased by 45%.
   The watchmaker must reverse the hour and minute hands, and the direction of rotation of the gear train must be changed accordingly, so that the hands can operate correctly. The extra 53 parts are the key to turning things around. This is due to the unwavering faith and unbelievable creativity of Blancpain watchmakers, making the birth of Cal.152B movement even more legendary.
   It is worth mentioning that Marble-Lorry Taburi, the master of gold sculpture of Blancpain, once created gold sculpture on the back of Cal.151B movement based on Cal.15 movement, and won the competition of the best craftsmanship in France. Laurel wreath. This is also an amazing accomplishment for the 6616 watch.
Unique snowflake diamond

   Such as the snowflake splendid movement splint, silver plain wrap, is particularly bright. This is the diamond-encrusted art of diamond inlaying. The diamonds of different sizes are set flat on the metal. Not all craftsmen are competent. It requires meticulous layout, the exertion of aesthetic ability and pure manual operation. The production cycle is quite long, which itself belongs to the category of high-end custom watches. Each one can be described as a hand-made orphan, a unique artistic treasure.

   Wherever 6616 is seen, a total of 341 beautiful diamonds of varying sizes are set, such as crystal snowflakes sprinkled on the dial, watch face and lugs. The ruby ​​bearing exposed by the reversing movement and the snowflake diamonds complement each other. A curved diamond at the crown, like a treasure, shines to the beautiful Guanghua.
Life is worth the beauty

   Have 6616, or try it on at least once in a lifetime. Because its feel is unparalleled, just turn your wrist lightly and you will find its brilliance, which is unmatched by ordinary diamond watches. Its secret lies in the changing light formed by diamonds of different sizes. Compared with the diamond-set dial with uniform specifications, it is more magnificent and extremely colorful. In my lifetime, it is fortunate and destined to be able to enjoy such pleasing beauty. 6616 with white gold case, Blancpain’s signature hollow willow leaf hands, and hand-made South American alligator leather wristbands, add a lot of color to the watch.